How to dress like Victoria Beckham

by Sylvia

How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Her fashion evolution has been dramatic and remarkable! Once upon a time, she was Posh Spice, wearing shiny catsuits and tiny black dresses. But now, Victoria Beckham dresses in an altogether different way. Let’s find out how to dress like Victoria Beckham.

Victoria Beckham shot to fame as part of girl power group the Spice Girls. She was the fashionista of the quintet and was usually dressed in a LBD. While everyone thought the tiny black mini dress she wore was Gucci, she’s since revealed it was actually from British high street chain Miss Selfridge.

Then, when she wed footballer David Beckham, they became the ultimate power couple, and she became not just a pop star, but a soccer WAG! She wore barely-there Versace dresses, dyed her hair blonde and wore extensions. Her most famous hairstyle, dubbed the Pob, was a bob cut much higher at the back and tapering to a dramatic point at the front.

Victoria Beckham

But, if you were to describe Victoria Beckham style now, less is more. She is renowned for her classic way of dressing, with refined, yet relaxed silhouettes. She’s not afraid of color, but is also often seen in neutrals.

You only have to look at the images above to see how her style has evolved. Her most recent outfit is the one on the left with the white pants and shirt. With wide-legged pants, a luxe shirt, and oversized bag, it is a much more nonchalant style than the one she previously favored.

Here we break down Victoria Beckham’s chic style and put together a wardrobe inspired by her polished, often minimalist way of putting an outfit together. Here’s how to get her just-pulled-on but effortlessly chic look…

How to dress like Victoria Beckham?

  • Go for a more natural look. Once sporting hair extensions and surgically-enhanced breasts, Victoria has gone for a much more natural look since starting her own eponymous fashion line.
  • Don’t wear clothes which are too tight. Victoria maybe very svelte, but she generally doesn’t feel the need to show off her frame with tight-fitting pieces. Instead, she wears pieces which have a more relaxed fit, often going one size up.
  • Invest in your wardrobe. Her wardrobe looks expensive because it is! Victoria would rather have fewer pieces than wear cheaper options. However, it is possible to get her look without her budget.
  • Stick to knee and midi lengths. She may have been famous for flashing her legs in mini skirts in her Spice Girl days, but VB is now usually seen in skirt lengths which are either just below the knee, or a midi-length ending at the calf.
  • Don’t over accessorize. Victoria tends to let her clothing speak for itself. Probably not surprising given that she’s usually dressed in Victoria Beckham! Her jewelry is minimal, although she might wear a masculine-style watch.
  • Learn to layer. She often adds interest with a turtleneck or a shirt under a dress.
  • Be inspired by menswear. Victoria likes a relaxed silhouette, so it makes complete sense that she often wears menswear-inspired pieces like tuxedo trousers and boyfriend blazers.
  • Keep it classic but don’t be afraid to follow trends. It’s all about the details for Victoria. For example, she’s currently favoring bang-on-trend flat-top sunglasses which instantly update her style.
  • Go monochrome, neutral or color block. She certainly isn’t afraid to play with color and you’ll often find Victoria color blocking. But she’s also a fan of a top-to-toe monochrome look in different shades of the same hue.
  • Coordinate. She doesn’t tend to wear a lot of pattern. But, where she does make an exception is with coordinates. Choose a matching top and pants, or top and skirt. Victoria often favors a pajama-style co-ord.
  • Wear sunglasses with everything! 


Victoria’s go-to top is usually a shirt, often in a luxe fabric like silk. She deliberately goes one size up for a slouchy, relaxed feel, tucking her shirt into her pants or skirt. She also layers, wearing a shirt under a dress.

Victoria Beckham tops |

Marks and Spencer striped top – 1901 top – Boden white silk shirt – Topshop white tee shirt

Victoria also loves turtlenecks, again worn on their own, or underneath a shirt or dress. She also likes a plain neutral tank top to wear under blazers, and has recently been dressing more casually in slogan tees and wide-legged pants.

