How to dress when you are petite?

by Sylvia

How to dress when you are short or petite - Learn how to dress for your shape and appear longer |

In previous articles, I discussed how to determine body shape and dress for your vertical body type.

Today let’s go into detail on how to dress when you are short or petite, ie., below the average height of 1.65 m (5’4” ).

In principle, these guidelines will work for anyone who is short in height, or for those who want to appear longer or leaner in their appearance.

These guidelines also work well for those whose upper body is almost the same length as their lower body. In that case, the aim is to make the lower body appear longer.

When you are short in height you will usually have the following objectives with your dressing:

  1. Appear longer
  2. Create a flattering silhouette (using the rule of thirds, so you don’t split your body in half)
  3. Avoid boxinesshow to dress when you are petite | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Outfit 1: Blue pantsWhite blazerWhite tank topNude flatsPendant necklaceGold clutch

Outfit 2: Pencil skirtGold hoopsRed sweaterPeep toe bootiesTop handle bag

Outfit 3: Pink topSkinny jeansChain wristletAnkle strap pumpsTeardrop earrings

Most short women will want to appear taller and leaner.

This is relatively easy to achieve if you stick to the following guidelines:

Stick to monochrome outfits or outfits with few color variations.

You would look perfect in simple shift dresses, with little color accents here and there.

Wear a dress!

Dresses will look great on many short women, as they automatically created the much desired 2/3 – 1/3 look. If you opt for a tight, slim silhouette then this will make you look even taller.

A knee length sheath dress is a great option for a petite frame, the tailored silhouette avoids unwanted bulk. The end result is a lean look that appears taller. Polish off the look with slingback kitten heels, for a little-added height.

Knee Length Dress for petite women | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Fit & flare DressWhite cropped cardiganSlingback pumpNavy minaudière – Link wrap bracelet

Get the right fit

Getting clothes with the right fit and size is even more important for short women. Ill-fitting clothes will add extra bulk.

Wear heels

An obvious way to gain height is to wear a heel. However, don’t go overboard with these. Getting heels that are too high will make you look out of proportion.

Paul Green slingback sandal |

Paul Green slingback sandal

For examples on how I wear those and a full list of comfortable shoes, also check my article on the best arch support shoes.

Wear accessories in proportion

Go easy on the oversized accessories as these may overwhelm you.

Be smart with belts

For many petites your legs will be relatively short.

To make those appear longer you can wear the same color belt as your pants or skirt.

Vertical patterns are your friend

Vertical patterns will always elongate and would be especially good for your pants or skirt.

A jumpsuit with vertical stripes is the ultimate lengthening piece1

Horizontal stripes are best avoided.

Jumpsuit with vertical stripes | 40plusstyle.comStripe jumpsuit

dress with vertical stripes | 40plusstyle.comStripe shirtdress

Find your ideal skirt length

Although a short dress can be very effective for short people when they are young, I would advise against them over 40.

Instead, opt for styles that fall just below or on top of the knee. A high waisted skirt or pants would make your legs appear longer.

You may also like: What is the right skirt length

Wear shoes that keep your heels free

Avoid straps around the ankle and instead opt for shoes that elongate.

Create vertical lines in your outfit

Create nice vertical lines with open straight jackets and cardigans.

A great look is to have a cardigan or jacket the same length as your dress.

Long straight cardigans or sleeveless vests are perfect for petites!

long straight cardigan |

Long cardigan

Create a vertical line with a buttoned shirt dress

Buttoned shirt dresses that stop just above or on top of the knee will create a nice vertical line as well.

Most wrap dresses work really well for petites too.

The shirt dress below could be worn on its own or as a tunic over skinny pants or leggings. It comes  in regular and petite sizes.

shirt dress for petites | 40plusstyle.comEileen Fisher shirt dress

Create vertical lines with a sleeveless vest

I added one of my own outfits as the feature image. Even though I’m not petite this could have been worn by a petite women.

The column of color (the black) creates a lengthening vertical line for the red vest.

Wear v-line tops to further elongate your look

These open up the neck line and create additional vertical lines.

Be careful with cropped pants

Avoid short trousers and pants that stop at the ankle. Best to wear pants with straight pipes or wide legged ones with heels, preferably high waisted.

