Wide legged pants are coming back in trend this 2019 season, especially wide jeans.

I personally love wider pants which can be a very good choice of trousers for many women over 40.

Why should you wear wide legged pants?

Let’s look at some reasons why wide leg pants can be a very flattering option to wear for many women.

#1 Wide pants can lengthen your legs

Wide leg pants are great for short legged women like me, as flared pants are very leg lengthening when they fit well at the top.

A few things you need to keep in mind to accomplish this:

  • Tuck in your tops or wear your wide leg pants with a short cropped tops
  • For maximum effect wear them with (high) heels though and make sure your pants or jeans almost touch the ground.

Have a look at how I wore my boot leg jeans with heels. My legs look a mile long in the image below. Would have been even better if my pants had a higher rise.


Get it online: I love the bootcut jeans from Paige high quality, good stretch and very flattering

This would have worked with my other wide leg pants too that are wide all over but I hemmed these for flatter shoes.

Too much of the heels are showing which hamper the lengthening effect a bit.

Best wide leg pants | 40plusstyle.com

Here is how I wore them with flats. As I’ve tucked in the top it still has a good leg line as the pants almost touch the ground

Get it online: these are no longer available but I love these Vince linen wide trousers 

#2 Wide pants may cover up your muffin top

If you have a bit of a belly or muffin top (as many of us over 40 women have) then wide leg pants do a great job to cover them. Certainly if you get a more relaxed wide leg pants style like the black linen pants I’m wearing below.

Black wide leg linen pants | 40plusstyle.com

These kind of pants are fabulous for traveling. (I’m here in front of the oracle of Delphi in Greece).

Get it online: black linen pants from Caslon

If you belly is too big, then you may like to wear your wide pants with a long (sleeveless) vest that will do a great job at camouflaging the belly.


For more tips you can read my tips on hiding the belly with the right clothes.


#3 Wide leg pants are comfortable

I already showed you above that I love wearing airy wide leg pants in summer and on trips. They are just super comfortable to wear!

Below is an example of how I wear my pants with a shorter top that is semi-tight int the waist.

linen wide black pants for summer | 40plusstyle.com

As mentioned before, you’ll want to make sure that you either tuck in your tops or wear wide pants with short tops to improve the silhouette and make them look flattering on you.

If your tops are too long or too wide, you would just look wide all over which is not flattering. With wide leg pants especially, you need to create some structure in the outfit.

This mixed print short top would be perfect to wear with your wide leg pants.

short top to wear with wide leg pants | 40plusstyle.com

Mixed print short top


#4 Wide leg pants give you more shape

This is especially useful if you are a rectangle. Provided that you accent the waist and your wide leg pants fit you well in the hip, you create a nice v-shape.

how to wear wide leg pants

This is also helpful for pear shapes as it will focus less attention on the hips. Inverted triangle shapes can also use the wider pants to balance their wider shoulder and top area.

Wide pants are definitely the most challenging to wear for apple shapes, but they do so so if they use them in combination with longer vests.


Don’t know your body type? Discover your body type here.

#5 Wide leg pants are fashionable

Especially the wide cropped pants variety is popular right now.

With this type it’s even more important to tuck your tops in as you want to create a one third / two third silhouette.


More on the rule of thirds and how to wear capris here.


Below is how I have worn my wide leg cropped jeans. Notice how my top is short at the front and longer at the back? That’s perfectly ok so long you make sure the front is short and there is enough structure in the outfit.

This top is quite fitted around the bust, as a v-neck line (which helps with structure) too and shows a waist (although it’s blowing in the wind here a bit).

how to wear wide leg cropped jeans

Here is another example of how I wore wide leg cropped pants with a tucked in top.

Black wide leg cropped pants with tucked in top | 40plusstyle.com

Shop online: similar cropped wide pants

Types of wide leg pants

High waist – full flare: good if you want to hide a muffin top or want to create an hourglass figure as it accentuates the waist.

high waist full flare pants

High waist full flare pants

Tight upper pantssmall flare: good if you have skinny legs. Not so good if you have saddle bags.

bootleg jeansJeans with wider lower leg

Standard legwide flare: Good to hide thicker thighs.

casual wide leg pants

Casual wide leg pants


Palazzo pants: very wide pants all over and good for tall women. Short or bulky women, be careful with this style!

palazzo pants

Palazzo pants

Cropped wide pants

best cropped wide pantsCropped wide pants


Prefer jeans? Check out the best jeans for women over 40

Some additional tips on how to wear wide pants

  • Buy them long. I don’t like the look of flared pants that are too short. It’s nice when your pants hide your high heels.
  • Wide pants look particularly good if you define your waist with a belt.
  • Try to balance the total look and wear something slim fitting on top. Flared pants can make for a very classical look so they will look great with a well fitted shirt.
  • Although a slim fitting top is the easiest and most flattering way to wear wide pants, I also like to combine them with short dresses and wider tops. It’s a tougher look to pull of, but I personally like the silhouette it creates.
  • Short people can also wear wide pants. Just make sure they are more fitted at the top and the pants don’t flare too much.
  • Although wide legged pants can be perfect for the pear body shape, make sure you don’t have any side pockets as that will add extra bulk.
  • Pear shapes also benefit from flat front pants, as opposed to pleated ones.
  • Want even longer legs? Try flared pants with vertical stripes.
  • Wear them with heels!

Shop the best wide leg pants below

Want some more inspiration on wearing wide pants?

wearing wide pants navy style | 40plusstyle.com

Shop online: NYDJ wide leg white jeans

Here are some examples of how I have worn my favorite white flared pants.

Here are some newer looks with wide flares and jeans flares: how to wear flared pants.

side white pants with jacket and asymmetrical top | 40plusstyle.com white wide pants with printed shirt and leather jacket | 40plusstyle.com

For these jeans and other favorite brands, visit how to wear jeans over 40.

More information on how to wear wider pants

For even more ideas on how to wear wide leg pants, you can visit my special inspiration board on Pinterest: How to wear wide pants.

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How to wear wide legged pants | 40plusstyle.com

How do you wear wide pants?


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