Winter may be gray and dreary as far as the weather goes. But, not so for the winter color palette! The winter color palette is full of beautiful vivid, cool, clear colors and deep jewel tones.

If you are a winter color type, you can really have fun with the colors you choose. You’re also one of the few color types that can wear classic black and crisp white without looking drained.

Which color season are you? Get the details on spring, summer, autumn and winter

Take a look below for how to tell if you are a winter color type, and what colors to wear. Plus, we’ve created a capsule wardrobe using only colors from the winter color palette.

Why dress for your color type

We’re big advocates of dressing to suit your unique style, body type and coloring, rather than just slavishly following trends. That’s why we encourage you to understand your body type and get clearer on your style personality. The same goes for color. If you understand the colors that look best on you, you will look healthier, younger and more vibrant. This is even more important as we age, as our skintone can start to look naturally duller.

How to tell if you should wear a winter color palette

How can you tell if the winter color palette is the right one for you?

1. Your skin has cool or olive undertones

There is a high contrast between your hair, skin and eyes. Or, you have deep, overall coloring. Sometimes, the winter skintone is confused with the autumn skintone. What you’re looking for as a winter are cool skintones.

2. You have brown or black hair

Your hair is a mid-brown with ashy undertones (not warm), dark brown or black, with cool undertones.

Winter color palette - Angela wears navy and pink |

Winter color types look fabulous in classic neutrals like navy, and bright, cool-based colors. Angela @angelamashelle above (read her style interview here) shows two amazing colors for the winter color type.

Steal her look with this similar dress (other options here and here), bag and booties.

3. Your eye color

Your eyes range from a mid-brown to black-brown, or are gray-blue or cool green.

Winter color palette neutrals |

Boma @mrs.gaf above shows off a perfect outfit for the winter color type, featuring white, black, and shocking pink.

Recreate her outfit with this similar blazer, pants, pumps, earrings and clutch.

4. You suit silver jewelry

Because your skin has cool tones, you suit cool-colored jewelry. So choose silver or platinum.

Celebrities who have a winter color palette

If you have a winter color palette, you’re in great company. Celebrities who look good in a winter color palette include Brooke Shields, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jennifer Connelly, Amal Clooney, Lauren Graham, Janelle Monae, Salma Hayek, Sandra Bullock, Gemma Chan, Demi Moore, Penelope Cruz, Catherine Zeta Jones, Winona Ryder, Viola Davis, Lucy Liu, and Monica Bellucci.

Colors that look great on you

A winter color palette is all about crisp, cool, very clear colors. When it comes to the winter color palette, there’s no confusing what color you’re wearing, unlike some of the other color palettes which suit muddier, more blended colors.

You’re looking for vibrant colors, which usually have more of a blue base rather than being warm or yellow-toned.

Take a look at the colors above for inspiration on what to look for when you’re shopping stores or your closet. If you don’t have these colors in your wardrobe already, a great way to start to incorporate them into your outfits is to add some scarves, statement necklaces or earrings in your best colors.

What neutral should you wear?

Unlike the other color types who find black and white hard to wear, these are actually great neutrals for you. The other classic neutral you look great in is navy.

Neutral winter palette |

Capsule wardrobe for the winter color palette

Okay, let’s start to look at some specific clothing choices that we’ve found in the winter color palette.


First, your tops. The right color top is super important, as this will obviously be closest to your face. So, really concentrate on the right shades for you for your tops, and you can continue to wear your favorite jeans with them. You’ll see we’ve chosen a palette of white, navy, cobalt blue and blue-based pink here.

The puff-sleeve t-shirt also comes in white, black and bright pink, that would all look good on you.

Tops for the winter color palette |

J.Crew Organic Slub Cotton Elbow Sleeve T-ShirtJ.Crew Puff Sleeve crewneck T-ShirtJ.Crew Cap Sleeve Sweater T-ShirtJ.Crew Collection Amber Luster Crepe Top

Winter palette: white top, blue pants and sandals and pink accessories |

J.Crew Organic Slub Cotton Elbow Sleeve T-ShirtJ.Crew Astrid Luster Crepe Wide Leg PantsJ.Crew Suede Dylan Block Heel SandalsAimee Kestenberg Bali Leather Crossbody BagBocar Multi Layer Statement Collar Beaded Necklace


Your jackets and coats are also important to your look as these sit against your face and decolletage, so can really brighten up your skintone. You could also add a scarf or camisole in one of your good colors under the blazer.

Rather than a classic blue denim jacket, look for one in your flattering shades, such as crisp white. Wear the jacket-style cardigans (below) with your wide pants or jeans.

