Are you an autumn color type? The autumn color palette is all about rich, warm, earthy shades inspired by nature. It’s a beautiful palette of colors to create your outfits from.

Think about all of the shades of falling leaves when summer turns to Fall and you’ll be on the right track, and put them together with soft, warm neutrals.

: how to tell if you are an autumn color palette and the colors that work best for you

Which color season are you? Get the details on spring, summer, autumn and winter

You’re generally looking for colors that have yellow undertones rather than those with a blue base, but you can also look for deep colors like burgundy. This article has the tips you need to decide if you’re an autumn color type, as well as the best colors for you to wear, and an inspirational autumn palette capsule wardrobe.

Why dress for your color type

Perhaps you’ve always simply chosen colors your eye is drawn to, or maybe you already have a good idea of the colors that flatter you most. Either way, gaining a better understanding of your color type, and dressing to suit it can make you look instantly fresher, younger and more vibrant.

Having a color palette in mind can also help you to really hone your wardrobe, creating a capsule closet full of colors that work for you and go with each other.

How to tell if you should wear an autumn color palette

So, how to you tell if an autumn color palette is the one that will work best for you?

1. Your skin will be warm with a golden undertone

And you’re likely to have little constrast between the color of your hair and the color of your skin.

2. Your hair will be brown

Your hair is brown or black, or could be a dark red or auburn, or even a deep golden blonde. You may have natural golden or red highlights.

Autumn color palette - Jas wears burgundy  |

While black doesn’t tend to work well for autumn color types, Jas @thefashionstylefile above shows how you could use black as the background color for a pattern that does look good on you. She opts for a mix of burgundies and deep reds, which is a great choice for autumn.

Check out this jacket that you can wear with this similar top, jeans, bag, pumps and sunglasses.

3. Your eyes will be green or brown

Your eye color is likely to be hazel, a medium brown shade, or a warm green.

4. You look best in gold jewelry

Because your skin, hair and eye colors are warm, you suit gold jewelry best rather than ‘cool’ silver.

Choose gold ascents for your buttons, buckles, and handbag chains and clasps as well as your jewelry.

Autumn color palette |

Susan @susan_unefemme above (read her style interview here) chooses a set of colors perfect if you have an autumn color type.

Get her look with this similar jacket, top, velvet pants (another option here), booties and necklace.

Celebrities who are an autumn color palette

If you have an autumn color palette, you’re in good company. Celebrities who look great in an autumnal palette include Julia Roberts, Kate Beckinsale, Debra Messing, Jennifer Lopez, Rene Russo, Beyonce, Julianne Moore, and Sarah Ferguson.

Colors that look great on you

Below, you can see some of the colors that look great on the autumn color palette. These are the colors that look best against your skintone, so you should wear these closest to your face. You could always invest in a few scarves in these shades if you don’t already have them in your closet.

You’re looking for deep, rich, muted tones. Mustards, burgundy, olive and forest green will look beautiful on you. But you could also try out some brighter shades such as tomato red, teal, turquoise, and different shades of green.

What neutral should you wear?

You’ve seen the colors to wear so far, and you’ll need some neutrals to go with them. Which ones will look good on you, and which will make you look ‘washed out’?

Starting with what not to choose, both black and white are too harsh for the autumn skin tone, and won’t create a flattering look for you.

Instead, you’re looking for warm neutrals of beige, cream, tan, and tan. Olive greens can also work as a neutral for you.

Autumn neutral palette |

Capsule wardrobe for the autumn color palette

Now, let’s look at some clothes, shoes and accessories in autumnal colors, and how you can put them together to create lots of different outfits.


If you’re looking for white t-shirts and shirts as your wardrobe basics, then look for shades of off-white and cream rather than very bright white. You can see that the olive green and mustard colors are also warm and have plenty of depth.

The asymmetric hem mustard top comes in a good variety of colors which would look good on autumn color types, including a good choice of beiges and browns, teal, burgundy, and olive.

Autumn color palette tops |

M.M.LaFleur The Lagarde ShirtVince Cowl Neck Cap Sleeve Silk Blend BlouseZella Twist Front T-ShirtMade By Johnny Swing Tunic Top

Autumn outfit: tunic top, wide pants and sandals |

Made By Johnny Swing Tunic TopNordstrom Pleat Front Wide Leg PantsBueno Candice Ankle Strap SandalVince Camuto Barlo Leather Shoulder BagBOCAR Resin Layered NecklaceRoss-Simons 1.40 ct. t.w. Multi-Stone Leaf Drop Earrings

Coats and jackets

Onto coats and jackets for the autumn color type. Again, you’re looking for tones from your color palette. Rather than a white blazer, look out for a cream blazer. You’ll get the same effect, but it will be much more flattering.

