The Eurochic look is one of those styles that is hard to define. But, you know it when you see it. 

You will see the Eurochic style as you sit having a coffee at the airport, or you watch the buzz of the people going by and spot a woman who looks totally at home in her surroundings, yet also stands out from the crowd.

European outfits: A mix of styles

You are likely to find that you are drawn to more than one style personality. That is what makes your own style unique, and by combining elements of your main style personality with the other styles you are drawn to, you can create a style which is uniquely yours.

Because Eurochic style is a blend of the classic and the edgy, you are also likely to find yourself attracted to minimalist, architectural, classic, and street/urban styling.

How to know if you have a Eurochic style?

If you aren’t sure about what style personality you are, you can take this fun style personality quiz to find out. Below are more ways to tell if you have a Eurochic style:

1. It’s hard to describe.

It is difficult to pin down exactly what the Eurochic style is, but it is seen on women who seem to look effortlessly stylish and hip.

2. You like to combine unexpected pieces together

If you have a Eurostyle, you like to combine more expensive timeless pieces with less expensive high street options. The way you put them together looks very sophisticated.

Eugenia wears a denim suit |

Eugenia @theeageofgrace above (read her style interview here) opts for a designer bag with her denim suit. You could easily mix and match items here as separates, and wear the pants with a white shirt and blazer, for example.

Recreate her outfit with this similar denim blazer, jeans, pumps, handbag and sunglasses.

3. You are aware of trends but don’t always wear them

You exude a cool elegance and look stylish but understated. You will always be aware of what is currently on-trend and you might incorporate these trends into your closet, but it’s more important to you to find pieces which are well-made and well-cut, and which fit you perfectly.

4. You like neutral shades

You prefer neutral shades which coordinate with the other pieces in your outfit. You don’t like anything too gaudy.

A capsule wardrobe and style guide for the EUROCHIC style personality |

Rita @ritapalazzi above (read her style interview here) adds a little boho style to her Europchic outfit with the print of her shirt.

Get her look with this similar blouse, vest, skirt, booties, crossbody bag and earrings.

5. You don’t buy on impulse

You’re very unlikely to buy pieces on impulse, but you do like to add items to your closet whenever you travel so that your outfits are totally unlike those of anyone else.

European fashion

While you may have bought the pieces in your closet anywhere in the world, your style looks as if it has been honed in Europe.

You would look equally at home in any of the cities in Europe, whether visiting Milan, Paris, Rome or London, or strolling the streets of Capri.

Also take a look at these French fashion secrets to steal, and how to style yourself like an Italian woman for extra inspiration.

Celebrities with European style

Celebrities with European style |

Celebrities with enviable eurochic style include Catherine Deneuve, Carla Bruni, Marion Cotillard, Brigitte Bardot, Jane Birkin and Juliette Binoche.

You will see that they don’t necessarily seem to have to have a lot of pieces in their closet as they concentrate on quality and style.

While they are likely to have plenty of designer names in their wardrobes, they don’t like showing off their labels. They would consider that to be tacky.

Now, let’s take a look at some clothing, shoes and accessories you could put together this summer if you have a Eurochic style.

Eurochic style tops

As you like to concentrate on quality over quantity, you will want to make sure that your tops, as well as the rest of your closet, can be worn in many ways.

You are drawn to tops with have a structural element to them, so you may opt for some draping or asymmetry, or choose cropped tops you can layer over longer pieces. You will tend to have more neutral tops in your closet, but will choose the odd pattern or brighter shade too, particularly if it has an abstract or geometric element to it.

Tops for the eurochic style personality |

J.Crew Garçon Cotton Voile Stripe ShirtRiver Island Oversize Watercolor Print Satin Button-Up BlouseM.M.LaFleur The Nora TopCOS The Full Volume T-Shirt

COS The Full Volume T-ShirtWit & Wisdom High Waist Patch Pocket Wide Leg PantsFly London Platform Wedge SandalThe Sak The Sequoia HoboJules D.Chunky Beads Necklace Set

European look: jackets and coats

Like the rest of your closet, your jackets will be classic, but with a twist. You could look for zips, ruched sleeves, asymmetric detailing, subtle geometric prints, and sleeveless styles.

Outerwear for the eurochic style personality |

Anne Klein Jacquard Longline Knit BlazerAnne Klein Faux Suede Asymmetric JacketNordstrom Two-Button Longline VestBCBGMAXAZRIA Crepe Trench Coat

Wendy wears a black blazer and print skirt |

Wendy @fashionoverfifty.wendy above combines elements of Eurochic and classic style with her timeless outfit.

