How to wear pink – a comprehensive guide with lots of ideas and color combinations!

by Sylvia

How to wear pink - a comprehensive guide with lots of ideas and color combinations!|

Rose quartz was selected as one of two (yes, Pantone selected two) colors of the year for 2016. An earthy pink, the style opportunities are endless with this color. Let’s show you  how to wear pink and create fabulous outfits with this color!

Pink can be universally flattering.  Especially this rose quartz hue, which does not wash out lighter skin tones or contrast too harshly on darker skin tones. It actually warms, which is an exciting characteristic to play with.

Often times, especially as we get older, we tend to shy away from wearing pink. We either refuse to come across as if we’re playing princess or just feel that the look is too frilly. But, wearing pink can be a successfully chic route to take. The key is to treat it like a warmer neutral with endless color, texture, and print combinations.

Here are our tips to guide you as you dive into this year’s color:

1. Add texture

Texture always gives pink a little edge and adds visual interest that immediately makes a look more chic and multi-dimensional.

Pink sequins fur chic style Pantone |

2. Go for contrasts and prints

Prints and contrasts (such as the MSGM blue and pink lace top) are effortless ways to add more complex tones to your look without having to add too much more to your ensemble.

Pink Pantone 2016 prints contrasts style |

3. Be inspired by menswear

A very interesting and chic visual juxtaposition is to select pieces with menswear inspired cuts (such as the Harris Wharf long waistcoat) and silhouettes. This allows you to downplay the softness of the pink, and still allows you to wear larger pink pieces.

Pink Pantone 2016 Menswear Inspired |

4. Use it as an accent

You can also use pink as an accent for a look. From single pink accessories (like sunglasses) to its use as a subtle color (like the pink piping on these luxe blue silk pajamas), adding touches of pink is the perfect way to add a feminine highlight to your look.

Pink 2016 Pantone Leather Accessories |

5. Toughen it up

Mixing hardware and such a romantic pink also creates visual interest. The look comes across as romantic with a little edge. It is also a fun way to incorporate a bit of a rocker tone into your look.

Pink Pantone 2016 Gloves Jacket Bag Heels |

We were very interested to see the color combinations that others are creating for rose quartz. So, we went over to colourlovers and found the following palettes that caught our eye.

Pink Rose Quartz Combinations Color |

With spring options in the air, one of our favorite colourlover palettes was Pantone Spring 2016. It is an unabashed combination of rose quartz with bright and warm yellow, demure and bold blues, and summer coral.

Pink 2016 Pantone Color Year |

Here are 4 looks inspired by the Pantone Spring 2016 color palette


Another combination I really like is to combine pink with gray. Here is a collage I created for my article on how to wear gray!


Some more ideas and how I wore pink previously

Pink with red

redpinkandorange (1 of 5)opt

Pink with red


Pink and white

peachsweater (8 of 8)opt

Pink and light brown


Pink with purple.


Pink with black

blackalineskirt (6 of 6)opt

As you can see pink is a very versatile color that you may consider adding to your closet this season. For even more ideas on how to wear pink and pastels, stay tuned for my post this Monday where I show you some ideas with a transparent floral top!

Shop the looks above in the boutique below:

How do you wear pink and what’s your favorite pink color combination?



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1 Andrea@WellnessNotes

I love pink but have been shying away from it as I’ve been getting older. But your outfits clearly show that it can look great! All your outfits look amazing, and I like especially the white jeans with the pink sweater! So chic!

I did recently buy a purse in rose, and I love it. Now I’m inspired to try some clothing and/or more accessories. I’ll also play a bit with the Pantone Spring 2016 color pallette. I like your outfit possibilities based on it.


2 Sylvia

Thanks Andrea. Yes, pink has become quite a versatile and popular color in my wardrobe!


3 Silvia DiPierdomenico

I can’t wait to get a bright pink bag to style with burgundy and blue. And with pink in the air, I would love to try a pink blouse with trousers and heels for spring.

Thanks for sharing these styling looks.


4 Sylvia

Have fun styling Silvia!


5 Rita Palazzi

Hi Sylvia, your combination are great!
Congratulations for your style.
Would you like to see my pink combination?


6 Sylvia

Wow that is amazing Rita. What a fabulous coat and necklace!


7 Sabina @Oceanblue Style at Manderley

I love pink being a summer color type. But it took me quite some time to accept 😉 Anyways, just got myself a pink coat for spring and having no difficulties styling it your ideas here (yellow! blue shirt!) are really inspiring. Love that. Yellow is a color that is not easy. I was wondering if you already did anything on yellow and orange for summer types. With orange being the new black I find that quite challenging because orange will make me look weird. Any advice? Skip it all together? Sabina


8 Sylvia

I have 2 older articles on these:

Will need to update these….


9 beate

you wear pink in a very cool and chic way! fantastic!
i really like the yellow&pink versions! yellow is a great summer color – but usually not on me. so wearing it with a very flattering pink kills to birds with one stone for me :-)))
thank you!


10 beate

two – like 2! ts. 🙂


11 Sylvia

You’re welcome. I think pink with bright yellow can be very chic!


12 Rena

fabulous suggestions. I really like #2 “go for contrast and prints”. Some colors in large doses are not flattering but they usually can be worn as part of a pattern, especially florals.


13 Sylvia

I agree, but a little pop of bright color can look really nice!


14 Elaine

I have traditionally steered away from pastels in general but Rose Quartz pink really flatters my skin. I already own an Ann Taylor sweater in this shade and I will consider shopping for a top, scarf or other accessories to pair with the clothes I own. Thank you for the color palettes and outfit examples, Sylvia. Lots of inspiration to work with!


15 Greetje

I love it when you add colour combination bars… I will have to come back to this post and read it more carefully. So little time at the moment.


16 Greetje

Very interesting. Thanks Sylvia.


17 Nancy Z

So I love some of the looks you posted. Where do I buy them?


18 Sylvia

All items that are still available online are listed in the shoppable boutique above.


19 Hilda

Sylvia, you are absolutely brilliant with your color combinations, and your individual styles. I look forward to seeing your unique, and beautiful outfits!!!


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