If you want to develop a signature style it’s important to understand your style personality.

It’s one of the key things you have to find out about yourself in order to understand your true style and buy the things that are right for YOU.

When you understand your personality you will make fewer buyer mistakes and have a more consistent style.

I have created a brand new quiz that will let you discover yours!

We have identified 12 main style personality types. And although you may like aspects of several, you’ll have one that is dominant. Learn about the characteristic of your specific style personality and get ideas on how to dress for it!

Style personality quiz | 40plusstyle.com

Will your style personality be classic, bohemian, minimal, trendy, Eurochic, street/urban, glam, rock ‘n’ roll, preppy, natural, romantic or architectural?

We will describe your style personality in detail and will give you some visual examples as well.

Like any other quick tests, results are not perfect, but it will guide you in the right direction. However, this test is quick and fun and you may just learn something new about yourself 🙂

Our Find Your Style challenge will give you a lot more clarity about your style, so be sure to take advantage of that now until it closes.

So give the quiz a try and let me know if the results gave you any surprises!


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Style Personality Quiz | 40plusstyle.com