If you do wear cropped pants be sure to wear a shorter top to give you a nice 2/3 – 1/3 silhouette.

To read more about the rule of thirds, check out our article on how to wear cropped pants.

Make sure that your tops stop at the hipline or above

Longer tops may cut you in half and you will not achieve the golden ratio or rule of thirds (see above). They will also make your legs appear even shorter.

However, you can wear longer tunics over skinny pants or leggings. make sure they are about 2/3 from shoulder to shoe.

Pay attention to boot length

Choose boots that stop just below the knee and avoid boots that end on the mid part of your shins.


For more tips also see our article: How to look taller and slimmer

good silhouettes for petites | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

All these looks show how sticking to a similar color palette can give a lengthening effect.

Outfit 1: Bootcut jeansWrap topBlack bootiesTeardrop earringsArk handbag

Outfit 2: Navy dressGold bagNude sandalsHoop earrings

Outfit 3: White dressDrop earrings Blue top handle bagBlack pumps

We already discussed the importance of creating a great silhouette and paying attention to the rule of thirds. Here are a few more tips.

Avoid wearing very contrasting tops

This will draw more attention to the fact that your upper body is almost the same length as your lower body.

Monochromatic looks are your friend!

Monochromatic looks create a vertical image and instantly create the illusion of height.

Dark colors are a great choice to create this illusion as dark colors make the wearer look thinner furthering the perception of height but essentially this will work for any color.

Black outfit for petite women | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

In this look:

Tweed JacketWhite blouseBlue jeansBow pumpsTote bag

Get a good bra

You want to create as much space between your waist and your bust line as possible.

Embrace high waisted pants and skirts

They will make your legs appear longer. Wide pants with tucked in tops work really well. If you can’t tuck in your top because you want to hide your belly consider getting an asymmetrical top.

stylish looks for petite women | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |


Outfit 1: Fit & flare dressCrossbody bagPendant necklaceDrop earringsSlingback pumps

Outfit 2: Black knit topHigh waist jeansCalfskin leather beltTransparent handbagAnkle strap sandals

Outfit 3: Sheath DressLeather SandalSling bag Multistrand pendant necklace

Avoid boxiness

You want to create fluid lines in your looks and create a 1/3 – 2/3 silhouette whenever possible.

Fitted clothes are usually better for you

Avoid oversized clothes (even if they are on trend).

If you do wear oversized clothes, make sure to create a good silhouette and that the balanced between fitted and oversize is correct.

Make sure not to have both wide on top and below.

High waisted pants can lengthen your leg line

High waist pants paired with heels work together to create a long vertical image. Worn with a short top, the outfit creates the illusion of height.High Waist pants for petite women |

In this capsule:

High waist ankle skinny pantsCrop sweaterSuede muleGold clutch Oval Link necklace

Be careful with tucking pants into your boots

Best not to tuck in your pants into your boots as it will break up the lengthening line. Or keep the rest of the outfit in the same color as that will create a 2/3 – 2/3 effect.

You can also select the boots in the same color as your pants.

Test what the right belt width is for you

Belts are often best kept narrow, unless you belt it very high up your waist, or it is the same color as your pants.

Choose accessories that are in proportion with your face and the rest of your body

The bigger you are the bigger your accessories can be.

Choose a handbag that fits your physique. In many cases, oversized handbags are not your best choice.Skinny Jeans for petite women | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

High waist skinny jeansWrap top Leopard print bootie Leather circle clutchY-necklace

Choose the right size for tops and bottoms

Your size is not necessarily ‘petite’ top and bottom, so you may need a bigger size on top or vice versa.

Fit is everything!

If you can’t find clothes that fit properly, find a good tailor.

You may also like: how to fit a blazer

Famous short women looking gorgeous

If you ever felt that being shorter than average stands in your way of looking absolutely fabulous, think again!

Here are some very famous and fabulous women under 1.65m (5’4”) looking stunning. I chose these women for their style and their choice of dressing that in many cases follow the guidelines above.

These women tend to dress to appear longer. If you like to see great style by women that are even shorter, have a look at the list of celebrities under 1.60 listed below.


stylish petite celebrities | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Madonna is a spectacular woman (over 50 already) short on height. She is 5’3” (1.63  meters) high.

