Are you tall and find it difficult to dress? Let’s discover how to dress when you are tall and where to find the best clothes for tall women.

Are you the opposite of tall? Check out our article on how to dress when you are petite.

Anyone over 5ft 10 or 1.78 meters is considered tall. Many women will eny you, but if you’re tall, then dressing comes with its own set of challenges, even though you have fewer limitations as petites.

As always though, please note though that these are only loose guidelines.

Every body is different, so trust your own instinct and see what works for you, your body shape, your style personality and your lifestyle.

Dressing challenges for tall women

Although being tall can be a real plus when you are dressing, you may still find it difficult to get your outfit in balance.

You have lots of flexibility when it comes to getting dressed.

It’s really up to you whether you prefer to show off your tallness or whether you would like to look a little shorter.

In general as a tall person you will want to achieve the following with your clothing:

  1. Get your outfit well proportioned and create a flattering silhouette
  2. Find properly fitted clothes.

1. Create a nice silhouette

If you are tall, you may need to work a little harder to create a nice balance in your outfit.

Often, you will want to give it more shape.

Work with strong blocks of colors to help define your body and break the strong vertical line.

color blocking with tall womens clothing |

You will see that Leo (above) does this very effectively by breaking up her body into blocks of color.

If you are tall, however, you may find a round-neck top will balance out your figure. Check out a similar pair of white wide leg jeans here.

Get clothes that give your body a clear shape

As a tall woman, you may like to add more shape to your outfits. Here are some suggestions.

Choosing tops and jackets for tall women

  • Wear tops with round necks. V-necks will simply draw the eye downwards and elongate your figure further.
  • Choose blazers with waist definition.
  • Bell sleeves will give extra shape to your arms.
  • The current peplum style works very well for tall women and gives you more shape.
  • If you like to tuck in your tops, combine with a longer tailored jacket or blazer.
  • Wear tops over your bottoms rather than tucked in.

Choosing bottoms when you are tall

  • Opt for A-line skirts.
  • Although you can wear many kinds of trousers you will look particularly good with trousers with a slight flare.
  • You are one of the lucky ones who can wear capris without any problems, but they will still decrease your nice long legs. Combine with shapely tops! Check out more tips on how to wear capris.
  • You will also look good in maxi dresses, but make sure they have the correct length. Of course these will make you appear very tall.

Accessories and shoes

  • Wear long chunky necklaces, which bring attention to your center.
  • If your arms are long too, you can go wild with lots of big bracelets. (If prefer to not show them off, check out our tips on how to cover your arms).
  • You can wear heels or flats. Most tall women will look best in shoes with shaped heels, like kitten heels.
  • Large bags look good on you as well.

What to avoid wearing when you are tall


  • formless three-quarter length jackets,
  • straight dresses,
  • dropped waists, cropped tops,
  • turtle necks,
  • tiny bags.
How to dress when you are tall |

Patricia (above) opts for a pencil skirt. If you want to draw attention to your height, this is a good option for tall women’s clothing.

To create more shape, go for an a-line or flared shape.

Check this similar top in a rich black color, skirt, bag and shoes.

2. How to find tall women’s clothing for your long arms and long legs?

Being tall means that you cannot always find clothes that fit properly in the shops.

Here are some tips on how to get clothes that fit correctly.

  • If you can’t find shirts with the right arm length, you can buy them with double cuffs and then wear them unfolded
  • Otherwise, if sleeves are too short, have them taken in to halfway length.
  • If dresses are too short, just use them as tunics or wear over pants.
How to dress when you are tall and the best tall womens clothing |

Tanasha (above) looks beautiful and has chosen to emphasize her height with skinny jeans, and by creating a long vertical line with her sleeveless jacket.

Find a similar button down shirt here.

The best Clothes for tall women: Fashion stores to bookmark

So, now that I’ve taken a look at what you should consider when putting together outfits if you are tall, where can you actually buy clothing which fits properly? Which are the best stores for tall women’s clothing?

Find stores that have special collections for tall women. 

Some stores that offer this include:

Lucky Brand offers long and extra long lengths for many of their styles.

Lucky Brand peasant top |

Lucky Brand peasant top

Loft has a special section for tall women.

Loft floral maxi shirtdress in tall womens clothing|

Loft floral maxi shirtdress

Eddie Bauer also has a special tall women section.

Eddie Bauer classic blazer in tall womens clothing |

Eddie Bauer classic blazer

Asos has a tall section for everything from formal attire for weddings to more casual, day-to-day basics.

Asos denim jacket - tall womens clothing ideas |

Asos denim jacket

Old Navy has a tall section specially designed for women 5′ 10″ and above. You’ll find clothes with longer sleeves and length and pants with a lower knee position.

tall womens clothing - Old Navy mid-rise pants |

Old Navy mid-rise pants

New York & Company‘s tall section is designed for you if you are 5’ 9″ or taller. There’s a good selection of everything from pants to dresses, jackets to tops.

NY&C printed shirtdress |

NY&C printed shirtdress

Banana Republic usually has more than 200 items in its tall category.

Banana Republic zebra pleated midi skirt |

Banana Republic zebra pleated midi skirt

Ann Taylor has a good range of tall pieces which are particularly good if you have a classic style personality or are looking for pieces to wear to work.

tall womens clothing - jumpsuits |

Ann Taylor twist front belted jumpsuit

Topshop allows you to search by fit, so you can simply click on the “tall” section.

Topshop satin tie front blouse |

Topshop satin tie front blouse

Athleta is a good go-to if you’re searching for workout or exercise wear such as leggings.

