How to wear gray: color palettes and ensembles for you to choose from!

by Sylvia

How to wear gray |

Gray is a common neutral color that does not have to be boring. The color provides a softer alternative to black and is actually easier to wear for many women over 40.

It is an incredibly versatile color that you can wear in many different ways and I have embraced it for this season.

Here is an updated guide on how to wear gray!

How to wear gray |

Here are some idea on how to wear gray this season!

Color palettes

How to wear gray color palettes |

A great way to get some inspiration for your outfits is to use a tool like Colorlovers. In just 5 minutes I got all these great color palettes (above) just by typing in the keyword gray.

You can see how versatile the color is. It looks great with soft pastels like baby blue and pink, is great to combine with white and a pop of color and looks fresh and modern with brighter colors.

You can now go through these color palettes and see which one speaks to you. Then head on over to your wardrobe and see which colors are already there and start creating some outfits.

Creating ensembles

I used the color palettes as the starting base of the ensembles I have created.

Melting Sigh

I started off with Melting Sigh as I love the dreamy soft combination of gray and pink.

how to wear gray with with pink |

Gray and pink create a soft romantic and classical look. Pink is a great color for a knitted sweater that you could combine with both your pants and skirts.

chic ideas on how to wear gray with pink |

Paige skinny jeans – Caslon cotton shirt – J.Crew ballet flats – Rebecca Minkoff pink crossbody – Mignonette pearl earrings

Although I strictly kept to a pink and gray palette here, it’s actually really nice to throw white into the mix as well. You can also add darker shades of gray.

For extra color or to highlight your romantic look, add a colorful scarf featuring these colors.

how to wear gray with pink |

Socialite gray sweater – J. Brand bootcut jeans – Steve Madden block heel sandal – Alexis hinge bracelet – Topshop bag

Beautiful Freak

My second inspiration palette is Beautiful Freak. It combines 2 fashionable colors together: gray and dark green.

how to wear gray with dark green |

Combining gray with dark green creates a more sophisticated and mysterious look.

It’s especially beautiful when you add white to the mix or play with different kinds of gray.  Finish your look with silver or gray brogues or booties.

Below is a smart casual look with a more forest green, with the use of a green biker jacket worn over a knotted gray dress.

green outfits with gray |

Paige shift dress – Levis leather jacket – Udo bueno slouch sandal – Urban Originals vegan tote – Dean Davidson’s necklace


My last pick is Vertebrae as I love the combination of black and white and a pop of color. I like this particular color of lime green and it’s a great popping color against the soft grays. You don’t need much. You could just opt for a pair of lime green shoes to add a color pop.

outfits on how to wear gray |

Top shop sandals – Lost Ink pleated midi skirt – Bauble Bar tassel earrings – Vince cashmere sweater – Blank NYC gray jacket

Shades of grey with white and a pop of color lends itself to more edgier looks. Play with different shades of gray for an ensemble in this color combination. You can even go for black for more edge, but a dark gray will be a softer option.

You can add this color in a subtle way by wearing a necklace as your popping color or opt for a color statement with a lime green coat. (brighten up those dark winter streets ladies!).

Here is a combination with teal accessories.

6 stylish outfits - teal |

Seychelles slingback – Chaus open front cardigan – Halogen draped necklaceEileen Fisher white tank top – 7 for All Mankind jeans – Sole Society teal clutch bag

Gray can also be used as the perfect neutral with primary colors, such as red.

how to wear gray |

Lost Ink red skirt – SOLE Society tote bag – L’Agence gray shirt – Pelle Moda black sandals

Here is how I have recently worn grey.

With wide leg pants and a grey top (here is a t-shirt that’s great too)

Mixing prints with an old silk blouse and dotted skirts. The shoes are my new favorite and can be bought here.

Here are 6 more fabulous how to wear gray looks to give you some extra inspiration!

6 stylish outfits on how to wear gray |

Here are some fabulous gray items inspired by these ensembles that you can buy in stores right now.

Your ensembles!

Scroll down further to see some more collages that you created.

What is your favorite way to wear gray? Which is the color combinations is your favorite?


Your collages

1. Suzanne Carillo – mixing gray with purple, red and orange



Petra – Mixing blue with gray


Michaela – Combining gray with dark blue

Gray combined with dark blue |

Lisa – Mixing gray with turquoise and green

Ideas for wearing gray - mixing it with turquoise and green |

Lisa – Combining gray with red


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1 Elaine

Thank you so much for this post, Sylvia! I have some new grey pieces for fall. The color pallets and your suggestions inspired me to go into my closet and voila! I found many items to use with grey clothing that I would not have considered on my own. You rock!