She increasingly favors tight dresses just below the knee which she has no problem pulling off with her svelte figure. I also like her in high waisted wide dresses, where she uses the trusted v-line to elongate the look.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham style | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Victoria Beckham measures 1.63 (5’3”) meters.

Above are some perfect examples of how to dress for lengthening. High waisted, pants, tight fit, use of the v-line.

She goes quite wide with the shoulder on the red dress, which can be risky, but gets away with it, as she combines it with a v-neck and a very lean silhouette for the bottom part. I love all these looks.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker's style | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Sarah Jessica Parker is 5’2.75” (1.59 meters) and has really embraced the high heel shoes as her weapon of choice to appear longer.

Now 46, she increasingly uses mid-length dresses which I think suit her the best. In the first look, she took a risk with the big flower on top and the big bag is certainly to be avoided. When wearing wider styles, she keeps the top tight, opts for an empress waist or uses a v-line.

Other celebrities below 1.60

For more inspiration on how to dress your short physique, check out other celebrities who measure under 1.60:

  • Mary Kate Olsen who is 5’0″ (152 cm),
  • Rachel Bilson who is 5’1.5″ (156 cm),
  • Hayden Panettiere who is 5’0.25″ (153 cm),
  • Nicole Richie who is 5’1″ (155 cm),
  • Kristen Bell who is 5’1″ (155 cm),
  • Shakira who is 5’2″ (155 cm),
  • Eva Longoria who is about 5’2″ (153 cm),
  • Fergie, who is 5’1.75″ (157 cm) and A
  • lyssa Milano, who is about 5’1.5″ (156 cm).

Featured petites at 40+Style

How about when you are plus size and short / petite?

Dresses for plus size petites | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

Floral wrap maxi dressFloral print cap sleeve sheath dress  – Midi dress – Printed sheath dress

In principle, all the above guidelines apply. However, you may want to prefer empress waist dresses instead of form-fitting dresses or shirt dresses.

Make sure that you wear nicely fitted tops above and that you use all the vertical tricks described above that will make you look both taller and slimmer.

You can also look at the guidelines for the apple shape body type and combine that with the guidelines above.

Where to shop when you are petite?

Many shops now have special sections for petites. Here are just a few.

  • Nordstrom: one of the best online shops with multiple brands has a special section for petites
  • Eileen Fisher: high quality fabrics and  great design
  • Loft: comfortable and affordable clothing
  • Banana Republic: good quality clothing that covers all basics
  • Eddie Bauer: offers great outdoor wear

More outfit examples

stylish petite celebrities | fashion over 40 | style | fashion |

I hope these guidelines will be useful to you. Remember though that they are not written in stone.

I feel that petites can wear almost anything so long as you create the right balance within your outfit and create a great silhouette.

Ruth shares a few tips for petites in this short video

If you are petite and have some tips that I did not cover here, please let me know!

how to dress when you are petite |


1 BigLittleWolf

Scarves are wonderfully versatile, but petite women – especially those with less than petite chests – need to very careful about the proportions and patterns of scarves, and more importantly, the way they are draped or tied.

And keeping the heel heights something below monstrous? Couldn’t agree more! (

2 Sylvia

Thanks for visiting 40PlusStyle and giving your great tip!

3 anjali

sylvia i am very thankfull to you for writting this useful points on heel heights for the short girls like me

4 Sylvia

You are very welcome Anjali. Glad you found the article useful!

5 Suzanne

I love this post! I think you did an excellent job of explaining what to wear and how and why to wear it. And you used my favorite role models – SJP and Nicole Richie. The only thing I have not tried is the high waisted pants but they look so amazing on Victoria Beckham I am going to look for a pair. 🙂 I really appreciate all of this good advice. Thanks!

6 Sylvia

Great you liked the post Suzanne as I know you are petite yourself and have a lot of experience of dressing this body type. Yes, you should definitely give high waisted pants a try. I love the look of those. Definitely on my wishlist as well.

7 megan, the frugalista diaries

I’m 5’3ish and I’m like SJP I embrace a good heel for length everyday 😉

8 Sylvia

I have really embraced heels lately, but still find them uncomfortable when I have to do any amount of walking or standing. Still there is no denying that almost every outfit will look better with heels, especially with petites!

9 style-delights (Jyoti)

I just love your blog!! So chic and USEFUL!
BTW, I adore Oscar de la renta dress here! He can do no wrong!

