Do you love a minimalist style that is simple yet effortlessly chic? Then you will love this capsule wardrobe for the minimal style personality!!

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Do you have a minimal style personality?

A minimal style wardrobe can be one of the chicest choices for women over 40. As the saying goes; “less is more”.

A minimal style wardrobe doesn’t have to be boring, on the contrary.

A minimalist style is classic and timeless and truly lets a woman’s own beauty shine through.

Celebrities with a minimal style personality

celebrities with a minimal style |

Angelina Jolie, Annette Bening, and Charlize Theron are just a few of the many beautiful women who opt for a subtle and minimalist style.

I’m sure you would agree that, while their minimal style is pared back, it is far from dull.

How to tell if you have a minimal style personality

You gravitate towards simple style

If you naturally have a minimal style personality, the you will prefer outfits which are simple and uncomplicated.

You like a neutral palette

If I opened your closet right now, I would be unlikely to see lots of color and pattern. You prefer a palette of neutrals and, if you do go for patterns, they are likely to be simple stripes or smaller prints.

Adaline wears her jeans with a long cardigan |

Adaline @sdmomstyles above opts for an outfit that mixes minimal, classic and natural.

Check out this similar tee, coatigan, jeans, sneakers, clutch and necklace.

You are a minimalist in your home too

If you like a minimal style wardrobe, you probably don’t like to much clutter in your home either. Marie Condo is a woman after your own heart.

You may find yourself drawn to other similar styles

If you have a minimal style personality, you may find that you also like elements of classic style, Eurochic style or architectural style.

Josephine wears a black, white and silver outfit |

Josephine @chicatanyage above (read her style interview here) wears a pair of ballet flats with her minimal outfit.

Recreate her outfit with this similar shirt, skirt and flats.

Why a minimalist wardrobe could work for you

Minimal runway looks |

Victoria BeckhamHelmut LangJil Sander

Plenty of the big-name designers opt for a minimalist style on the catwalks and in their own way of dressing.

However, you don’t have to be shaped like a model for a minimal wardrobe to work for you. A minimalist capsule works well with many body shapes and since this style doesn’t include lots of trendy details, this wardrobe style can look stylish and fresh longer than a trendier of-the-moment wardrobe can.

A minimal style can also refer not just to a pared back way of dressing but also having fewer items in your wardrobe and doing more with less.

‘Rules’ of minimal style

If you’d like to create your own minimalist capsule wardrobe, keep these “rules” in mind:

  • Highlight one stand-out accessory or one unique detail.
  • Choose understated, neutral colors like black, navy, white and gray to build a solid minimalist base.
  • Select styles of clothing that showcase a clean, long line.
  • Choose tops, pants and jackets that follow the lines of the body, but aren’t too clingy or too baggy.
  • Steer clear of ruffles, embellishments, or overly trendy details.
  • Wear columns of solid colors (or if you do include prints, choose monochrome or subtle tone on tone prints)

Tops for the minimalist closet

Like the rest of your closet, your tops will be classic, timeless and are likely to be in neutral shades.

That’s not to say you can’t add a pop of color if you would like to. However, if you do, you are likely to prefer a block shade rather than, for example, a flamboyant pattern like florals.

Below, I’ve included four tops that you could wear for season upon season, year after year, and they will never date.

Options such as a neutral short-sleeved t-shirt, a classic button-down skirt, a turtleneck, camisoles, natural fabrics and a wrap top will give your closet the clean, classic look you love.

You can add interest with the textures that you choose. For instance, linen and silk will give your outfit interest.

Tops for the minimal style personality |

COS Oversized ShirtMassimo Dutti Cotton T-ShirtMassimo Dutti Satin Camisole TopMassimo Dutti Linen Blend Kimono

Blazer, camisole and wide pants outfit |

ANINE BING Quinn BlazerMassimo Dutti Satin Camisole TopCOS Wide Leg PantsMassimo Dutti High-Heel MulesMassimo Dutti Nappa Leather Shoulder Bucket BagMassimo Dutti Chain Necklace

Jackets for the minimalist fashion look

For the minimalist style, choose jackets and coats with a body skimming style.

Steer clear of anything too baggy or trendy.

Opt for clean lines and neutral colors. You can opt for black. But, you don’t have to. You can also choose gray, white, tan or navy. Blazers, a trench coat, moto jacket and cropped styles will go well with your aesthetic.

Outerwear for the minimal style personality |

ANINE BING Quinn BlazerCOS Cropped Milano-Knit JacketBLANKNYC Faux Suede Moto JacketMassimo Duti Technical Belted Trench Coat

Karen wears a blazer and brown pants |

Karen @styledbykaren above chooses a neutral palette and classic shapes.

