Jeans look great on many women, no matter what your age is. But in order to look stylish in them over 40 you should choose your jeans with a little more thought. Here are some general guidelines to follow for wearing jeans after 40.


#1 Opt for a dark solid color

This looks dressy and has the added advantage of making you look slimmer.

the best jeans for the pear body type |

Left: Paige transcend bootcut jeans – “Paige jeans are a staple…super comfy and classic. They are long but you can easily hem them for a custom fit.” – Yoli11 – Right: KUT from the Kloth stretch bootleg jeans – “These are great for women that actually have hips and a booty.” – style234

#2 White jeans also look great

White jeans are fabulous for spring and summer and make every outfit look fresh.

These Levis jeans are very popular on amazon and are a great basis for many outfits.

Levis white jeans |

Levis jeans


Want more tips and examples check my tips how to wear white pants 


#3 Heavily stone-washed or bleached jeans are harder to wear

I personally avoid these. Slightly darker jeans are much easier to wear with other clothes and can be worn to work too.

I’ve seen many 40+ women looking great in ripped jeans but I personally avoid these too.

That doesn’t means you have to go too dark. The jeans below are a great example.

boyfriend jeans | 40plusstyle.comLevis jeans


#4 Crop flare jeans are really hip right now

My personal favorite jeans at the moment are my cropped flare jeans by Paige which I wear with short cropped tops and longer tunic style tops. The ‘top’ on the left is actually a silk DVF dress which I tied in an asymmetrical way.

Cropped flare jeans from Paige |

#5 Make sure that the jeans don’t cut into your stomach area

Muffin tops over jeans are not flattering!

You my want to go for jeans with a higher rise. If you get a firm stretchy fabric they will do a great job of tucking the tummy in.

I love the jeggings from uniqlo that I pair with tunics or short dresses.

Uniqlo jeggings

Uniqlo jeggings


For more tips on avoiding muffin tops check out my hiding belly tips

#6 Do not show your stomach

Either tuck in your tops or wear tops big enough so they cover your stomach area.

#7 I don’t want to see you g-string either

You shouldn’t have this problem if you have covered up your stomach / back area properly, but just to make sure: don’t show your g-string!

#8 Flared jeans or wide legged jeans look great on many older women

These pants can give you a great shape as they highlight your waist. Make sure they fit well around the waist and hip area.

It’s nice to wear high heels under them and ensure that the jeans have good length and almost touch the ground. This will really lengthen your legs.

I like these ones from Minghe.

Wide leg jeans |

These kind of jeans will look great on shorter women. Read all my tips for petites


#9 Skinny jeans or legging jeans will look great with tunics and longer tops

I like to wear tunics and short dresses over jeggings (jeans that are leggings). Here I’m pairing my uniqlo jeggings with a silk DVF top (mixing high and low end).

wearing jeggings |


Want to know more, check all my tips for wearing leggings over 40.


#10 Jeans will already make you look younger so go easy on the rest of your outfit and your accessories

Best to keep it reasonably simple and classy.

Although denin on denim is on trend right now, embrace it with caution.

#11 Cropped jeans can look good too if you have a decent length

Although cropped jeans can look good on many women, you need to take your proportions into account. If you have proportionally short legs, make sure you tuck in your tops or wear a cropped tops.

Cropped jeans are easiest to wear when tapered and are best worn with heels.

I like these ones from Lucky Brand.

Lucky brand cropped jeans | 40plusstyle.comCropped jeans from Lucky Brand


For more ideas check my guidelines on how to wear capris and cropped pants.


#12 Boyfriend jeans are great for a casual vibe and are still very popular

You can also roll up your straight leg jeans.

#13 Avoid really low rise cuts

Best to choose models with medium rise fitting.

High rise is popular too but make sure it fits you around the tummy area. No mummy jeans please (very high jeans that’s roomy and doesn’t fit properly) as those look unflattering and will age you.

NYDJ is very popular amongst 40+ women and the below high rise jeans will suit many body types.

NYDJ high rise jeans |

NYDJ jeans

#14 Get jeans with stretch!

I like comfort so I usually opt for jeans with some stretch. They usually also fit better.

#15 Avoid really baggy jeans

Boyfriend jeans, however, are popular and can look great for casual days.

#16 Ensure that the jeans fit you well, and don’t go for jeans that are too tight

You need to be able to bend in them.

#17 Getting the height of your jeans is very important!

When you find a pair you love, buy one to wear with flats and one to wear with heels.


You may want to check our guidelines on the best lengths of pants.


#18 Bootcut jeans are a classic and will continue to look good

Bootcut jeans are flattering for most body types and can be very lengthening. Make sure they skim the ground. They look best with point shoes for a even more lengthening effect.

I love my Paige denim bootcut jeans ! They fit like a glove and feel soft on the legs. Buy them long enough to wear with heels and your legs will look a mile long.

Dark bootcut jeans from Paige |

I don’t love the below ones as much as they are cut too low.

I would now go for at least a mid or high rise jeans. This is a high waisted pair I like right now.

Casual bootcut jeans from Lois |

As always these rules are not always meant to be followed and as any stylish woman will know, you should on occasion bend and break the guidelines!

What are the best brands for jeans?


NYDJ was created especially for women over 40 even though they now also target a younger crowd. These jeans are comfortable and they have a good assortment of stretchy mid rise jeans

Kut from the Cloth

High qaulity jeans that’s very affordable.


My personal favorite. Pricier but the jeans keep their shape and color and they feel so soft to the touch. They fit me like a glove.

guidelines on the best lengths of pants

The true classic never goes out of style!

More guidelines for jeans

Get inspiration for your outfits from these examples

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How do you like to wear your jeans? 

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