Dresses and skirts

If Victoria has a signature style, it’s the midi length! Gone are the super short mini dresses from her Spice Girl days. Now, you will rarely see her knees – unless she’s on the beach! Her dresses are usually at least below the knee, and often a few inches longer.

Dresses - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Boden midi dress – Marks and Spencer plaid dress – Topshop pleated midi skirt – Boden jersey dress

Jackets and sweaters

When it comes to coats, Victoria likes long, lean lines. She has a number of coats in black and camel. She’s also a fan of the boyfriend blazer. Her knitwear choice is usually a turtleneck.

She either wears chunky turtlenecks with wide-legged pants, or she opts for slimmer fitting styles to layer under shirts and dresses.

Chic sweaters - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Kenneth Cole coat – Mural slouchy blazer – French Connection sweater – J.Crew sweater


When it comes to pant length, Victoria knows how to elongate her legs. She often wears wide-legged pants, with a tailored, yet relaxed fit.

She makes sure that her pants are worn over her shoes, making her legs look longer than they are. She’s 5′ 4” and knows how to dress for her height. There are more tips here on dressing if you are petite.

British style icon pieces - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Lieth wide leg pants – Railson gray pants – Vince Camuto plaid pants – Marks and Spencer pants

Shoes and boots

She used to be renowned for wearing heels everywhere. In fact, Victoria’s penchant for wearing towering heels was her trademark. But, while she hasn’t ditched the heels altogether, she has recently said she can’t do heels anymore when she’s at work.

Shoes - How to dress like Victoria Beckham | 40plusstyle.comv

Steve Madden lainie pump – Steve Madden shoe –  Vince Camuto bootie – Tretorn nylite – Marks and Spencer block knee boots

She has been seen wearing white sneakers, slip-ons and sandals recently. Plus, if you’re not keen on wearing skyscraper heels, you can still get the same kind of look by swapping her high heels for either kitten heels, or pointed flats.


While Victoria is said to have a collection of engagement rings, she keeps the rest of her jewelry to a minimum. She does, however, love an oversized watch, to tie in with her menswear aesthetic. She’s also rarely seen without a pair of sunglasses, and she loves a big, slouchy bag.

Accessories - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Treasure and Bond scarf – Treasure and Bond clutch – MVMT mesh watch – MVMT mesh watch – Marc Jacobs sunglasses – Vince Camuto handbag – Glance geometric sunglasses – Brahmin burgundy bag

When talking about accessories for fall 2018, she joked she’d be able to fit all four of her children into her oversized bags!


A camel coat and wide-legged pants

Chic ways to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Kenneth Cole coat – Marks and Spencer cotton striped shirt – Chinese Laundry daria bootie – Treasure and Bond scarf

A color block midi dress

Jersey dress - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Magnolia jersey dress – Steve Madden lainie pump – Treasure and Bond clutch

Boyfriend blazer and jeans

Victoria Beckham looks for women over 40 |

Mural slouchy blazer – Athena Alexander pumps – Eileen Fisher top  – Mother ankle jeans – MVMT mesh watch – Ray Ban sunglasses

Slogan tee and wide-legged pants

Chic easy looks - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Marks and Spencer crepe wide leg – Topshop tee – Rebecca Minkoff quilted clutch – Steve Madden shoe – Marc Jacobs sunglasses – Olivia Burton watch

Chunky turtleneck and wide-legged pants

Plaid pants - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Vince Camuto plaid pants – French Connection sweater – Vince Camuto handbag – Polaroid eyewear – Vince Camuto bootie

A monochrome look with sneakers

How to wear a turtleneck - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

J.Crew sweater – Tretorn white sneakers – Railson gray pants – Glance geometric sunglasses

Midi dress with tonal accessories

Plaid dress - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Marks and Spencer plaid dress – Marks and Spencer burgundy boots – Brahmin burgundy bag – Smith square sunglasses

A silk shirt and pleated skirt

Victoria Beckham's signature style guide |

Topshop pleated skirt – Halogen black turtleneck – Michael Kors heel – Chelsea foldover clutch

Wide-legged stripe pants with a silk shirt

Wide leg trousers for women over 40 - How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Boden silk navy shirt – Boden wide leg trousersEstella Bartlett navy saddle bag – Vince Camuto gray suede shoe

What do you think of Victoria’s style? Are you a fan of the way her fashion sense has evolved over the decades?

