Stepping out in bright red for Chinese New Year

by Sylvia

Red silk CK Calvin Klein Dress |

It was a special week here in Singapore as Chinese New Year was celebrated. I have already shown you pictures of China Town and the many horses on display. This week, let’s have a look at what Anja and I wore during our stroll through China Town.


I thought it would only be appropriate to wear a bright red and orange dress. It was one of my few finds this year at Club 21’s yearly warehouse discount sale. It fits almost all my requirements for a great dress. It’s made of a natural fabric (in this case silk), colorful and has draping and asymmetric elements.


This dress has some interesting draping going on which is not always conventionelly flattering as it creates extra bulk. On the other hand, that’s part of the charm of this dress and it is what gives it an edgier look.


I can wear the dress both loose and with a belt. I find that it is more flattering on me when I wear it with a belt. This particular ‘belt’ is really just leather string with beads that I have had for ages. It suits this dress perfectly.


Anja stepped out in a green top gifted by the fabulous Greetje which she combined with her signature prints and a printed bag. AnjainChinaTownSingapore



Since it’s the Year of the Horse, there were plenty of those to admire. The Horse is my Chinese zodiac sign so it felt extra special to me.


China town in Singapore was busy as it usually is but especially so this time of year. I will most likely avoid this area during the public holidays!


After all the madness of China Town, it felt great to relax in the very modern but fabulously designed ParkRoyal hotel in the area where we could rest and enjoy a nice cup of green tea.


Do you wear tomato red at all?


1 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

You and Anja are both lovely. Bright red and orange look fabulous together, and on you!

2 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

3 denton

Fabulous look! Nothing like a luxurious fabric (silk) paired with classic lines. Color looks great on you too.

4 Sylvia

Thanks Denton. Yes I agree. I so love to wear silk in this humid weather!

5 beth

Sylvia, your hair looks especially great in these snaps. Anja’s skirt is super fun.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Beth. I must say, I see lots of room for improvement for my hair. It remains very difficult to manage…

7 Nanne

You look great, the both of you! And seems like you had a great time, as well 🙂

8 Sylvia

Yes, we always do as we both like to admire beautiful things and love taking photographs!

9 Lisa

Lovely. I have tomato red as accessories — purse, shoes, some jewelry — but not as a main piece. I would definitely wear Anja’s green, though. Such a rich color.

10 Sylvia

Thanks! Yes, it can be quite a powerful color so accessories in red are often enough.

11 Suzanne

What a fun time you and Anja must have had! I love your red silk dress and I think the fact that is thin material makes the extra draping okay. The movement is there. Every woman should own a red dress! And red shoes. Yours are adorable!
I enjoy that Anja’s skirt has sea”horses” on it! Very clever. That shade of teal/green suits her too.
I do own red dresses and shoes but I really want a warm red coat. That would cheer up this horrible Winter. I read this morning that we have over 40 inches of snow. And they have over 50 inches at my son’s college – with 2 months to go.

12 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. Yes, I can imagine that a warm red coat would be very desirable for you!

13 Greetje

I like both of you. Red and green are my favourite colours and you both look smashing. I totally forgot about this green blouse by the way hahaha.

14 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje. It must be good to see that your gifts are actually worn beautifully!

15 popcosmo

Thanks for the tour, it looks like so much fun! The print on Anja skirt is adorable and what a striking dress you are wearing and I actually love the draping on it! I’d wear it in a heartbeat! To answer your question: yes, I love wearing red… it is my favorite color: bold, bright and passionate!
xo ~kim & chloe

16 Sylvia

Thanks and great to see another red fan!

17 fashmr Paul

What a lovely dress – love the materiall and the way the light catches on it,in the photographs. Very nice

18 Sylvia

Thanks Fashmr. I also do my best to create pleasing images for you all to look at 🙂

19 Ann

Love the red dress, this is a winner in both design and color!

blue hue wonderland

20 Sylvia

Thanks Ann!

21 MyEmptyBag

WOW I really like these colourful pics and both looks!!!


22 Tangobabe

What a nice reportage you made of our afternoon in Chinatown! And thanks, commenting ladies, for you compliments on our looks;-).

23 Kathy Johnston

Sylvia, this is a very eye-catching red dress! The draping is so flattering! Anja’s green top and skirt are also very pretty. I enjoyed the colorful pictures. A great post!

24 Petra

No, I don’t wear tomato red, but I do wear a blue/red 🙂 Both your outfits look perfect for a lovely day out – great shots of China Town and also love the look of the place you had your green tea at 😀

25 Sylvia

Yes, that is a great building. Should get back there some day and take some more pictures…

26 Brigitte Harper

Thanks for the interesting pictures. Love both your outfits – I would happily wear either of them but not much call for wearing sleeveless dresses in England at the moment. I also do not relish displaying my upper arms much (if you know what I mean).

27 Sylvia

Thanks Brigitte and thanks for your first comment on this site. Yes the weather is quite a bit warmer here. You are certainly not alone in not wanting to display your arms. Indeed Anja feels the same and she wrote an article about it a while ago:

28 Suzanne

Wow you both looked gorgeous in those vivid colours. I love the seahorses on Anja.


29 Lorraine

I love both your outfits! I don’t wear red but could be convinced after seeing how fabulous it looks with your red accessories – and I always love the feel of silk. I absolutely adore the seahorses on Anja’s skirt. I had a beaded seahorse embroidered on my wedding dress bodice (with other sea things) and would love to own this skirt as they are very special to me.

30 Rebecca

Love the tomato red! This is my red! These pictures of Singapore make me want to go back! Really miss it! Understand your having only a few good hair days (from another post)…so humid there but such a lovely city/country.

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