Steal her look with this similar top, blazer, pants, sandals and sunglasses.

Pants for your minimal fashion look

Choose pants that flatter your shape. Good choices are a slim cropped pants in black, gray, or navy.

Another flattering option is a full-legged trouser cut pant, or a boot cut trouser in a dark color which will lengthen your legs and create a long visual line.

You can also add a casual cropped pair of  pants for a more casual style.

Pants for the minimal style personality |

Massimo Dutti Straight Leg JeansCOS Wide Leg PantsNYDJ Marilyn Linen Blend TrousersMassimo Dutti Linen Blend Trousers

White jacket and jeans outfit |

COS Cropped Milano-Knit JacketMassimo Dutti Cotton T-ShirtMassimo Dutti Straight Leg JeansMassimo Dutti Vinyl Flat Slider SandalMassimo Dutti Metallic Leather BagMassimo Dutti Chain Necklace

Dresses and skirts for your minimalist closet

One of the most important elements in a minimalist wardrobe is a simple, clean lined statement dress, a simple dress with one stand out detail that can be dressed up or down.

Select a fabric that works winter or summer like a lightweight, seasonless wool or silk.  Select a simple wrap, sheath or subtle A-line.

Here are a few dress options to build out your minimalist wardrobe. You could also think about a jumpsuit in a neutral shade.

Dresses and skirts for the minimal style personality |

Massimo Dutti Linen Blend Shirt DressMassimo Dutti V-Neck Linen Blend DressANINE BING Melanie DressMassimo Dutti Linen Midi Skirt

A style guide and capsule wardrobe for the minimal style personality |

Deborah @deborahgates_ above (read her style interview here) chooses an all-black look. You could always add a pop of color with your accessories.

Check out this black dress from COS (other options here and here) that you can wear with this similar pair of sandals and earrings.

Shoes to go with your minimalist outfits

Classic, flattering, and feminine shapes like pumps, boots with a pointed toe, ballet flats, mules and slingbacks complement a minimalist style.

Shoes for the minimal style personality |

Massimo Dutti Vinyl Flat Slider SandalMassimo Dutti Mule LoafersMassimo Dutti High-Heel MulesMassimo Dutti Tumbled Leather Trainers

Linen coordinates outfit |

Massimo Dutti Linen Blend KimonoMassimo Dutti Linen Blend TrousersMassimo Dutti Mule LoafersMassimo Dutti Nappa Leather Maxi Bucket BagMassimo Dutti Pendant Leather Cord NecklaceMassimo Dutti Oval Hoop Earrings

Accessories and Jewelry to go with your minimalist clothing

Less is more when it comes to jewelry for the minimalist style.

Choose one exceptionally stylish piece of jewelry rather than layer lots of pieces.  

If you want to add a statement piece, choose something oversized rather than delicate.

Silver, gold or other metallics are a great option. For bags, look at totes, bucket styles and clutch bags.

Accessories for the minimal style personality |

Massimo Dutti Nappa Leather Maxi Bucket BagMassimo Dutti Nappa Leather Shoulder Bucket BagMassimo Dutti Nappa New ’90s Leather Shoulder Bucket BagMassimo Dutti Metallic Leather BagMassimo Dutti Pendant Leather Cord NecklaceMassimo Dutti Chain NecklaceMassimo Dutti Oval Hoop EarringsMassimo Dutti Square Sunglasses

Sylvia wears a white and gray outfit |

Sylvia @sylviacolella above (read her style interview here) chooses a neutral outfit, and matches her shoes to her bag.

Get her look with this similar top, cardigan, pants, loafers, tote and sunglasses.

Minimalist clothing brands I love

A capsule wardrobe of 9 minimalist outfits using the pieces above

Below are 9 looks we created for the minimalist style capsule wardrobe. But there are lots more combinations you could create from these pieces.

For example, you could wear the moto jacket with the beige dress, the camisole with the jeans and blazer or the blue shirt with the white pants.

A capsule wardrobe for the minimal style personality |

shop all items for the minimal style personality below:

For more inspiration, you can take a look at an earlier capsule we created below (below). These items are no longer available in stores, but still give you lots of outfit ideas!

A capsule wardrobe for the minimal style personality |
A capsule wardrobe for the minimal style personality |

Remember, most of us don’t just have one style personality. We are a usually a mixture and can also like elements of other style personalities. However, usually one is dominant.

You may like to check out our capsules for the preppy style, classic style, Eurochic style, natural style or architectural style.

Read our ultimate guide to creating a capsule wardrobe that works best for you.

Let me know what style personality you are! Does the minimal style personality speak to you?

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A style guide and capsule wardrobe for the minimal style personality |

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