One of the most popular topics during the recent style challenge was the lesson on silhouette.

Creating a pleasing silhouette that works with your horizontal and vertical body type is one of the most important things you can do to look good.

Here is another good example that illustrates this point.

When I saw this yellow skirt at Cos, I loved the color and A-line cut.

It just had one major issue. I found the skirt too short.

I remedied this by buying a size up and then let a tailor adjust some of the wider parts. The end result was a skirt at knee-length, which is my preferred length for skirts.

The only downside was that the skirt would rest on my hip. Considering that my vertical body type is long torso – short legs, this is not ideal for me, as it lengthens my torso even more.

You can easily correct this fact by combining the skirt with the right tops though. For this particular skirt, that means not tucking in the tops.

Although the outfit on the left with a white skirt tucked in is not bad per se, I would say that the outfit on the right creates a much nicer silhouette for me. The waist is much higher, which creates the illusion of longer legs and an overall taller and slimmer appearance. Even though I’m wearing a similar outfit (yellow skirt with white blouse) a small change can make all the difference.

Creating a nicer silhouette with a higher waist -

I paired the outfit with my brown Balenciaga bag on this occasion but a bag in pink, orange or red would have looked equally good.

colorful and textured Chie Mihara shoes |

The outfit gets its pizazz and an element of fun with my Chie Mihara shoes. I love wearing these shoes with an otherwise minimal outfit. They add both color AND texture! I bookmarked the shoes with a necklace in similar colors.

Have you been playing with silhouette lately? Which of your outfits would look better with a small change?



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