Athleta hybrid trek tights |

Athleta hybrid trek tights

For jeans, NYDJ and Paige often have longer hem lengths which will work for you.

Paige high waist flare jeans |

Paige high waist flare jeans

Shop in stores that are especially created for tall women

Long Tall Sally shirred jersey blouse |

Long Tall Sally shirred jersey blouse

Alloy Apparel tall tuxedo boyfriend jacket |

Alloy Apparel tall tuxedo boyfriend jacket

Tall celebrity women

Famous tall women include Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jane Fonda and Michelle Obama.

You can see how Michelle chooses to dress her tall shape in this piece on how to dress if you are Michelle Obama.

Nicole Kidman on how to dress if you are tall |

Nicole often emphazises her height in dresses, which is a choice all tall women can make.

But she looks more in proportion when she adds more shape to her looks such as with peplum styles. As a tall woman, it’s really up to you what you decide to do.

You can emphasize you tallness even more or use some of the tips above to tone it down a little and create more shape.

Jeans for tall women

Finding jeans for tall women can be a problem as you may struggle to get a fit which works for you.

You will want to make sure that the hem length hits you at the top of your ankle for skinny styles, and below that for bootcuts and flares.

You will also need a pair of jeans that have the knee in the right place. And, if you do opt for cropped styles, you will need to make sure that the hem ends where it should and you don’t look as if you are wearing long shorts.

Thankfully, there are plenty of jeans especially made for tall women. Plus, it may well make sense to invest when it comes to your jeans as many designer jeans are often cut long so you can always hem them to the right length.

Make sure you measure your inseam before you order anything online.

Paige high waist flare jeans |

Paige high waist flare jeans

Pants for tall women

Finding a pair of pants will give you the same problem as for jeans. Your best option is to go for stores which offer a tall section to make sure that the inseam is long enough for your legs.

Another option could be to have regular pants hemmed so that they are the right length for you if you want a cropped pair of pants or capris.

NYDJ straight leg ponte pants |

NYDJ straight leg ponte pants

outfit ideas for dressing if you are tall |

Karen (above) shows how you can emphasize your long legs and make them look even longer with a high waist. This can be good if you have a long torso and want to bring it into proportion.

Here is a similar pair of high-waist pants.

Jumpsuits for tall women

Finding jumpsuits to fit you if you are tall can be a real problem.

You may find that an ill-fitting jumpsuit is too short in the torso, which means it rides up at the crotch, making it very uncomfortable.

To find the perfect fit, you may have to experiment a little and try on options from a number of brands to make sure you find a jumpsuit which is the right fit for your legs and torso.

Or just take advantage of the fact that cropped jeans and pants are very much on trend!

Jumpsuits for tall women |

Loft tie waist jumpsuit

how to find a jumpsuit for tall women |

Marie Louise (above) has found a jumpsuit which is the perfect fit for her. V-necks will emphasize your height and round necks will detract from it. The choice is yours. Get a similar v-neck black jumpsuit here.

Dresses for tall women

When it comes to choosing a dress, you will want to make sure that the sleeve-length is right for you, that the hemline sits where you want it to and that the waist is on your waist.

Loft snake midi shirtdress |

Loft snake midi shirtdress

snakeprint dress for tall women |

Lizzi (above) wears a snakeprint dress which could look lovely no matter what your height. Here is another snake print dress you can try.

Tall maxi dresses

If you choose a maxi dress, this is likely to show off your height, and possibly make you look even taller. A v-neck will also show off your height.

Tall maxi dresses |

Long Tall Sally jersey wrap dress

tall maxi dress ideas for tall women |

Alice (above) wears a white maxi dress, but breaks up the lines of her body with her on-trend bag and her belt. She chooses to add extra height with heels. Find a similar maxi shirtdress here.

Tall women’s coats

It can be a challenge to find a well-fitting coat no matter what your height.

But, if you are tall, it is extra challenging. Pay attention to whether the shoulders sit where they should, the arm length and the waistline as well as deciding if you are happy with where the hem ends on you.

coats for tall women |

Long Tall Sally belted sheen trench coat

trench coats for tall women |

Aroob (above) opts for a classic beige trench. You will find that choosing a double-breasted coat can take the attention away from your height as it draws the eye across rather than up and down.

Check out a similar beige trench coat here.

Shirts for tall women

Just as with coats, you will want to make sure that the shoulders are in the right place and that the sleeves are long enough.

If you are having trouble with the fit of your sleeves, you could always roll them up so they look as if they are meant to be three-quarter length sleeves.

Long Tall Sally cotton work shirt |

Long Tall Sally cotton work shirt

white shirts for tall women |

Nic (above) opts for a classic white shirt paired with shorts. Here is a similar button down shirt.

For more ideas, see this article on how to wear a white shirt.

Pajamas for tall women

It’s not just daywear you may struggle with if you are tall, it can also be problematic when it comes to finding pajamas.

After all, you want to be comfortable when you sleep and not to feel that your sleepwear doesn’t fit you properly.

When shopping online, check if there are any details about the inseam length. You will also find that some stores tell you the height and size of the model so you can get a better indication of whether the pieces will fit you.

For more inspiration take a look at the best pajamas for women over 40.

Womens tall pajamas |

Nordstrom Lingerie pajamas

These are just some of my tips on how to dress if you are tall and where to find some of the best clothes for tall women.

Perhaps you are tall and have a few to share as well?

Also, do you like to emphasize your tallness or do you like to appear a little shorter?

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