Good news for the lovers of tracksuits, pajamas, cashmere, and anything else that’s comfy! Women’s loungewear is now just as acceptable outdoors as it is indoors.

So, if you fancy wearing lounge clothes to run your errands, or even for a night out, that’s perfectly acceptable. Just as long as you choose the right loungewear that is!

What is loungewear and how you can wear it

Tracksuits, sweatshirts, leggings, pajamas, lounge pants, tees – loungewear is really a catch-all term for anything which is comfortable enough to lounge around in.

While in the days of Hollywood sirens, “slipping into something more comfortable” typically meant some sort of seductive slip of silk or satin, now the trend is to change into comfy lounge pants and sweaters when you come home.

Finally, comfort has become fashionable. Even Victoria Beckham, who was once so loath to wear flats that she wore heeled sneakers to play baseball, has recently embraced the loungewear trend and has been wearing cozy knits and sneakers rather than her usual heels and dresses.

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Luxury loungewear

But, baggy tees and washed out leggings just won’t cut it anymore! Loungewear is now all about luxury – that feeling that you’re treating yourself well while you’re at home.

As our lives get busier, many of us are spending more time at home. And, when we are at home, we still want to feel as if we are taking care of ourselves and that we are both comfortable AND stylish.

After all, you never know when you might have to answer the door, pop out to walk the dog, or run a few errands.

In short, loungewear sits somewhere between pajamas and going out attire.

If you wouldn’t be happy to answer the doorbell, then you’re probably in pajamas. If you’re happy to go to the door, or pop to the shop for milk and bread, then it’s loungewear!

You could take a leaf out of Karen’s style book below and choose pieces which are stylish for outdoor wear, but comfortable for lounging inside.

Lounge clothes that make you feel comfortable and stylish |

Choosing a capsule loungewear wardrobe

While it may seem a bit of a strange concept to put together a loungewear capsule, it will help you to feel more stylish even on your most casual days.

Many brands have really upped their game when it comes to loungewear because of the athleisure trend and because if you are retired or working from home either all, or some, of the time, you won’t want to be dressed in a constrictive way. But that doesn’t mean you don’t want to look polished and put together.

lounge pants

One of the most important parts of your loungewear capsule will be the pants you choose.

You are likely to want a style which you can pull on so you don’t have to fiddle about with restrictive zippers and buttons while relaxing, but which still look very stylish.

These lounge pants could be a good base for the rest of your loungewear and they come in a range of colors.

lounge pants for women over 40 |

CYZ lounge pants

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women’s lounge pants

Another good option with comfy, wide legs are these jersey pants from PJ Salvage at Nordstrom. You could definitely wear these indoors or pop to do a couple of errands in them. They could also make a good pair of yoga pants.

lounge pants for women |

PJ Salvage jersey pajama pants

Lounge shorts

If you live in warmer climes, or are heading off on vacation you may prefer a pair of lounge shorts for sleeping and relaxing in rather than full-length pants.

This gray pair from Rails are a nice mid-length style, which have an easy drawstring waist.

lounge shorts for women over 40 |

Rails drawstring waist shorts 

Lounge clothes – tops

Of course, your loungewear closet cannot consist of pants and shorts alone! You will want to add some tops which you can mix and match.

Choose soft fabric you will be comfortable. For additional style, you can also opt for a twist, drape or knot detail.

Opt for a variety of styles in short and long sleeves so you have all weather conditions covered.

lounge top for women over 40 | 40plusstyle.comSocialite twist front sweater 

Ladies loungwear – short-sleeved top

As well as a long-sleeved top for cooler days and nights, you will want a tank top or t-shirt. A plain tee-shirt is always a versatile option as you can wear indoors as a pajama top or outdoors as a tee.

lounge tee for women over 40 |

Joe’s bateau neck tee

You might also want to add a camisole to your relaxing wardrobe. Check out this article on the best camisoles to buy.

Women’s loungewear sets

Of course, you could always opt for a matching set of loungewear pants and bottoms. That way you can wear them as a set, or you can choose to mix and match.