We’ve also chosen a mustard blazer, which would look great with your favorite jeans. The Urban Coco blazer (below) comes in a choice of other shades that would also look good on you, including camel, dark green, grape wine, khaki, and wine red.

The open-front cardigan also comes in a great range of shades for the autumn color type, most of which will look good on you, including lots of tans and browns. Some warm shades of blue will look great with your coloring. But, rather than a traditional blue denim jacket, you could choose one in color more flattering for you.

Autumn color palette coats and jackets  |

Urban Coco Open Front BlazerANINE BING Quinn BlazerANRABESS Open Front Knit Sweater Jacketebossy Denim Jacket

Sandra wears an outfit of cream and tan  |

Sandra @lapecosapreciosa above shows off some warm neutrals that work wonderfully for the autumn color type.

Recreate her outfit with this similar T-shirt dress, moto jacket, sneakers and headband.


Obviously your pants sit further away from your face, so you don’t need to worry about color so much here, so long as everything goes well together. You could simply stick with your favorite pair of jeans or black pants, and wear with the autumn color tops from above.

Or, to create a more cohesive look, choose pants in your autumn colors. Rather than white pants, choose cream. Instead of black, you could choose a neutral shade. But rather than gray, which is a tool ‘cool’ for autumn, choose a warmer color.

Pants for the autumn color type |

Wit & Wisdom ‘Ab’Solution Skyrise Straight Leg PantsNordstrom Pleat Front Wide Leg PantsWit & Wisdom Sky Rise Wide Leg PantsDIARRABLU Leer Palazzo Pants

Autumn outfit: blazer, cowl neck silk top, trousers and loafers |

ANINE BING Quinn BlazerVince Cowl Neck Cap Sleeve Silk Blend BlouseWit & Wisdom ‘Ab’Solution Skyrise Straight Leg PantsVeronica Beard Champlain Chain Pointed Toe Flat – HOBO Fern Crossbody Messenger BagMissoma Zenyu Malachite Drop EarringsGelante Pashmina Scarf

Dresses and jumpsuit

Just like your tops, your dresses will be close to your face, so it’s important to choose flattering shades for you. For example, if you love the look of a red dress, choose a deeper shade like wine red or burgundy.

As well as the olive shown here, the wide leg jumpsuit comes in other shades that would look good on you, including khaki and rust.

Dresses and jumpsuits for the autumn color type |

Fraiche by J Wrap Front Long Sleeve DressConnected Apparel Ity Mock Wrap DressMOON RIVER Smocked Waist SundressFraiche by J Tie Front Wide Leg Jumpsuit

Suzie wears a green linen dress |

Suzie @suzie.richetti above opts for a muted green linen dress, and pairs it will gold shoes.

Check out this maxi dress (other options here, here and here) that you can wear with this similar pair of sandals, earrings and necklace.


Choose beautiful rich shades to go with your outfits. The palette of olive green, tan, mustard and burgundy below will look stylish with your autumn color palette outfits.

Shoes for autumn color outfits |

Veronica Beard Champlain Chain Pointed Toe Flat  – Jeffrey Campbell Gratified Pointed Toe d’Orsay Pump – Bueno Candice Ankle Strap SandalJournee Signature Hether Sandal

Autumn outfit: denim jacket, printed dress and sandals |

ebossy Denim JacketMOON RIVER Smocked Waist SundressJournee Signature Hether SandalVince Camuto Barlo Leather Shoulder BagRoss-Simons 1.40 ct. t.w. Multi-Stone Leaf Drop Earrings


For your accessories, look out for gold jewelry as its warmth will flatter your skintone. Choose scarves and statement necklaces in the shades from the autumn palette to look good against your face.

Rather than black, choose shades of burgundy, tan or deep olive for your handbags.

Accessories for autumn color outfits |

Vince Camuto Barlo Leather Shoulder BagHOBO Fern Crossbody Messenger BagTreasure & Bond Packable Straw Panama HatMissoma Enamel Haze Paper Clip Chain NecklaceBOCAR Resin Layered NecklaceMissoma Zenyu Malachite Drop EarringsRoss-Simons 1.40 ct. t.w. Multi-Stone Leaf Drop EarringsCindy & Wendy Large Cashmere Silky Pashmina ScarfGelante Pashmina Scarf

Patricia wears a beautiful autumnal outfit |

Patricia @patriciaafricaiglesias above (read her style interview here) wears a color palette perfect for autumn color types.

Check out this similar sweater, coat, pants, pumps, handbag, scarf and sunglasses.

Your autumn color palette outfits together in one capsule

Below, you can see the clothes, shoes and accessories from above, together in one capsule. You can wear the items in different combinations to create different looks.

For example, you could wear the mustard blazer we showed you above with the cream pants, the cream blazer with any of the outfits, the green top with the brown pants or the denim jacket over the jumpsuit.

Autumn palette capsule wardrobe |

shop the wardrobe for the autumn color palette here:

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