If you love to look feminine and pretty, and you wouldn’t go out without looking groomed, you may well have a romantic style personality. 

If you aren’t sure what your style personality is you can take this fun quiz to find out.

We’re all individuals though, so you’ll find that while you have one dominant style personality that you are most drawn to, you are also attracted to elements from other style personalities.

So what are the elements of the romantic style personality?

1. You dress to express your femininity.

Being practical or comfortable is not always your top priority.

2. You are attracted to beautiful pieces.

Your eye is drawn to pretty pieces and patterns, including tactile fabrics.

3. You like embellishments on your clothes.

Your clothes may feature frills, ruffles, bows and lace.

4. You like soft colors.

You are drawn to pastel shades and other soft colors.

5. You like to be well-groomed.

Even if you are just running errands, you like to have some make-up on.

Style personalities

Like other style personalities, you are likely to find you have one main style personality, but that you are drawn to a secondary or even a third personality.

As a romantic style personality, you may also be drawn to elements of the glamorous style personality and be attracted to glamorous, figure-hugging outfits as well as deeper jewel colors.

In general though, your style tends to be softer and more romantic rather than overtly glamorous.

You will see that Alice’s style (below) features a mixture of romantic and glam style personalities. She uses romantic colors such as soft pinks and taupes, along with floral patterns and brooches which take their inspiration from nature.

But she also teams this with a glamorous headscarf and over-sized sunglasses.

A style guide for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

romantic style tops

As a romantic style personality, you will naturally be drawn to tops which feature some ruffle detail or draping. Your print of choice will be a beautiful floral rather than anything too graphic such as stripes or geometric shapes.

Just make sure that you include some plain tops in your closet too. Otherwise, you may find that while you have a lot of clothes, you don’t have a lot of outfit choices as there are many pieces which won’t go well with each other.

tops for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

romantic style jackets and coats

While it often feels natural to look for a coat in a darker hue such as black, you will instead find that your style personality is better suited to softer shades.

You could look for pinks to add interest to your closet as well as soft taupes or grays to ensure that you have enough neutrals in your wardrobe to balance out your outfits. You can look for jackets and coats which have draping, large collars and belted waists.

You will also like to feature texture in your coat selection. A Chanel-style jacket with a soft pattern and texture will be great to pair with jeans.

jackets and coats for the romantic style personality | 40 plusstyle.com

romantic style pants

You may wish to concentrate on your tops if you have a romantic style personality. For summer, you can then add white pants. For your jeans, you will probably prefer a soft shade such as a pale gray rather than the traditional blue denim.

You can also pair your plain tees with floral pants or jeans, which are bang-on-trend this season.

pants for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

romantic dresses and skirts

As a romantic style personality, you are likely to have more dresses and skirts in your closet than you do pants and jeans.

Again, you will be attracted to floral patterns on your dresses. For more formal occasions, you could look at textures such as lace.

dresses for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

The shape of your skirts will vary. You aren’t necessarily attracted to one shape over another. But, you will find that both pencil skirts and flared, or pleated, skirts suit your style personality.

Carole has styled a romantic floral skirt (below) with a camisole with lace detailing and a soft colored blazer.

You can wear a sweater with any of these skirts for spring and fall to ensure you can continue to wear them when summer is over.

You could also toughen up your romantic style a little by wearing with a biker jacket and ankle booties. Adding the unexpected to your style is what makes it uniquely yours.

skirts for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

romantic style shoes

You can also express your personality through the shoes you wear. Even if you are just wearing jeans and a simple tee, adding some ruffles and choosing a soft pastel, taupe or metallic shade will allow you to show your romantic style credentials.

shoes for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

romantic style accessories

Your accessories are likely to include a mix of pieces with plain colors and patterns. You could opt for a beautiful floral scarf or statement necklace.

For summer, a straw bag can add texture to your outfits, while you could add some ruffles to your clutch bag for evening.

You will still want a practical tote bag for day, but you are likely to be drawn to a slouchier shape rather than a structured bag. Or, you could mix elements of the glam style personality and choose a retro-style tote.

accessories for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

9 outfits using the romantic style clothing pieces from above

Here are 9 outfits which are put together using the pieces from the romantic style capsule above.

There are obviously many more ways you could mix and match.

Read our ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe that works best for you.

a capsule wardrobe for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

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Do you have a romantic style personality? How would you describe the elements of your style?

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A capsule wardrobe and style guide for the romantic style personality | 40plusstyle.com

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