Style-Delights Blog
Let’s Twitter Together

10 Sylvia

Thanks for visiting and your kind words!

11 Kim,USA

I am petite and over 45. I am very conscious of what I wear. I do not wear flats though I love it but I can’t, I look like a third grader lol! And yes though many good stuff are in trend today but I can’t wear them not unless it look good on me like the stripes. Thanks for the tips again it helps a lot to me. ^_^

12 Sylvia

Great to read that they were useful to you Kim!

13 Sia

Yes it is difficult to dress nicely when you are petite. Everything is soooo long or just doesn’t sit right as the muse is usually 5’7 whereas I am 5’2. It’s a matter of search and you will find. Nice to see a few petite lines coming through though.

14 Sylvia

Hi Sia, as you say. It’s a matter of being patient and finding that perfect outfit to suit your body. Or.. find a really good tailor who can adjust some of the things that you buy in a shop…

15 Cath

Thank you

16 Sylvia

Very welcome 🙂

17 Flora Bassler

Thanks for sharing. You did an excellent job of explaining what to wear and how and why to wear it.

18 Sylvia

Thanks Flora!

19 Mong

I love this post. Very informative. =)

20 Sylvia

Thank you Mong!

21 Sophie Davis

Hi Sylvia

I’m just over 5ft so this article was very interesting for me. I do agree with what you say, but I have to say that I also very occasionally “buck the trend”. In the summer, I wear maxi-dresses, often with quite bold prints on them as I love colour. I nearly always wear heels, to the extent that I don’t even own a flat pair of shoes, although I do have some flat boots for practical, work reasons.

My problem is that I find it increasingly difficult to get clothes to fit well. I am “petite”, but God graced me with ample thighs and calves! I have little chest, but a wide back. In the UK, there tends to be a tendency to assume that because you are petite, you must be like a stick. I am a healthy size 8-10, but often can’t fit my ankles into jeans! If a dress fits on the hip, it tends to swamp me on the waist. If a boot fits on the foot (I’m a size 2 or 35), I can guarantee it won’t fit anywhere else.

I find shopping totally demoralising most of the time. My solution – I’ve just bought a new sewing machine, so plan to custom-make my own!

22 Sylvia

All these are just guidelines Sophie and you will always have to play with clothes and see what works for you! I can understand your frustration with shopping. All clothes are made for standard proportions which only a few of us have. Taking up sewing seems like a perfect idea! Good luck.

23 Alisa

What about boots? Are there any boots that are flattering on almost all body types?

24 Sylvia

Yes, I believe that calve hugging long boots (fitted snugly) look great on almost everyone. Petites should wear them over skinnies in the same colour or underneath skirts and dresses.

25 Mark

Great article. It’s definitely all about “dressing longer” and letting others focus on the face and personality. Get them past the size for a few hours and it will usually never matter after that.

26 Mariana

Hi Sylvia
I enjoyed reading all your advise. I’m 4′ 11″ and weigh 100 lbs. my daughter is getting married in November in Cancun. I don’t know if I should be looking for a long or a short dress. Which would be better for me?

27 Sylvia

Congratulations Mariana! It depends on how formal the wedding is. I think I would prefer a shorter (knee high) dress which I often find the most flattering and very chic. You may want to have a look at this article which gives some ideas as to how to dress as the mother of the bride:

28 Bhakti

I’m just 4’9″….. I realized that confidence and comfort level in what you wear matters… I don’t get my size, so I have to get my clothes tailored. Shopping is depressing for me sometimes !! I liked the maxi skirt trend… Is it ok to wear it if I’m that short?

29 Sylvia

Definitely Bhakti. I think that petites can look great in maxis. It’s all about the fit and silhouette though so get one that fits you well and suits your horizontal body type.

30 Adrie

All though this article is helpful, it still is difficult to find clothing that fit the right way… Especially when you’re 4’10.5″ like me. Where would you recommend finding clothes for our height?

31 Sylvia

More and more retailers like Asos and Nordstrom have special sections for petites, but otherwise you will just need to shop around and look for the right cut… Good luck and if you find stores that are especially good, let us know!

