When you are going on a beach holiday, you want to make sure you have a good bathing suit or bikini. Check our article on the best bathings suits for women over 40 for that.

However, just as important is to find the best bathing suit cover ups. I’ve gone online and selected some of the best ones for you.

What to look for to find the best bathing suit cover ups?

Here are some of the requirements for a good bathing suit cover up:

  • It’s easy to put on: you want adding your coverup to be easy and quick
  • Ideally it fits with your bathing suit; why should coordinating your clothes stop at the beach?
  • It’s good for walking on the beach but can also double as a stylish dress for lunch or even dinner. Of course not all bathing suit cover ups needs to comply with this, but it’s nice to have a few options too that can do this
  • It needs to be stylish; you want to feel good about yourself, especially on the beach where you may be more conscious of your body. A great bathing suit cover up will give you confidence!
  • It needs to protect you from the sun; bathing suit cover ups that protect your shoulder and part of the back are better as it protects you from the sun and its aging effects

No matter which beach destination you choose, there will be plenty of sun and beautiful beaches so coverups (and lots of sunscreen) are essential. Here are some of the best tunics and caftans for the beach currently available online.

Swimsuit coverup

A short swimsuit cover up that covers the most important areas is fabulous for strolling on the beach. This one is super stylish and comes in black and white.

Robin piccone tunic | 40plusstyle.comRobin Piccone cover-up tunic

Beach coverup

This beach and swimsuit cover up is simple and easy to put on. It comes in prints and this red color.

Chelsea28 cover-up | 40plusstyle.com

Chelsea28 open front cover-up

A maxi kaftan

This provides the best coverup and you can potentially feel like and look like a goddess in one of these. It feels exotic and glamorous to wear one.

Maxi kaftan - best beach cover ups for women | 40plusstyle.com

SMUDGE Life maxi kaftan

Midi kaftan

This feels more like a dress and is a good option for those that feel too overwhelmed in maxi kaftan but like more coverup than what you get from a short one.

This very affordable option available on Amazon comes in many different patterns and colors but I’m loving the one below.

Midi kaftan for women over 40 | 40plusstyle.com

Sakkas tank dress cover-up

Short kaftan

I really love the shorter kaftan. These are great to slip over my beachwear but can also be easily mixed with lose fitting linen pants, capris or leggings.

Printed kaftan | 40plusstyle.com

BLUE by Rod Beattie cover-up kaftan

Maxi cover up dress

If you want to be a bit more chicer, you may like to opt for a maxi cover up dress. This one doesn’t cover your shoulders but will be refreshing and super stylish when you go for dinner on the beach in the evening.

Elan cover-up maxi dress | 40plusstyle.com

Elan cover-up maxi dress

Open coverups and kimomos

These are great to throw on on the beach whenever you go for a walk, or need to get that much needed ice cream.

If you have a version that’s not too see-through you can also wear them for the evening if you belt them over knee high pants and wear a light top underneath. You will look very chic!

Swim kimono | 40plusstyle.com

RanRui cover-up kimono

Cover up pants

Prefer to cover up your lower body too? Then these fun cover up pants are for you.

They are easy to combine with some of your tunics and kaftans too!

Chelsea28 cover-up pants | 40plusstyle.com

Chelsea28 smocked split leg pants

Beach dresses

If you want your cover up a bit chicer, you can also opt for a beach dress. The one below would look for day and evening.

Elan cover-up maxi beach dress | 40plusstyle.com

Elan cover-up maxi dress

Top brands for caftans and tunics

What to wear with your coverups or kaftans

I always take some light pants whenever I go on a summer holiday. You can’t beat white pants as almost every tunic and caftan will look great over that. I love to take both a wide linen version and a cropped knee-high pants.

Leggings are perfect too. So comfortable and easy to wear on holiday.

Check this article for the best leggings for women over 40.

Finally, I will be taking my shorts, which I love wearing on holidays. They make for a great relaxed look while combining them with kaftans and kimonos or even an asymmetric blouse (which is what I will be wearing!).

For more guidance check our article onhow to wear shorts over 40.

I hope you have been able to find the best bathing suit cover ups for your needs.

If you need something to wear underneath, be sure to check out the best bathing suits and swimwear.

I wish you an amazing holiday!

Have you find the best bathing suit cover ups yet for your style?


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