How a minimal wardrobe need not be boring + meet the absolute star of the capsule wardrobe!

by Sylvia

how to create a minimal wardrobe with variety of outfits |

This is the last of the winter capsule wardrobe challenge articles, so I thought I would give you a complete overview of how versatile it can be.

These are just a sampling of the outfits that can be created with the pieces from my winter capsule wardrobe. 

The capsule can form the basis of a minimal wardrobe, now getting more and more popular.

I hope I have been able to show you that a minimal wardrobe need not be boring or monochromatic. If you are smart with your choices you can still wear lots of color and wear a variety of different silhouettes.


And here is how I wore these outfits with the coat!


I was very sparse with the use of additonal accessories here, but I’m sure you have a variety of accessories already in your wardrobe that you could easily mix and match with the outfits of your capsule.

Also note the absence of blue jeans. Although I gravitate more towards lighter colored jeans, these outfits would all look great with blue jeans too.

The capsule star

optcreamandwhite (1 of 1)

Did you notice that I wear the same shoes with all these outfits?

It’s fair to say that my silver booties with brownish undertone have been the absolute star of this capsule! I loved wearing them with every outfit and they were also super comfortable. Some of you have asked where to buy them, but unfortunately I cannot find them online. I do offer a list of other great booties here.

Hopefully this illustrated to you that flat shoes can be worn with a variety of outfits and you can still look chic and modern with flat shoes.

Of course, I’m not saying that you would need to wear the same shoes with every outfit! On the contrary. It’s fun to vary your shoes and you can often transform an outfit with a special pair. The skirt and dress outfits for example would probably look even nicer with heels.

What this exercize did illustrate though is that you do not necessarily NEED a lot of shoes. Again, choose wisely so your shoes can last the distance.

Thanks to all of you who participated in the challenge in the private members forum. I will share a few more of your outfits on my Facebook page.

Outfit details

White asymmetrical shirt: c/o Stella Carakasi.
Black Skinnies: Cos (old)
Gray asymmetrical sweater: c/o Stella Carakasi
Cream skinnies: Zara (old)
Peach sweater: Zara
Faux leather skirt: Zara
Black blazer: c/o Stella Carakasi
Brown layered top: c/o Stella Carakasi
Pink sweater: c/o Stella Carakasi
Blanket scarf: Zara
Silk scarf: present from Suzanne Carillo
Jewelry: a/o Suzanne Carillo and Jewelry to your Doorstep
Grey coat: Zara
Grey sleevesless long vest: c/o Stella Carakasi. Now also available in a winter version.
Dress: Porto c/o GetDressed2
Gray asymmetrical T-shirt: c/o Stella Carakasi
Cashmere blue poncho:
Leggings (worn as tights): Uniqlo
Cream corduroy pants: Zara
Layering tops: Uniqlo
Shoes: Laura Bellariva

I would love your feedback!

Did you enjoy this capsule wardrobe series and challenge? Would you like to see more of this?

As I mentioned earlier I would like to develop some further courses and challenges for 40+Style and I would love to have your input as to what you would like to see here.

I  hope you can give me some feedback in the attached form (completely anonymous) so I can create the content you like and create a future style challenge or course that will be even more fun and educative!

Fill out my online form.
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In the comments, please let me know which outfit is your absolute favorite from all the above?


1 Patti

It’s a wonderful capsule, Sylvia – you create such great-looking outfits from these pieces. I think one of the secrets is you have refined your style so well, and you know what you love. xo

2 Sylvia

Thanks Patti. Yes I’m getting better all the time and this has definitely been my favorite capsule yet!

3 Suzanne

I agree with Patti. You have a very specific esthetique that is well developed.

I am floored by how you were able to use just one pair of boots. This is my downfall whenever I pack. I have a big weakness and fear for shoes. I’m always scared my feet might get sore if I wear the same ones too often. Apart from wearing the Nikes that I run in I cannot think of one shoe that I have that would go with everything like these booties you are wearing AND be comfortable for continuous wear. You have found the holy grail of booties for yourself. Lucky you! : )


4 Sylvia

I’m usually no different and would normally not pack just one pair of shoes. But I had already tested these and trusted they would be fine (and they were). I also did not have any more winter shoes here and felt that if I really needed something I could buy it there. For The Netherlands I will have a variety of shoes though as all my winter shoes are already there. I’m looking forward to wearing my long boots!

5 Aileen

What a creative amazing list of clothes and how you make it look so easy to create different outfits.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Aileen. It’s all about picking the right basics and choosing colors that mix well together. Then you just go out and play!

7 Greetje Kamminga

What a lot of work Sylvia. Thanks.
My favourites are: top row, fourth from the left (the jacket with the white shirt and the dark skinnies), Second row, second from left: (the grey asymmetric sweater on the longer white trousers) and the third row, second from left, (that gorgeous bit pinkish sweater, again with the longer white trousers).

8 Sylvia

Yes it took a bit of effort but it’s nice to get an overview on one page right? Will keep your preferences in mind when I see you in The Netherlands Greetje. Very much looking forward to it!

9 Jill

Excellent concept and very well put together Sylvia. I laughed when I got to your comments Greetje – I chose exactly the same pics as you as my favourites, before I read your comment! It is coming into summer here in South Australia so I’m thinking about your choices re light colours but with summery fabrics. Look forward to seeing your other seasonal capsules adapted from your winter base! Thanks again.

10 Sylvia

How interesting that you chose the same favorites as Greetje Jill! Yes this could easily be applied to a summer wardrobe. Since the feedback on this challenge has been very positive I will try and do more of this at the start of other seasons!

11 Petra

Bottom row, 2nd from the left – love it! And I agree with Aileen that you make it look easy!

12 Sylvia

Of course it will still take a bit of effort finding some of the pieces, but it all developed quite naturally from some of my first choices, like the gray and pink sweaters. It helps also if you can combine it with items already in your wardrobe (like my skinny pants).

13 Gaylin

I am in love with all things Stella Carakasi! Her clothes drape so nicely. Elegant and appropriate with an edge!

14 Sylvia

Exactly why I like it too Gaylin!

15 Lorraine

Sylvia, I am so sorry I missed this exercise and I would love to take part in another, if you choose to do one. That doesn’t mean I won’t post some pics of my winter wardrobe on facebook anyway!

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