Jackets and coats for the winter color type |

J.Crew Devon Bi-Stretch Cotton Blend BlazerJ.Crew Classic Denim JacketJ.Crew Emilie Patch Pocket Sweater Lady JacketJ.Crew Odette Cotton Blend Bouclé Sweater Lady Jacket

Alison wears a navy and white outfits |

Alison @wardrobe_oxygen above (read her style interview here) chooses a great palette of neutrals for the winter color type.

Get her look with this similar sweater, moto jacket, pants, sneakers and bag (another option here).

Pants and jeans

Your pants and jeans will, of course, not be close to your face. So you can really choose any color you want. If you prefer to wear other shades that aren’t so flattering for you, then wearing them away from your face is the way to do it.

Or, choose bottoms in your color palette, including white, black, and navy, to keep your look cohesive.

Pants and leggings for the winter color type |

J.Crew Vintage Slim Straight JeansJ.Crew Drapey Twill Essential PantsJ.Crew Astrid Luster Crepe Wide Leg PantsLyssé High Waist Denim Leggings

Winter palette: pink and navy outfit |

J.Crew Devon Bi-Stretch Cotton Blend BlazerJ.Crew Cap Sleeve Sweater T-ShirtJ.Crew Drapey Twill Essential PantsL’Amour des Pieds Odetta Slingback WedgeTory Burch Robinson Perforated Convertible Leather Shoulder BagTKS MITLAN Leather Drop EarringsBocar Statement Acrylic Beads Necklace

Dresses and skirts

A little black dress will be flattering for you, as will white and red. As well as these very classic shades, also look out for clean, bright colors like pink, purple, and cool-based blues and greens.

Dresses and skirts for the winter color palette |

J.Crew Cupro Blend Slip DressLoveappella Maxi DressCOS Frilled Cap Sleeve Linen Blend DressJ.Crew Luster Crepe Pull On Maxi Skirt

Winter color palette |

Kim @kimair above (read her style interview here) opts for a jacket that straddles the purple and brown color spheres. It could be a little on the warm side for true winter color types, but you could always add a camisole and statement necklace in your colors. Her skirt and accessories are ideal for the winter color palette.

Check out this similar blazer, skirt (another option here), pumps, handbag (another option here), earrings and sunglasses.


Your shoes, of course, aren’t against your face. But they can make your skintone on your legs look great. Look out for shoes that match your palette. So choose very bright shades that can add interest to your outfits, or opt for black, white and navy as your neutrals.

Shoes for the winter color type |

J.Crew Suede Dylan Block Heel SandalsCalvin Klein Jerody Ankle Strap SandalFranco Sarto Vana Flat – L’Amour des Pieds Odetta Slingback Wedge

Winter palette: white jeans and sandals, red dress and blue tote |

J.Crew Classic Denim JacketLoveappella Maxi DressCalvin Klein Jerody Ankle Strap SandalTory Burch Small Ever-Ready Zip ToteANDANTINO Mulberry Silk Scarf

Silver shoes would also be a good choice for you – there’s plenty of inspiration in our article on the best silver shoes to go with everything.


Opt for bags in classic, crisp neutrals. Or, choose very bright shades. Also look out for scarves, necklaces and earrings in your best colors as these will brighten up your face.

The chunky chain necklace (below) is from Amazon and comes in a huge choice of shades, so you’ll definitely find your favorite winter colors.

Accessores in winter color palette shades |

Tory Burch Small Ever-Ready Zip ToteAimee Kestenberg Bali Leather Crossbody BagNina Pacey Crystal MinaudièreTory Burch Robinson Perforated Convertible Leather Shoulder BagTKS MITLAN Leather Drop EarringsBocar Multi Layer Statement Collar Beaded NecklaceBocar Statement Acrylic Beads NecklaceANDANTINO Mulberry Silk Scarf

Beth wears pink blazer and pumps with jeans and a white top |

Beth @styleatacertainage above (read her style interview here) wears a perfect pink for the winter color palette.

She is wearing a tweed jacket, tee and pumps from Ann Taylor. Check out this similar pair of jeans, bag, necklace and sunglasses to complete the look.

Your winter color palette outfits together in one capsule

Below, you can see many of the clothes, shoes and accessories featured above together in one clothing capsule.

You can see you can easily mix and match the items to create lots of different outfits. For example, the white denim jacket would look good with the pink dress, the navy blazer would go over the white dress or create the look of a dress by wearing the cobalt blue skirt and top together.

Winter capsule wardrobe |

shop the wardrobe for the winter color palette here:

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Winter color palette |

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