Ever wondered what colors are best for you? In this color series, we will look at the best colors for your special features. In this this article we are looking at the summer color palette.

Spring as a season is all about nature coming back to life after the cold of winter. And the colors for the spring color palette are just as cheerful as the season itself. Think about bright, vibrant shades that will get you noticed for all the right reasons.

Which color season are you? Get the details on spring, summer, autumn and winter

You’re looking for vivid shades like bright reds, cobalt blues, lime greens and shocking pinks, rather than muted colors. While these could wash out other color types, they will look great on you. But don’t forget your neutrals. Warm, chic neutrals will also suit spring color types, so don’t feel as if every outfit needs to feature primary colors.

Just as with everything else style-related, there’s no one-size (or one color) suits all. Spring color types can vary, so it’s best to try out different versions of the same color against your face to see which one brings your complexion to life.

Why dress for your color type

Taking into account your color season when dressing was popular in previous decades and is back in vogue again. For older women, it’s a great way to help to “defeat” some of the signs of aging, making your skin look healthier and more vibrant.

Creating a wardrobe that features the best colors for you can also really help you to concentrate on what will look great on you when you’re adding to your closet, and ensure you can create plenty of different outfits because many clothes you have will go with each other.

How to tell if you should wear a spring color palette

So, now that you’re considering the advantages of delving deeper into the colors that work best for you, how do you tell if you are a spring color type.

1.Your skin will be light

That doesn’t mean that you have pale skin. But, it’s likely that, for your ethnicity, your skin is light.

2.Your hair has golden or red undertones

You will have light blonde to medium brown hair, or strawberry blonde. Whatever the shade, you will have golden or red undertones.

Spring color palette - Susanne wears a red and cream outfit  | 40plusstyle.com

Susanne @textelle above (read her style interview here) wears red and cream, two colors that are great choices for the spring color type.

Check out this top (others options here and here) that you can wear with this similar pair of wide pants, sandals, handbag and earrings.

3.Clear eyes

Your eyes will be clear blue, turquoise, green, hazel or a pale brown shade. They will be a very definite shade rather than a more muted color like gray. They’re not dark or deep shades.

4.Medium contrast

You will have a medium contrast level between your skin, hair and eyes. If you aren’t sure about this, taking a black and white selfie of yourself without other filters can help you to determine your contrast levels.

5.You look best in gold jewelry

Because your overall look is one of warmth – your skin and hair feature warm tones, gold jewelry will harmonize with you.

Also carry the gold features through to the hardware on your accessories and clothes. Choose gold buttons, buckles and zips rather than silver.

Celebrities with a spring color palette

If you have a spring color palette, you’re in great company. Celebrities including Nicole Kidman, Vanessa Williams, Rosamund Pike, Milla Jovovich, Emma Stone, Kim Cattrall, Rebel Wilson, Rachel Weisz, Heather Graham, Kerry Washington and Jennifer Hudson.

Colors that look great on you

A Spring seasonal color palette features warm, bright colors like bright red, yellow, teal, peach, and orange. The colors in the spring palette below are the ones you should be wearing closest to your face to bring out the best in your skintone.

You’re looking for very obvious, vibrant shades, rather than muted, blended colors.

If you don’t already have a lot of these shades in your closet, you can slowly invest in them. In the meantime, you could add scarves and statement necklaces in your flattering colors. That way, you can still wear colors that don’t work so well for you, but wear a scarf or necklace on top.

Kimba wears a red dress  | 40plusstyle.com

Red looks great on the spring color type. Kimba @kimbalikes above chooses a vibrant shade, and adds warm neutrals.

Recreate her outfit with this similar dress (another option here), sandals, bag and necklace.

Neutrals to wear with your colors

The spring palette isn’t just about bright colors. You’ll need some neutrals to go with them.

First, what not to choose? Black and white aren’t good choices for you as they’re too harsh and too cool respectively, and will overpower your complexion.

Instead, think about warmth when you choose your neutrals. Rather than bright white, choose creams, warm beiges, and browns. Brighter navys, rather than really dark shades or those that look like they are mixed with gray, will also work for you.

Capsule wardrobe for the spring color palette | 40plusstyle.com

Capsule wardrobe for the spring color palette

Now, let’s look at some specific clothes, shows and accessories that will be flattering for the spring color type. Read on and you’ll find a capsule wardrobe that puts them together to give you outfit inspiration.

Tops for the spring color palette

Your tops are the most important element of your outfit, along with anything else that sits close to your face, such as scarves and statement jewelry. Shirts in cream and beige shades will be hard-working neutrals that will go with everything in your closet. Choose your favorite bright shades too.

Tops for the spring color type  | 40plusstyle.com

ANINE BING Tio ShirtANINE BING Mylah ShirtLoveappella Off the Shoulder TopTreasure & Bond Button-Up Linen Blend Camisole

Spring palette: nude shirt and cream pants | 40plusstyle.com

ANINE BING Tio ShirtBOSS Tikela Wide Leg PantsLinea Paolo Matissa Pointed Toe FlatTAKEASY Genuine Leather Italian Tote BagKarine Sultan Alice Statement NecklaceKendra Scott Large Kendall Drop Earrings


Now for jackets and coats to go with your outfits. As these also sit close to your face, choosing the right colors has the ability to really liven up your skintone. Look for bright coats to add some vibrancy to even the dullest days. Rather than black or white blazers, choose warm shades.

