How to wear a maxi dress or maxi skirt?

by Sylvia

How to wear a maxi dress or maxi skirt? |

I mentioned before that although I like the look of a maxi skirt or dress on others, I cannot make this look work for me. I’m not sure why that is but I feel the look overpowers me and makes me look huge. It does not help that I’m usually not that much into prints which are very popular for maxi skirts and dresses.

Still, I do really like the look on others. I feel it’s feminine and often deliciously bohemian chic.

I’m sure you will agree with me that the women featured today look absolutely fabulous!

Suzanne (Suzanne Carillo Style Files) really knows how to rock both maxi dresses and a maxi skirt. She looks truly amazing on all of these images. How beautiful and dreamy is that last picture in her flower maxi dress?

long striped maxi dress | Suzanne wearing a flower maxi skirt | Looking good in a blue and green maxi dress | looking dreamy in a flower maxi dress |

MCarmen (MyEmptyBag) is looking beautiful, romantic and dreamy in this pastel flowery maxi dress combined with chambray shirt.

romantic and sweet in a pastel maxi dress |

Lissa is looking fabulous in her 2 maxi dresses. Of her first turquoise maxi dress she says: “This is a drapey knit dress that I re-styled so it has more shape.  Also, covers arms just right :>) The necklace is from Target!  The headscarf is vintage from a Swap Event. The sandals are old – I painted the stripes for fun.

turquoise maxi dress |

About this black maxi dress with colorful prints Lissa says: “This is fine for work with the little cotton sweater, but playful and casual without….”

a printed maxi dress worn 2 ways |

The Wardrobe Mistress (Home where story begins) wears a long black net skirt purchased from the Paris Street Market, a Vintage Antique Market (02 Collection), printed tee (Suzie in the City), accessorized with misc. pearl jewelry, purse (Mo), nude flats and 100% paper handmade sun hat (Cushees Boca Raton FL USA). Lovely to see your face today!

A black maxi skirt for summer |

Ana (Mrs American Made) writes that she finds the maxi dress the easiest item to wear of all – just one item and throw it on! Great look!

Ana looking gorgeous in a printed maxi dress |

Linda loves the maxi dress as well and is showing 6 fabulous versions here.

bluemaxidresses wearingmaxiskirts maxiskirts

Lorraine is looking glorious in her 2 colorful creations that she combines with short cardigans. Here is what Loraine had to say about her dresses: “I have maxi dresses which I wear on holiday abroad but it’s not something I have worn during the day in the UK. However, I like the feeling of the fabric around my legs so I might give it a try.”. I think she should; she looks magnificent in these dresses.

Lorraine looking fabulous in a blue flower maxi dress | Lorraine wearing a colorful long maxi dress |

Thanks again to all ladies for submitting these glorious looks! After seeing all these fabulous outfits, I feel I may have to give the maxi dress another go. I did a quick search and there is a huge selection of maxi dresses available. Here are just a few of my favorites.

Are you ready for the next challenge?

We have almost come to the end of the Casual Style Challenge and this will be our last mini challenge. This one is more up my alley and I have already photographed my look. Show me your best looks for casual outfit formula 7 which is knee-high pants with a jacket, cardigan or blouse. Your pants can be longer than knee-high but not as long as 7/8 pants. The reason I added a jacket or blouse is to make this look a bit dressier, but if you feel your look is casually chic with just a top then you can submit that as well.

There are a 2 ways you can join in:

  1. Photograph yourself in a look that follows formula 7 and send the photo(s) to me at sylvia [at] Make sure your photo is of good quality. You can send as many photos as you like, but they all need to follow the casual outfit formula 6. You can feature any type of skirt and top / or
  2. Create a collage in Polyvore. It’s free to sign up and create collages and you can post the link to your collage in the comments of this article or send it to me through email.

Please ensure your entries are in by 14 June. I look forward to seeing your outfits!