A pair in navy is a classic style which won’t date.

lounge set for women over 40 |

Ralph Lauren pajama teeRalph Lauren pajama pants

Lounge suit women

Another good lounge suit option is this suit from The White Company, which has a knotted detail at the front and cropped pants. Perfect for a night in on the couch! But, you could also wear the t-shirt with a pair of jeans to go out.

loungewear set for women over 40 |

The White Company tie front rib lounge top – The White Company rib crop lounge pants

Loungewear jumpsuit

You might also want to consider a loungewear jumpsuit.

While a jumpsuit can be a stylish option for a lunch or an evening out, you will want a less structured jumpsuit for lounging in.

Choose something you can easily get on and off and which doesn’t have restrictive button or hook-and-eye fastenings.

lounge jumpsuit for women over 40 | 40plusstyle.comLinsery jumpsuit

Ladies lounge sets

This Chalmers set is another stylish option. I particularly like the wide sleeves and cropped style of the pants, which add some stylish touches to an otherwise classic loungewear set.

stylish lounge set |

Chalmers sweatshirtChalmers crop sweatpants

Women’s loungewear tracksuits

If you want pieces that you can definitely wear indoors or outdoors, you could opt for a loungewear tracksuit.

While tracksuits are thought to be just for sports, or can be unflattering, there are some stylish loungewear options available.

You can wear this together as a set or opt to wear as separates.

One of the most tricky things to wear while still looking stylish! I find the key is to wear tracksuits as separates, rather than wearing a tracksuit top and pants together. Pairing tracksuit pants with a cashmere sweater gives a luxe look.

You can then add outerwear like leather jackets, trench coats and sneakers if you’re heading out.

tracksuit lounge set | 40plusstyle.comUgg hoodieUgg lounge pants

Knitted loungewear

For colder evenings, you are likely to want a loungewear cardigan or sweater to throw on over your outfit.

I like to choose a nice, long style that can also double up as a dressing gown in case I’m on vacation where I don’t have one with me, or they don’t provide a nice, fluffy one in the hotel.

lounge cardigan for women over 40 |

Barefoot Dreams long cardigan

Accessories to go with your ladies loungewear set

Just as with your regular closet, you will want to make sure you have the right accessories to go with your loungewear.

Think about sports bras or comfy bralets to go under your loungewear as you probably won’t want to feel the constriction of underwire. Plus, cozy socks and slippers for your feet.

You may also want to choose a pair of sneakers or slip-on shoes that you can wear out and about in case you want to run some errands. And, of course, you will want a great style book to read while you lounge.

lounge accessories for a loungewear capsule wardrobe | Ugg slipper Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design bookThe White company cashmere socksHalogen scarf 

lounge accessories for women over 40 |

Merrell sneakersnude bracashmere wrap

Just as you would put together a capsule collection in your regular wardrobe, it’s worth investing in key loungewear pieces. When you’re looking for loungewear, choose pieces which are easy to pull on and which allow you to relax while still feeling stylish.

Many store buyers now refer to loungewear as your “third wardrobe”.

It’s not for going to bed in, and it’s not for going out in. It’s for those evenings when you want to relax with a glass of wine or a cup of hot chocolate while reading a book or watching a movie.

So, what should you have in your loungewear capsule?

I’d suggest leggings, lounge pants, long sleeve tees and tank tops, a cozy cardigan and socks or slippers. I’d also add some bralettes to your loungewear draw if you still need support, but feel more comfortable in something other than an underwired bra!

By keeping to a color scheme in the same way as any other capsule in your wardrobe, you can ensure you always look put together, even if you do have to answer the door!

A camisole can be a great asset for your lounge wardrobe. Check some of the best camisoles here.

Womens loungewear fabrics

As well as the colors and styles of your loungewear, you will want to think about fabric.

To be truly comfortable, you need to like the feel of the fabric you choose against your skin as well as make sure you’re not too hot and not too cold.

Look out for pieces in natural fabrics such as cashmere, silk and cotton. Semi-natural fabrics like modal can also be soft, crease resistant and wash well, without such a high price tag.

While it may feel alien to spend more on your indoor look than your outdoor outfits, it can make perfect sense as you are likely to keep your loungewear longer, given that lounge clothing is more comfort-led than trend-led!

There’s more advice from Yvonne in her piece on choosing the best types of women’s pajamas.

9 loungewear outfits using the pieces above

A loungewear capsule wardrobe |

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Do you change into your womens loungewear clothes as soon as you get home? What is your favorite loungewear trend?

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Lounge clothes that make you feel comfortable and stylish |

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