2 Sylvia

Great that I could inspire you Elaine!

3 Aileen

Thanks for this great article Sylvia. I wear a lot of grey and beige, don’t know what that says about me, probably boring! But I find grey and beige are good basics and so easy to add any other colour to.

4 Sylvia

It all depends on how you wear these color Aileen. I think the above collages have proven that gray certainly does not need to be boring!

5 Suzanne

I do love grey. It is the one neutral that I actually really like.

That first set with pink and grey is so pretty. And those brogues are killing me softly.

Grey and purple is a great one and grey and red… maybe I need to play around in Polyvore for a bit : )


6 Suzanne

Here is what I came up with…


7 Sylvia

Yes I love those color combis too. Great collages Suzanne. I have added them to the article!

8 Aish

I bought grey gumboots.. I m going crazy with wt to wear along so that I can carry it
I’m a little inclined towards looking less funky
If you could help me out
I basically need to know what color gels with it apart from Red and blue as I don’t have many of those

9 Sylvia

Did you go through all the examples in this article and look at the color palettes? You can wear almost any color with gray…

10 ies

Sylvia, thank you for this color ideas. I love green&grey, it’s so fresh!

11 Sylvia

You’re welcome Ies. Glad you enjoyed them!

12 Greetje Kamminga

Grey and me are no friends. Remember my grey boyfriend jacket?? Pfff… But everything you say in this article, did help to finally create a good outfit: crispy white shirt underneath it with a big green necklace and it was me.
Dark green and grey is something I did not think about, but will probably work for me as well, as green is one of my favourite colours. And a very hard colour to get clothes in, by the way.
Purple with grey is also good, so perhaps a silver grey top might creap into my wardrobe as I have a spendid purple jacket. Silvery grey is better for me than grey grey or dark grey. I will leave the pink and grey to other people. Mind you… now that I am blond… I might have to re-evaluate.

13 Sylvia

Definitely try the green Greetje. And the purple jacket with this color would be fabulous!

14 Petra

My first time using Polyvore – hope I got the link right!

15 Sylvia

Love your ensembles Petra. I have added it to the article!

16 Petra

Thank you 🙂 I’m addicted to Polyvore now!!!

17 Sylvia

Great! I look forward to seeing more of your creativity!

18 Mat

I love gray in all shades – but rather on others than on me. I feel that dark grey is kind of making me older – it really makes me look strict and severe. Light gray does not contrast enough with my skin and hair (I am gold blonde with a warm yellowish skin tone) – this makes me look faded out. Black is perfect on me.
That’s why I really liked your examples – you always put another color against the face and the gray at the bottom makes this other color look brilliant.

19 Sylvia

Thanks Mat. You can also use jewellery and scarves. And as you say gray as a bottom is a good base!

20 Ann

I think gray is such a smart mixer with just about any color. It can be warm or cool and compliments most people. I started wearing different gray in tights last winter and found it works well, better than black, with light toned hair.

blue hue wonderland

21 Sylvia

I agree Ann. Gray is a very good color for tights!

22 Lorraine

I am happy to hear grey is in as light silver grey suits me and bought a coat in that shade at the January sales. I am in Nice at the moment (where no coats are required) but will do a polyvore board when I get home.

23 Sylvia

Oh how lovely. Enjoy! I look forward to seeing your collage.

24 Michaela

I Love your Inspiration Silvia!! I like gray with blue.
Best regards from Germany

25 Sylvia

Love your collage Michaela. What a beautiful color blue. So chic!

26 Lisa

Here’s one from me. I’ll see if I have time for more. I was going for a more subdued celery color with the turquoise which I wasn’t really able to find — a little too much lime green for what I was trying to accomplish.

27 Sylvia

Love your collage and combinations Lisa and have added it above. It really shows how versatile gray is!

28 Lisa

And here’s red and gray playing with skirts from very formal to casual:

I want to try some sets with other “warm” colors if I get a chance. We tend to think of gray with cool colors and brown with warm colors but when you switch it up, it can be a really great effect.

29 Sylvia

Another great collage from you Lisa. Multiple fabulous combinations that I would definitely wear!

30 Lisa

Thank you Sylvia! I hadn’t been on Polyvore for quite awhile. It is fun.

31 marietta

I just bought a dark grey purse (Guess), for some reason i think January is a good time for gray, any other sugguestions?

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