32 Tammila Goodwin

I shop at Forever 21, I feel like I am to old for this store but at least the clothes fit me. Really better than petite clothing. I dont know how to ad pics here or I would share my Forever 21 style for a 57 year old. Lol.

33 Sylvia

Hi Tammila, You cannot add pictures to comments but you are free to upload them to our Facebook page. I’d love to see them!

34 PT

My 4′ 11 &3/4″adult daughter asked me to help her shop for clothes for future job interviews and reading this article really helped prepare me…thanks to you I am going to be the “best mom ever” tomorrow 😉

35 Sylvia

Great to hear it PT. Glad I could help. I hope your daughter finds a great job soon!

36 Lia

My height is only 4′ 12, so I scare to wear pants as I think by wearing this I will look even shorter than earlier, but I always want to wear. so can I wear pants. Please help!!

37 Sylvia

I think pants can be very helpful in making you appear longer, certainly when you buy ones which allow you to hide you (heeled) shoes underneath. Wear them with a shorter or tucked in top. Above image of Victoria Beckum is a good example. Always wear pants at full length that skimp the ground. Good luck Lia

38 Esther Olsen

I am just at 5′ and planning for my daughters wedding. Therefore, I am trying to make the decision to wear a long or short dress. I am a pear shape and really like the ruched style, I am also concerned about the sleeve length for my age of 60.

39 Sylvia

Both could work well. I would stick as closely to your usual preferences. As for covering up the arms, that also depends on how comfortable you are with them. You may just want to cover the upper part only. Good luck with finding a great dress!

40 Neha

Hi there!! m very glad to know about you and always eager to ask you a question and um a 5 feet.. I love to wear choose pant, ankle length boots so wat u prefer me to wear with it … I mean tops or I should go with high waisted pants . Thankyou

41 Andria

This is a pretty good article, most is common sense, but good to read in a condensed area. Some things I don’t agree with is keeping heel height no higher than 2 inches(5cm)? I definitely do NOT agree with this for dressier or formal attire. When I am dressed up I feel best in a 4 inch heel. I also do not agree with skirt or dress length. I have always been told a couple inches above knee. Just below the knee, unless a super form fitting pencil skirt looks dumpy. I honestly don’t know how a petite could pull off mid-length dresses.

I love your petite celebrity choices; they all have great style. However, you should have shown them in some casual wear or more dressed down styles. How many of your readers and how often are they wearing similar clothes to the ones depicted??

42 Sylvia

Thanks for your feedback. I think you’re right that high heels can look good for dressy outfits. I think it’s key though that the shoes are not that bulky. I think lengths both above the knee, on top and just below can all work. If I look at the pictures above many of the dresses and skirts cover the knee and I think the women look fabulous. But of course, just do what looks best on you!
You are right that I could have shown more casual styles. But photos from celebrities in more casual style are harder to come by and I just had to work with what I could find.

43 Andria

Thank you for replying! Yes, I would agree they do look great in the dresses/skirts that cover the knee. I will have to experiment with that as I think it is a sophisticated look. I agree about finding celebrities in casual wear! I am always searching for photos to get ideas. Unfortunately, when they are own their own (ie, not dressed up by a stylist) sometimes their outfits don’t look to great(SJP , as one example)

44 Lee

I am 5’2″, and I am high-waisted, as well. I need to add length to my torso, rather than to my legs. Do you have any particular tips (or exceptions to your ‘standard’ tips for petite a) for me? Thank you for any help!

45 Sylvia

I offer some tips here: I will try and write more on this topic over the coming months.

46 Stef

Hello, Sylvia! I’m quite petite – 4’8 and 85 pounds. Very healthy and fit. However, my calves are a bit larger than I’d like. Any advice to slim these down while wearing skirts/dresses?

47 Sylvia

Hi Stef. Pumps can slim your calves especially those that show a lot of your foot. Wearing dark tights can also help.

48 Tara

I’m 5’2″. Do all of these guidelines apply? Thanks

49 Sylvia

Yes they would.

50 Lesley Cryer

Hi Sylvia
I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your interesting article regarding what short people should wear.
I am only 4foot 10 inches and 67kg’s. I am trying so hard to lose some weight as I am attending a wedding in May 2014. I just want to look elegant for this wedding but due to me not being able to wear high heels as I have a very bad right hip.
Sylvia can you help to suggest something for me.
I have been through menopause and now I have quite big boobs for a little person.
I look so so forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards
Lesley Cryer

51 Sylvia

Hi Lesley. I wrote an article about how to downplay your bust. You can use those tips in combination with the ones on this article. I would say not to focus too much on losing weight. Try and dress for the body you have now and go shopping now to find that perfect dress! Have fun.

