How to wear yellow and brighten up your day!

by Sylvia

how to wear yellow |

Yellow remains popular as an accent color. As you may recall from my article on the psychology of color, yellow is associated with laughter, happiness, optimism and good times. All the more reason to wear it wholeheartedly!

First, you may like to discover which hue of yellow is right for you

You may dismiss yellow immediately as a color that you cannot wear, but you don’t have to go full out in yellow to embrace the color. I personally don’t like the color too close to my face but have still added yellow elements to my wardrobe like this yellow skirt.

And it’s featured in the top too.

I also still enjoy wearing my yellow and nude sandals, my yellow skirt and a yellow belt. Since yellow is a bright color you don’t need much of it to give your outfit just that bit of color or extra flair.

Ideas how to wear yellow |

How to wear yellow?

As a blazer

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Mural oversized blazer –Madewell tote –  Bishop and Young breton topWit and Wisdom jeans – Napa flatsNordstrom cashmere scarf

Everyone from Gwen Stefani to Eva Longoria has been rocking the yellow blazer trend! It looks great teamed with breton stripes, blues and whites.

As a coat

How to wear yellow and brighten up your day! |

Perform pencil skirt – Helen Berman yellow coatKaren Kane gingham pantsHalogen bow detail topHalogen white bootsCharles David gingham pumps

If you are not afraid of the color, yellow can look fabulous on a coat. It will brighten up those dark winter days in winter and add a ray of sunshine in summer. Yellow looks fabulous with a black and white outfit and makes the overall look really chic!

A more toned down yellow

How to wear yellow: a chic yellow coat with a dress |

As a top

Ideas on how to wear yellow |

Trouve knot front teePaige jeansSole Society stripe bag – Bella Vita heel sandal – Natasha pendant necklace

Yellow can be easily worn as a top. Fabulous with neutral bottoms like blue jeans, white or black. If solid yellow is too bright for you, then choose a striped one. You can minimize the effect of the yellow by combining your yellow top (like a tank) with a blazer in a more neutral color. This will still give you the hip vibrancy of yellow without the yellow overpowering you too much.

As pants

Style tips on how to wear yellow |

Lieth yellow pants – Eileen Fisher striped top – Vince Camuto nude sandalsMadewell navy tote – Karine Sultan pendant necklace

If you don’t like yellow too close to your face you may opt for a yellow pair of pants instead. I like to combine mine with neutral colours like white and black, so the color does not overpower me too much.

As part of a print

Tips on how to wear yellow prints |

Catherin ruffle sleeve blouse – J.Crew crop pants – BP wedge sandal – Rebecca Minkoff quilted clutch – J.Crew orbs pendant

Don’t want to go for all-out yellow but like the happy vibe of yellow, then choose a print that includes this color. Prints are very much on trend so you should be able to find a few fabulous ones in the stores. You can choose a print that combines yellow with all your other favorite colors.

As an accessory

how to wear yellow accessories|

Vince Camuto yellow cross body – Wave navy crop pants – Stuart Weitzman white mulesEmerson Rose silk blouse – Adia Kibur blue earrings

If you are not too keen on wearing color but still like to liven up your outfit with a bit of sunshine, then accessorizing is the way to go. It is an excellent way to add color to your outfit and take it to the next level. Very nice with an all-white outfit or a black and white combination. Just add a yellow bag, belt, scarf or necklace and you’re good to go. This is by far the easiest way to add a bit of yellow to your wardrobe and still get the benefits.

Wear a yellow shoe

how to wear yellow shoes |

Leith pointy toe pumpsVince Camuto stripe topSole Society emerald crossbody bagVince Camuto high waist crop pantsKendra Scott cuff bracelet – Karine Sultan layered necklace

Shoes can make a big impact to your outfit and adding a bit of yellow here is very hip. Yellow shoes look perfect with neutral outfits or any other outfit that has just a little bit of yellow in it. Take for example my red skirt with camel top that has a yellow rim. Adding my yellow / nude shoes to the outfit highlights the bit of yellow in the outfit and takes it from boring to exciting and happy!

Color combinations with yellow

Yellow is great to wear with some of the neutrals, especially white. But here are a few other more creative color combinations you may consider.


More ideas

Outfit ideas on how to wear yellow - 6 stylish looks |

Stylish yellow print asymmetrical top |

Chic yellow skirt |


Here are a few yellow items currently available online.

Do you already have some yellow in your wardrobe? How would you style the color yellow?


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how to wear yellow |


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1 Rebecca

I love the yellow with black and white. Thanks for some great summer looks!


2 Sylvia

you’re welcome Rebecca!


3 Emma

Can u wear different shades of yellow together or too much.
I have a yellow and white spotty top and a long glow skirt slightly brighter.


4 Sylvia

That really depends on the particular shades of the yellow…


5 traceyliz65

I wore yellow skinny jeans today and wil be posting pictures on the forum! Yellow really is such a fun color… wishing for yellow shoes…


6 Sylvia

Great sunny and fresh look Tracey. Here is the link for those who want to have a look:


7 Rita A.

I like yellow a lot but am picky about the exact hue. I like a buttery or creamy yellow, or a bright, pure yellow…nothing with hints of green, gold, or mustard. (I’m the same with interior paint…it took me forever to find just the right soft yellow for my foyer and upstairs bath). I have a yellow cotton cardigan, a yellow v-neck tee, and a blouse with some yellow in the small floral print. For me, it’s more of a neutral to bring out other colors than a color to stand on its own. I had a yellow purse at one time but it was a bit shocking, and I tired of it quickly. I like the Minkoff sandals above…just a splash of yellow for interest, but not too much.