Even if you’re wearing a top that isn’t in one of your best shades, adding a cardigan, blazer or coat that is in one of the spring colors is a great way to add a flattering look.

Spring color palette coats and jacket  | 40plusstyle.com

Halogen Darted One-Button BlazerANINE BING Quinn BlazerNordstrom Crewneck CardiganMisook Embroidered Duster

Nora wears a blue poncho and white jeans  | 40plusstyle.com

Nora @juststylela above (read her style interview here) shows off a vibrant top and scarf that feature bright blues and reds ideal for the spring color type. Note that she accessorizes with gold, which is perfect for the warm tones of a spring.

Steal her look with this similar poncho, jeans, sandals, clutch, scarf and sunglasses.

Jeans and pants

Your jeans and pants aren’t as vital to creating a flattering look as your tops and dresses, as they will obviously not be sitting against your face. But that’s not to say you can’t look for bottoms that are in your best colors to create a harmonious look.

Jeans and pants for the spring color palette  | 40plusstyle.com

Wit & Wisdom ‘Ab’Solution Frayed High Waist Ankle Flare JeansHalogen Pleated Crop Wide Leg TrousersBOSS Tikela Wide Leg PantsDIARRABLU Leer Blossom Print Palazzo Pants

Spring palette: cream blazer, orange top and muted jeans | 40plusstyle.com

ANINE BING Quinn BlazerTreasure & Bond Button-Up Linen Blend CamisoleWit & Wisdom ‘Ab’Solution Frayed High Waist Ankle Flare JeansJournee Signature Meggs SandalTory Burch Mini Fleming Soft Crescent Shoulder BagKurt Geiger London Fabric Link Chain Necklace

Dresses, skirts and jumpsuits

The dresses or jumpsuits you choose are important as they have the ability to make your skintone look much more vibrant – because their neckline will frame your face. Look for bright or warm shades.

If you’re choosing a neutral, such as the jumpsuit below, then add gold jewelry, or a statement necklace in one of the spring color palette choices.

Dresses and jumpsuits for the spring color palette  | 40plusstyle.com

Karen Millen Soft Tailored Waist Detail Midi DressBoden Halterneck Linen Midi DressAllSaints Gia Asymmetrical Ribbed Midi DressTAHARI ASL Side Knot Crop Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Tanasha wears a vibrant orange outfit | 40plusstyle.com

Tanasha @letsrecreatethelook above shows off a bright, vibrant look that is perfect to bring out the best for the spring color type complexion.

Get her look with this similar jacket, jumpsuit (another option here), bag and earrings.


Your shoes, of course, are furthest away from your face, so you don’t have to worry too much about following the color guidelines with these. But opting for bright shades or the same warm neutrals as in the rest of your outfit can really pull your look together.

Shoes to go with your spring color outfits | 40plusstyle.com

Linea Paolo Matissa Pointed Toe FlatJournee Signature Meggs SandalEileen Fisher Willow Espadrille Wedge Sandal – SOREL Kinetic Y-Strap High Sandal

Blue and teal outfit | 40plusstyle.com

Loveappella Off the Shoulder TopDIARRABLU Leer Blossom Print Palazzo PantsEileen Fisher Willow Espadrille Wedge Sandal – FashionPuzzle Triple Zipper Pocket Crossbody BagSELFWIMG Raffia Hoop Earrings


For your accessories, choose your spring colors to go close to your face, in a chunky necklace or scarf. Rather than black or gray bags, choose warm tan, vibrant navy or cream. Look for gold jewelry and gold hardware on your bags.

Accessories to finish off your spring color palette outfits | 40plusstyle.com

TAKEASY Genuine Leather Italian Tote BagTory Burch Mini Fleming Soft Crescent Shoulder BagFashionPuzzle Triple Zipper Pocket Crossbody BagBocar Multi Layer Seed Beads Collar NecklaceKarine Sultan Alice Statement NecklaceKurt Geiger London Fabric Link Chain NecklaceKendra Scott Large Kendall Drop EarringsKendra Scott Jovie Imitation Pearl Hoop EarringsSELFWIMG Raffia Hoop EarringsTed & Jack Silk Blend Scarf

Spring color palette | 40plusstyle.com

Greetje @no_fear_of_fashion above (read her style interview here) chooses a look of cream, blue and orange that would go beautifully against the complexion of your spring color type.

Check out this printed kaftan (another option here) that you can wear with this similar pair of sandals, bag and earrings.

Your spring color palette together in one capsule

Below, you can see the clothes, shoes and accessories from above together in one capsule to give you plenty of outfit inspiration. There are plenty of different ways you could wear the looks. For example, you could wear the peach jacket and pants as a full suit, any of the tops will go with any of the pants, and the blazers will liven up your favorite jeans.

Spring palette capsule wardrobe | 40plusstyle.com

shop the wardrobe for the spring color palette below:

Not just colors

Of course, your outfits aren’t just about color. Make sure they’re working for you in every way by choosing your looks according to color and your body type. This will enable you to create the best capsule wardrobe that is truly personal to you.

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