Recreate her outfit with this similar top, blazer (another option here), skirt, pumps (another option here), bag, necklace and sunglasses.

European clothing style: pants

The emphasis with the Eurochic style personality tends to be on tops, although you might choose to add an element of the unusual in your style with pants in a deep color.

Most of the pants in your wardrobe will be classic styles you can wear in a number of different ways. But, you will make sure they still have a trend-led element. So, you might choose a pair of wide-legged jeans or cropped flares instead of going for a straight-legged option

Pants for the eurochic style personality |

AG Farrah High Waist Bootcut JeansCOS Wide Leg Linen Bend PantsWit & Wisdom High Waist Patch Pocket Wide Leg PantsNordstrom Stretch Twill Pants

BCBGMAXAZRIA Crepe Trench CoatJ.Crew Garçon Cotton Voile Stripe ShirtAG Farrah High Waist Bootcut JeansCOS Leather-Trimmed Canvas TrainersTory Burch Small Eleanor Pebble Leather Convertible Shoulder BagCOS Mismatched Pearl Earrings

European style dress ideas, jumpsuits & skirts

You are likely to be drawn to a number of different dress and skirt options. But, they all have things in common. You might look for asymmetrical elements such as a dipped hemline or flattering ruching. You will also look for quality fabrics such as silk or linen mixes.

Dresses and skirts for the eurochic style personality |

COS Asymmetric T-Shirt DressBoden Racer Jersey Midi DressCOS Open-Back Tiered DressCOS Asymmetric Midi Wrap Skirt

Carmen combines casual and formal in her outfit |

Carmen @carmen_gimeno above combines formal and casual elements to create interest above, and adds catseye sunglasses, red lipstick and a roomy Gucci handbag.

Check out this similar blazer, sweater (plain option here), skirt (another option here), sneakers, handbag (bigger option here), belt and sunglasses.

Eurochic style shoes 

Again, your shoes take elements of classic style and add a certain je ne sais quai. So, you may choose what would otherwise be a classic ankle boot, but opt for a style in a metallic shade or with an open toe.

You might take elements of a certain trend, such as snakeskin print, but you apply it to a classic shape. Metallic shades and sculptural heels will also add interest.

Shoes for the eurochic style personality |

Fly London Platform Wedge SandalSanctuary Ready Peep Toe BootieSam Edelman Franci Pointed Toe PumpCOS Leather-Trimmed Canvas Trainers

Anne Klein Faux Suede Asymmetric JacketM.M.LaFleur The Nora TopCOS Asymmetric Midi Wrap SkirtSanctuary Ready Peep Toe BootieAllSaints Allington ToteMasai Copenhagen Akseline Print Scarf

Eurochic style accessories

As with the rest of your wardrobe, your accessories are well thought out to make sure that you can not only elevate your look, but that you can mix and match.

Rather than a classic, structured tote, you are likely to be attracted to a piece which has some slouch to it, in a quality fabric. Your jewelry is likely to be contemporary and geometric rather than a style you might see as more “old-fashioned”..

Style accessories for the eurochic style personality |

AllSaints Allington ToteThe Sak The Sequoia HoboTory Burch Small Eleanor Pebble Leather Convertible Shoulder BagJules D.Chunky Beads Necklace SetCOS Mismatched Pearl EarringsSaint Laurent Crystal Embellished Frame EarringsMasai Copenhagen Akseline Print Scarf

Patricia wears a black and red outfit |

Patricia @patriciaafricaiglesias above (read her style interview here) adds extra interest with her print scarf and bag, and shows of her ankles and colorful shoes with a cropped pant length.

Steal her look with this similar sweater, trousers, pumps, scarf, bag, belt, sunglasses and headband.

A capsule wardrobe of 9 outfits for the Eurochic style personality

Below, you can see the clothes, shoes and accessories from above together in a capsule wardrobe. You can easily change around the items to create many different outfits.

For example, wear the sleeveless coat and matching pants as a suit, wear the black and white blazer with the white pants, or the green top with jeans.

A capsule wardrobe for the eurochic style personality |

For more inspiration, take a look below at our past season Eurochic capsule wardrobe. You can see that Eurochic is a very timeless, yet bang up-to-date, way of dressing.

A capsule wardrobe for the eurochic style personality |
A capsule wardrobe for the eurochic style personality |

Read our ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe that works best for you.

Brands for the Eurochic style

If you have a Eurochic style, or you would like to incorporate some elements from this look into your own outfits, brands to look at include:

Does the Eurochic style resonate with you? Do you have elements of this European style personality in your closet?

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A capsule wardrobe and style guide for the EUROCHIC style personality |

Feature image by Rita @ritapalazzi


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