8 Sylvia

Yes that can be a great approach to using yellow (having it in moderation). I’ve been playing with different kind of hues of yellow the last couple of seasons while I never wore it before. Today I was very happy wearing my bright yellow skirt!


9 Greetje Kamminga

I have so many yellow items, it is unbelievable. In a lot of shades. I love yellow and it loves me. In winter and in summer.
So I am trying not to look too closely at the things you are showing in this post.


10 Sylvia

Haha, use as ‘inspiration’ only Greetje!


11 Greetje

Thanks for sharing Colour Lovers with us. Great to see what you can combine with the yellow items. My husband just came home with an adorable dark yellow pair of trousers, quite special. But I am feeling a bit ashamed. I already have so much and he has already given me so many things. I should not accept it. (Do you hear my hesitation? LOL)


12 Trina Grandinetti

Leave it to you to put the perfect and most helpful combinations of yellow together for us. Thank you so very much for this post. I will be using your color combinations with yellow for many years to come.


13 Ofelia

Sylvia you take the time to gather lots of information and the photos are so fabulous that I just want to express my love for this post since yellow is one of my favorite colors.
I wear my yellow pants, skirts and tops as often as possible because they do make me feel happier.


14 Petra

Great pictures Sylvia. O.K. so now I know what to team yellow with – thank you so much – I will look for some yellow sandals and maybe a handbag (yes! love handbags) too! 😀


15 Kathy Johnston

I really like yellow but I have only a few pieces. I would like to get more because it’s such an uplifting colour.

My husband has been scanning all of our old pictures. Yesterday, I saw a picture of my mother at my brother’s graduation in 1980. She was wearing a solid colour yellow dress and it looked lovely on her! More incentive for me to get into yellow!


16 Alice - Happiness at Mid Life

Yellow is a great color that I love to wear – it always make me feel so cherry. I tend to keep my yellow really bright or pale. One yellow that I do not wear is mustard, the shade does nothing for my skin tone. I am really loving paired with mint right now.



17 Christina

I adore the yellow clothing this season. I got a very simple but elegant lemon lime blouson top – neon really. Trying to figure the best thing to wear it with – I have a Theory leather skirt I might try.


18 Lorraine

I have my yellow patterned cardigan (featured on the Forum) and some pale yellow cut off jeans, both of which I love. I used to have a lovely pale yellow linen jacket but I ‘outgrew’ it (at the age of 48!) and sold it but now I am looking to replace it as it seemed to go with a lot of things. I did veer into mustard in the winter – it’s a sophisticated colour but probably not the best for me (I am not saying I am not sophisticated, because I am (LOL!) but it’s not so good with my skin tone).


19 natasha

I love yellow, I have yellow top yellow dress yellow sandles, I feel happy wearing yellow cause it makes me look good


20 Sherry Edwards

I love love love yellow. I change my shade of yellow according to the season or month. Light cool toned pastel for winter. A bright yellow for Easter. I like daffodil/ tulip yellow for spring. A soft pastel yellow at the beginning of summer (pre-tan) and a brighter yellow for later summer. I also like a dusty pale yellow on cloudy or rainy days. In autumn I prefer a leafy gold mustard type of yellow. I also like to wear yellow as part of my heritage. Yup, I’ve got a lot of yellow in my wardrobe.


21 Veronica

I love the color yellow I have Carmel complexion. I wear yellow all time. When me and my cousin when on cruise all my outfits were yellow. From dresses to formal wear . the color looked great. I just got new yellow sleeve less dress my best friend sent Me money I ordered yellow dress and white dress from Cato online. The yellow sleeveless dress is size small was on clearance for nine foars and ninety-nine cents. I am going wear it with orange and pink wedges and orange pink and yellow flower statement necklace I got from Walmart. Along with my pink flower purse. I could also wear pink fushis heels and cluth. My black shrug black heels and purse. Also my nude heels and purse. Even navy blue shoes and navy purse. I also have a yellow pantsuit. I have a yellow tee-shirt I wear with jeans orange belt and pink orange wedges. It is so many combinations and ways to wear yellow. It instantly makes you feel like summer. When ever I wear yellow I get so many compliments. If you not as breave me get yellow purse or yellow shoe. Or scaft that has yellow in it or yellow polish. Or get three yellow flowers. Put one in your hair. One on outfit and pin one to your purse.You can yellow artificial flowers at any Chinese beauty supply store.Three of them sholf cost less about three dollars and eighteen cents. Also yellow is great color for bridesmaid dress for wedding pale yellow. princess Grace put her bridesmaids in color and just like her the dress font looked dated. Try yellow you look great in it get pleanty of complients.


22 Marga

Lovely pictures. With the graffiti-wall as setting; very creative! Greets from the Netherlands, Marga


23 Reyna

Can we wear a yellow dress with a pair of navy blue shoes?


24 Sylvia

Yes definitely.


25 grace

What top to wear with white and green strips lengthy skirt and yellow shoes


26 Sylvia

Quite a few options for you. White always works well. Or the green of your skirt. Yellow works too as it will go well with the shoes. But if you like a bit of color color blocking, you may also go with red!


27 Heidi

I love the subdued yellow of the Trouve knot front tee. I would have bought it if it wasn’t sold out. I also liked the Mural over sized blazer.


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