Creating 5 outfits with 2 Covered Perfectly tops. #4 is my favorite. What’s yours?

by Sylvia

Wide white trousers with blue Covered Perfectly top |

I have talked about Covered Perfectly tops a few times before, but I have never showed you wearing them myself. That all changes today with 5 combinations created with 2 Covered Perfectly tops.

As the name suggests, Covered Perfectly tops were especially created to cover you perfectly. The tops always aim to present you in your best light.

Many of the tops have drapes in all the right places so bellies and other bulges remain hidden. They also often feature 3 quarter sleeves to give you the nicest and most slimming silhouette.

I’m very much in favor of wearing tops that are not too basic. I almost always dress to flatter my body which means I will hardly ever step out in a basic t-shirt that will highlight any bulges I have (believe I have them; you just never see them!).

Outfit #1


The first top I picked is the Mandy top, made of super-soft MicroModal with a touch of spandex. This fabric is soft and feels almost like silk. It’s extremely comfortable. This particular top is draped in such a way that your bust is flattered and highlighted while your tummy is hidden.

The top is also quite loose which means it doesn’t cling at all and feels very comfortable to wear.

Outfit #2

Wearing 2 Covered Perfectly tops 5 different ways - #outfit 2 skinnies |

Just for fun and because we were talking wide pants just recently I’m showing the tops both wide leg pants as well as loose fitted skinnies. You be the judge what you like best!

This is the outfit with my skinny jeans from Not Your Daughters Jeans.

Wearing 2 Covered Perfectly tops 5 different ways - with white trousers |

Outfit #3

Another top I really wanted to try is the simple comfort pattern black. It’s a simpler top and perfect for layering.

Wearing 2 Covered Perfectly tops 5 different ways: Outfit #3 animal print top with blue blazer  |

This top is made of 100% rayon and not as silky as the MicroModal, but still very comfortable. The fabric does not cling at all and my size S is spacious. I like that the scoop neck is not too deep and the 3 quarter sleeves are perfect for layering the top as well as wearing it on its own.

This is my first animal print garment ever (apart from a belt) and I’m so happy with the looks that I created.

Outfit #4

Wearing 2 Covered Perfectly tops 5 different ways: outfit # 4 animal print top with jeans jacket and red skirt |

I love animal print with red and the jeans jacket turns it into a casual chic relaxed look.

Outfit #5

Wearing 2 Covered Perfectly tops 5 different ways: outfit #5 animal print top with red skirt |

However, this top is nice enough to wear on its own as well and will look good with skirts and pants alike.

I know I’m going to enjoy these tops for a long time to come and I recommend you look at the wide assortment of tops available at Covered Perfectly. They have tops in all kinds of differing shapes, drapes and patterns so you can determine which part you want to highlight and downplay and pick the top that suits you. They recently launched a new website especially for plus size women as well.

Shipping is free within the USA while shipping to Canada and Mexico is $14.95. They now also ship internationally for a flat fee of $19.95.

When you go shopping at Covered Perfectly don’t forget to use the discount code 40+ for a 20% discount!

Which of the above outfits is your favorite?


Both tops were gifted to me by Covered Perfectly for editorial consideration.

1 Annette

You look gorgeous in all photos, Sylvia!
I love the first look with flared white jeans. Although the top has an A-shape and the trouseres are wide, I think it looks great with your slim figure and is probably very suitable for your climate.
I love animal prints and therefore like your fourth styling a lot too.

Annette | Lady of Style

2 Tracey Jennings

I really like these looks and in fact have to say they are among my favorites of yours! The wide legs look fabulous and that skirt is fantastic , animal print and a jean jacket , looove!

3 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

Great looks all around, Sylvia. I agree that with the red pencil skirt, the animal print really pops.

4 Suzanne

#4 is really great


5 Rebecca

I vote for #3 but #4 is a close second!

6 Covered Pefectly

You look amazing. The blue really pops but I’m with you #4 really looks great!

7 Jill

Oh my gosh, they are all great. However, #3 is talking to me right now!

8 Ann

All these outfits look great. I’m loving cobalt right now and this top looks great with white. I think my favorite is #5. I really like this red skirt. In fact I would like to own this skirt too!

blue hue wonderland

9 Koko

You look beautiful in all of them, but I like #1 and #4 the best. The blue color looks great on you, and you have the ability to wear wide leg trousers and look graceful!

10 Petra

Really nice Sylvia 🙂 For me, the wide-legged pants would be a winter wardrobe staple, and I would wear a singlet plus little short-sleeved cardy with them, perhaps in a loose knit. Thanks for the inspiration ;-D

11 denton

Prefer #1. I like the way the looseness of the top goes together with the loose pants, looks like a great hot weather outfit that is comfortable in any climate. I can’t bring myself to like animal print, I don’t know if because there’s so much of it everywhere on everything, or because I don’t like things masquerading as other things.