For now, do you wear maxi dresses or skirts? Which of the above looks is your favorite?


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1 Lana

I love them all – so many pretty maxi looks! I finally ordered a maxi dress, but it hasn’t arrived yet, so we’ll see. I love the idea of a maxi dress, but I’m not sure how it will look on me.


2 Sylvia

I hope it is a success Lana!


3 Suzanne

They look great on everyone! I’m really in love with the patterns and colours that you can find in maxis. Especially that last one Lorraine is wearing. So stunning!

Thanks so much for including me here. They really are one of my favourite pieces to wear.

Once you buy one you’ll wonder what ever took you so long to hop on board the “Maxi Train” Sylvia.



4 Sylvia

We will see Suzanne. I will keep an open mind, but sometimes you just have to accept that some things just are not for me. Will definitely try a few on this summer!


5 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

I am a huge fan of maxi skirts and dresses. Suzanne’s collection of them is great.



6 Pixie @ Cheerfully Vegan

What a great bunch of dresses! I love maxi dresses. The right one can make me feel so attractively put together. Suzanne has a real flair for just the right pieces.


7 kelly

I love maxis and the different ideas for ways to wear them


8 Patti

Love these examples, and I love to wear a maxi dress or skirt in the Florida summer – keeps the air flowing!


9 Sylvia

Yes, they are very airy and comfortable I would imagine…


10 Greetje Kamminga

These are great examples. Like you I never managed maxi dresses or skirts. I did however when I was 17, so it cannot be my body shape that is holding me back (which I thought was the reason). And to my big surprise, my husband pointed at a maxi dress in a boho way and said he liked that very much. I might still end up with a maxi dress.
I cannot really single out one woman from the above list as they all look so good. But I do have to encourage Lorraine. Man you look good in these dresses!! Give the UK some glamour. Wear them.


11 Sylvia

Yes, I think you could pull of a maxi dress with your figure. I think it’s more a feeling thing. But just like with me, boho is not really part of your style and many maxi dresses give a bit of a bohemian vibe.


12 Lissa Allen

All pretty! My first time in a blog :>) Did anyone mention how comfortable maxis are?
Bathrooms, sitting like a lady, you get the idea. I travel in maxis often – you come out at the other end looking polished and feminine (I think). They are so fun with hats too.


13 Sylvia

Well done Lissa and great that you submitted your looks. Yes, I can definitely see the many advantages of a maxi dress!


14 Ana from Mrs. American Made

Sylvia, thank you for putting these together. The maxi has always seemed like a tough look for me to pull off, but I gave it try and found I liked it. And there is much more inspiration here. Suzanne seems to have mastered the look – love all of her outfits! I hope you give it a try, too. : ) Ana


15 Sylvia

I like it too on you. This dress looks absolutely fabulous on you! I will try a few on this summer but not sure if I will buy any….


16 Rita

Everyone looks great. Like you, Sylvia, this isn’t a look I can wear. I really don’t know how I would look (I imagine it would be schleppy and overwhelming on me also), but I know I would feel like I was wearing pajamas. I will stick with knee-length.


17 Sylvia

Yes, it is essential that you feel great in your outfits. Even though it may not be rational as all these ladies certainly look good!


18 Lorraine

Thanks for the good comments. As I said, maxi dresses are not something I have worn in the UK but I used to like them for the evenings on holiday (or as beach cover-ups). I need to find some more casual options but I am too old for spaghetti straps or strapless and I don’t like ‘cleavage’. If I could find some with good coverage without being frumpy (like Suzanne’s choices) I might be tempted to give them a go in the UK.


19 Rita

I don’t like spaghetti straps of strapless either. Honestly, I don’t think strapless looks good on anyone (sorry), and you spend all of your time fidgeting with it and hitching it up. A nice wide strap with a shallow V-neck or scoop neckline usually looks nice on anyone though, I think.


20 catherine

Everyone looks gorgeous, great post Sylvia

Joly Look


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