52 Tammila

I am enjoying this site and the article. That being said I wanted to ad that I am 5’4″ and weigh 116lb, measure 35-24-35, so I am not really petite although alot of these tips would apply to someone my size as well.

53 Sylvia

Thanks Tammila. Yes these tips would be good for anyone would wants to have a taller, leaner appearance!

54 marilyn downie

I’m only 4’8″ & 76 yrs old. Petite is no longer for woman under 5 feet like it was years ago. I don’t know what length to wear Capri pants or what style dress. I wear a size 14.

55 Madhuri


It’s really interesting and useful article. I m only 5′
This is all about western cloths I do wear this kind of dresses But being and Indian in some functions or party I have to wear Indian outfits. In Indian clothes of long gown style trend is going on and I really want you suggest me “Anarkali style” will suits me or” Pakistani”
Waiting for your reply.

56 Sylvia

Hi Madhure. Could you add links image examples to each of these styles as I’m not family with Indian dressing.

57 rita

Hi Sylvia

Really liked the idea of dresses for different body shapes. I am 4.10” 39 yrs old and narrow shoulders. I am size 10 but found that I was looking very small with my thin slim structure so trying gaining some weight around waist. Not sure if this would be best.sounds strange though:).my question is about wearing long or short dress. I avoid wearing short straight dresses as I feel more shorter in myself and really like maxi dresses but ppl around me don’t like the idea.I am confused.also someone asked about Indian dresses in one of the question so I can tell that anarkaki suits are long frilled frocks with slim trousers. If it helps. Thanks.

58 Sylvia

Short women often look best in short dresses. However, maxi dress can be worn too. It’s important that you find the right shape though. Make sure it is well fitted and the dress does not swallow you. The way to make every outfit work is to look at proportion and create a balanced silhouette. You can read more about that at Good luck!

59 Madhuri

I m 25 weight 130 lbs

60 Allegra

Low waist pants are a no-go. Proportionately my lower body IS longer than my upper body, but I made the mistake of wearing low-rise jeans for too long. Anything that makes the waist look lower than it really is, for a 5’2″ woman, a really bad idea.

61 Olga

Thank you so much Silvia for all the great ideas!
I truly understand that every woman (person) has unique assets and things they might wish to ‘change’ and also that your tips can be adapted for many body types — while at the same time demoralize those of us who don’t fit the examples of being petite.
I found that your celebrity examples emphasized the notion that petite indicates short and skinny and I felt out of the loop immediately. I’m not knocking your choice to highlight the “best looks” for petite women, however, as you’ve already indicated, none of us fit a cookie-cutter mannequin size, so I suspect many women feel excluded and hopeless with images of models or celebrities. I would love to see contrasting images of how real women are successfully implementing your suggestions in this category.
Being 5’2″, over 50, about 146 lbs, apple-shaped, bad fee (meaning no high heels or pointy shoes), and with a huge size difference from top to bottom (top= 14 to 16; bottom= 4 to 6) my issues are, at best, challenging.
One of the most hurtful things my husband has ever said to me, many years ago now, was – “… you’re not petite, you’re just short”. So, with great appreciation for your website and your insights, I’m writing this in an effort to emphasize what you probably already know and also to help to include women who don’t fit the accepted definition of petite.

62 Sylvia

Hi Olga. You make a good point and I will take this into account for future articles. However, finding (and being allowed to use) images from 40+ women in all shapes and sizes is always tough. That is why you see a lot of images of myself on this site to illustrate as I can easily produce them. I always welcome images through Facebook though!

63 Ivana

Hi! I have 1.60m and I have one question…Does the dress below the knee make me even shorter?

64 Sylvia

A dress will look nicest when it’s 2/3 from the length of your shoulders to your feet. If you wear heels then the dress can be longer too. Usually that means for petites the dress is above or on top of knees. Another option is a well fitted maxi dress.

65 Hippo

Thanks for the great tips. Thumbs Up! =D

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