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How to dress like Victoria Beckham |

Image of Victoria Beckham by Vogue


1 Lise

While I agree Victoria certainly always looks polished these days, her style is definitely not for me. I cannot really put my finger on it but I am not a fan.

2 Melissa

Good tips. There is just one thing you missed…to embody her style it is very important to never ever smile!

3 Nancy

I am a huge fan of her style! Love the clean relaxed look of it!

4 Eleni Palmos

Victoria Beckham is rooted in reality. Her strong point is that she can leave the past behind and live in the moment. She was able to give up the Posh character and redo herself. She is not trying to recapture days gone by. This interview with the Dean of Parsons School of Fashion proves how hard she has worked, with humility, when it comes to design and style I admire Victoria Beckham’s passion and love of fashion!

5 Liz Hands

Yes Eleni, she’s definitely managed to reinvent herself and seems to be much more comfortable with the person she is now. That comes across in her style.

6 Laura

VB has evolved with grace and elegance. She looks classy and sexy without trying. That is a true value of a women comfortable in her own right.

7 Liz Hands

Totally agree Laura. Her style has evolved to the point where she has found herself.

8 Ann

One of the best accessories she could use is a smile! Nice clothes, like the look.

9 Liz Hands

Very true Ann. She actually seems like she has a great sense of humor in interviews, but never smiles in photos.

10 Sandra Murray

I’m wondering if the length of her skirts would look good on an under 5′ woman??

11 Liz Hands

Hi Sandra. Victoria Beckham isn’t very tall. She’s 5’4″. The clean lines of her clothing help to elongate her figure to make her look taller than she really is. You’re right though, midi skirts can be tricky to wear if you are petite. However, you can still create long lines by wearing similar colors. For example, opting for a midi skirt with similar color boots can help to make your legs look longer.

12 Elaine

It looks very polished but is too minimal for me. No jewellery or detail!

13 Liz Hands

Absolutely Elaine. It’s definitely not a style for everyone. It’s really about finding your own style, and taking inspiration from styles which resonate with you. There are lots of looks you could tweak here, to add more jewellery, scarves, or embellishment.

14 Karen

I am 5’4″ and would love to wear long line pants and midi skirts but struggle to wear heels. How do I get around this, what shoes can I wear to emulate the styles you suggest?

15 Liz Hands

Hi Karen, lots of us struggle to wear heels for every day, and even Victoria Beckham says she can no longer wear them for work. She now wears sneakers too. But if you want to emulate her high-heeled styles, I would simply look for similar shoes with a 2-inch heel or lower. If you look for styles with a pointed toe, they have the same kind of style, but without being hard to walk in.

16 Karen

Thanks Liz I’ll give that a try.

17 Petite Teacher

Thanks so much for this inspirational blogpost. I absolutely admire Victoria Beckham’s style, so thanks for the tips. One question that remains…how to apply the knee till midi length of dresses and skirts when you are even smaller than Mrs VB? I thought a shorter length would fit my petite frame (152 cm) better than knee till midi length? I’d be grateful for your ideas Liz. Love, Lieske

18 Lazy Daisy Jones

Super post!
I love VB her pared back style is very elegant these days, funnily enough I have a few of the items in your collages, but would never associate them with her?
You have inspired me… perhaps I am more ‘pared back’ than I thought
Off to read all your other lovely posts I may be here some time?
bestest wishes
Ashley x

19 Liz Hands

So pleased to have inspired you. Stay as long as you like!! I’m sure you’ll put together some more fabulous pared back outfits.

20 No Fear of Fashion

I adore her style. And I find it very difficult to imitate her. Apparently I am not her (surprise.. ). A fantastic dresser.

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