Vintage fashion at the Manhattan Vintage show!

by Sylvia

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40+Style photographer Denton Taylor visits the Manhattan Vintage show every half year and tries to capture some of the fabulous vintage looks on display. This year he shares a few of his reflections on the show as well.


Manhattan vintage show New York |

The Manhattan Vintage show, held twice a year in Chelsea, is something that my wife, Teresa, and I look forward to with great anticipation. It is a chance to see, touch, try, and of course buy, all kinds of fabulous garments and jewelry. Fashion history from the 1940s and every decade since is well represented, from the highest levels of couture design to unique garments made at home.

Manhattan vintage show New York |

It reminds me why I love buying vintage and second hand clothing. Incredible fabrics coupled with quality of construction seldom seen these days, all curated by dealers with great taste (even if it’s not your taste), many who have spent their lives devoted to fashion. There is something for every eye and budget whether you are a specific collector or merely looking for a statement piece of clothing.

Lynn Dell |

You never know who you will see at the show but it’s not uncommon to see well known designers seeking inspiration. I have seen both Jean Paul Gaultier and Mary McFadden there, and no doubt I have missed many more. Advanced Style star Lynn Dell is pictured above.

The show is held Friday afternoon and all day Saturday. Often I will go with an industry friend Friday and my wife Saturday. This year on Friday I went with my friend Ruthie Stephens, a British actress, singer and vintage lover who blogs at Ruthie Darling (pictured below).

Ruthie Darling at the Manhattan vintage show New York |

A big decision for visitors is what to wear. Do you were pieces from your collection to show you are serious about vintage? Or do you dress down to make it easier to try stuff on. This year it was vintage. My friend Ruthie wore a beautiful Betsey Johnson overcoat with a red silk dress from the 1970s.

Ruthie Darling at the Manhattan vintage show New York |

My wife (pictured below) wore a flowery 1980s silk blouse by Louis Feraud.

Teresa at the Manhattan vintage show New York |

We always try and support the show by buying at least one piece. Then the question becomes, at least when your resources are limited as ours are, do you buy a single fairly expensive statement piece, or do you buy several lesser pieces? The past two shows we have ended up with ‘statements’ but it can go either way.

Teresa at the Manhattan vintage show New York |

Teresa at the Manhattan vintage show New York |

Teresa at the Manhattan vintage show New York |

Thanks Denton for this lovely report!

For previous looks spotted at the Manhattan vintage show, check here.

Do you like shopping for vintage clothing? Which of the above looks is your favorite?


Photography by Denton Taylor

1 Patti

Such gorgeous vintage! I was at the October show and was overwhelmed by the beautiful pieces. Will definitely return. xo

2 Lisa M

I LOVE the 4th picture of the woman all in white. I would definitely wear that. (Although I have a fear that it would be a white and tan outfit by the end of the day. I would inevitably spill coffee on it.)

Vintage is one of those things that I struggle with. I like the idea a lot, and often (not always!) enjoy the look, but I just don’t feel like I have the fashion presence to pull it off.

3 denton

The woman in white is Lynn Dell, who has been featured in Ari’s ‘Advanced Style’ site and documentary. She also owns the Off Broadway vintage boutique in Manhattan. Anyone who can wear that has my deepest admiration 🙂

The woman with the dog was one of the dealers, as was the third woman with that nice red multi-colored coat. The woman with the amazing animal print, as well as the one trying on the red hat, is my friend Ruthie. The other woman trying on a variety of stuff is my wife Teresa. For some reason we had trouble finding stuff that fitted her well this show. Except for the dark suit with the white collar, which was a St. John’s suit (and the collar was removable.). That was when St. John manufactured in the US. It was $350 including the skirt, not bad. We were sorely tempted, but we ended up with the psychological opposite, an absolutely stunning gold brocade suit by Pauline Trigere. The fabric is incredible, in fact it was so complicated it didn’t photograph properly (some fabrics conflict with digital sensors) so I didn’t post it.

4 Rita Palazzi

Great pics! Last week in Florence (Italy) the Leopolda Station opened its doors at Vintage Selection 25th Edition, I had a lovely afternoon there, I bought a vintage pair of Chanel earrings and a fur stoles. If you like to see pictures:

5 33

I do love vintage because of the fabric quality (if it stands the test of time) and sewing quality. But I don’t buy vintage. One major piece makes the whole outfit stands out as vintage. It sort of defines the look. I don’t prefer being labeled vintage therefore I stick to current items and 2nd hand items from the past 20 years.

6 Petra

The woman in white is my fave 🙂 What a great winter look!

7 beate

all the looks are gorgeous on its own! and very inspirational!
thank you sylvia and denton for making my day 🙂

8 Elaine Lascher

I have a few prized vintage pieces that I wear occasionally. Most are formal or made with fabrics that need to be handled carefully, not everyday wear, and its the fit and quality of the garments that I love. They include: a long, bias cut midnight blue evening dress from the 1930’s that I acquired in the 1970’s, a 1970’s military style, half belted purple sued cape with silver buttons, and a 1990’s Albert Nipon ivory colored cocktail suit that I will wear to a symphony gala in May. I love the idea of beautiful clothes having a second life.

9 denton

I love Albert Nipon. I think he’s underrated. His clothes in the appropriate size tend to fit my wife well.

10 Elaine Lascher

Me too. The suit was purchased new by me. A little tailoring around the waist of the skirt and it still fits like a glove.

11 Shelley@ForestCityFashionista

I go to the Vintage Show every October and wish I could attend the February and April shows too. The people watching and the clothing and accessories are amazing. I love the variety of stunning coats in this post, which show there are so many more interesting ways to keep warm in the winter than your standard black down-filled coat. Lynn looks fab in her Winter White ensemble.

12 Greetje Kamminga

I read the comments too, because I was so curious to know what Teresa had bought. A gold brocade suit!!! Well, you need some parties now.
I would love to visit such an event.

13 Angel

everyone look different and Look so nice

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