12 Lorraine

You look fabulous Sylvia. I like both tops on you but I do like the animal one with the red skirt. I can’t believe this is your first animal print item other than accessories.

I have posted a pic of me (in the top I won in the recent competition) on the Forum. I have paired it with jeans but will certainly wear it with white and with a turquoise skirt I have. It’s a lovely top – it feels soft and the scoop neck and 3/4 sleeves are very ‘me’. I recommend it!

13 aileen

I was going to say #3 and 5, but the more I look at the others, I’m just not sure. I think they are all great and you would be lovely in any of them.

14 catherine

You look fabulous on all photo’s Sylvia. I prefer 3 and 4.

Joly Look

15 Gaby

Sylvia you look amazing in all of them, but #1 is my favourite.

Amazing colors and I bet you stand out from the crowd.

16 Nanne

Outfit no. 3 is definitely the one I like best! I think that animal print top would look great with the wide legged pants from your first outfit as well. To be honest, I don’t think the blue top does you justice regarding shape, although the color suits you beautifully.

17 Greetje Kamminga

I vote for number 3. Perhaps because that one is closest to my own taste. Lovely that animal print with blue. Also love the skinny 7/8 trousers and the sandals.
These tops are indeed very good. The shipping cost (and the fact I might have to send them back as well, so more shipping cost) hold me back.

18 Covered Pefectly


The main reason anyone returns the tops is because they buy the wrong size. If you get the size right you will be fine.

19 MyEmptyBag

I like all of them maybe more the first one but there are lovely all!!!


20 Lisa Nutbrown

I LOVE Covered Perfectly tops! I think I have about six of them now. I like all of the outfits, but I think my favourite is the pencil skirt, animal print, and denim jacket. It’s fun without being over the top (so to speak!).

21 Covered Pefectly

And we love you! Really appreciate your business. Maybe it’s time to see a picture of you in some of your Covered Perfectly tops 🙂

22 Amy

Love all the outfits (#1 especially with the awesome watch – stunning), but wanted to mention your hair since you bring it up often. It looks just terrific – I believe it is a lighter, brighter blonde perhaps? Love it with the red lips. You look just great!

23 Sylvia

Well spotted Amy. I lightened it a few weeks ago. I’m trying to achieve a color that makes it less obvious for my grey roots to show too quickly….

24 Lisa

I like the blue top with the white pants. But I can’t decide between the wide leg pants and the straight legs?? They both look good.

25 Suzanne from Michigan

Outfit number 3 because of the shoes! I love them! And the lighter hair. It really suits you.

26 Deborah Boland

I never met a blonde who didn’t look good in red! I love the red skirt with the animal print.

Fabulous After 40

27 Valerie

You look great Sylvia! I love the blue top, but always think these sorts of tops whilst meant to flatter (and hide tummy bulges), would make my large bust look even bigger.

28 Sylvia

Yes, the blue top definitely hightlights the bust area while hiding the tummy. This can be very flattering women. But if you want to downplay your bust area, this is not your top. The animal print top camouflages both bust and tummy. You will need to find the right top that suits you. Covered Perfectly has several models, so pick the ones that highlight the area you want to highlight while at the same downplaying the area you are not happy with.

29 Valerie

Thanks Sylvia, I agree, the animal print top is a much better camouflage.

30 Lorraine

Hi Valerie – I was lucky enough to win a CP top in the recent exercise and originally chose the first style. However, as I am fairly well endowed and changed my mind because I thought it would make me look busty. I decided on another top and I have posted a pic of me in it on the Forum (it’s actually Sylvia’s second style in another colour-way). I am a UK12 and the size is Medium which has plenty of room in it. There are loads of styles to choose from.

31 Valerie

Hi Lorraine, thanks for replying! I popped to the forum and had a look and yes, the animal print in blue – looks lovely on you and because of the print and shape of the top it camouflages and ones eyes are not automatically drawn to the bust area as with the blue top.

32 Jill Pontiere

I found the illusive white flare pants today! I have coveted your white pants for a long time. Today while looking for another pair of Capri workout pants I spied the white ling flares in the next aisle. Yippie! Hope I can pull them off as well as you have, Sylvia?

33 Sylvia

Congratulations Jill! I’m sure you will love them!

34 Lisa

Your pictures inspired me to haul out my summer clothes and taking some pictures with my Covered Perfectly top from the contest. I cannot post to the style forum, so would like to know how to send them to you.

35 Covered Pefectly

I would love to post your pictures. Any chance of you emailing them to me or posting them on the Facebook page? Thanks, Pauline.

36 Sylvia

You can send them to me by email if you like sylvia [at] But can you also tell me what issues you are having with the forum? There have been some issues with it lately and with users being blocked, but if that is the case just tell me and I can whitelist you. If you have logged in, you will need to refresh the forum page in your browser.

37 tali

I loved all the outfits. you look great.

38 amelia

You look lovely in all your outfits, you have the perfect figure.

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