It used to be that when you were younger, you wore a bikini and then when you reached a certain age (I’m not sure who decided what that age should be!) you started to wear a one piece swimsuit.

Glamorous one-piece bathing suits

One-piece swimsuits pretty much went full circle. They went from being the glamorous swimwear to wear on the beaches of St Tropez in the 1950s, to being seen as somewhat frumpy.

Now, the boundaries have definitely blurred. You are just as likely to see a 20-something wearing a one-piece on the beach and a 50-something (or older) wearing a bikini. Who remembers Helen Mirren in that stunning red bikini vacationing in Puglia, Italy?

I wear a mixture of bikinis and swimsuits and think that a one-piece can look incredibly sophisticated. What could be more elegant that a stylish one-piece with a big, floppy sunhat and over-sized sunglasses?

10 of the best one piece bathing suits for women over 40 |

Carole (above) has chosen a beautiful swimsuit from British brand Seaspray. The one she is wearing is available here on Amazon.

I’m sure you’ll agree she looks stunning and has styled her swimwear to perfection with the addition of red sliders, big sunglasses, her woven beach bag and a pop of blue and white. And, of course, a slick of red lipstick.

Seaspray swimsuit |

Seaspray swimsuit

Benefits of a one-piece bathing suits for women

Apart from exuding elegance, a one-piece swimsuit can also be incredibly flattering for your figure.

You can opt for different neck styles to suit your body shape, from v-neck to halterneck, depending on what suits you best and how much coverage you prefer.

Flattering one-piece swimsuit options

Many swimsuits also offer figure flattering fabrics which suck you in in all the right places. Miraclesuit, for example, promises to give you the illusion of being 10 pounds lighter.

You could also take a look at Magicsuit, Tommy Bahama, and Spanx swimsuits if you are looking for slimming options, as well as British brand Boden.

Plus, you can express your style personality with a one-piece, opting for a playful print, some ruffles or an asymmetrical detail.

How to choose a one-piece swimsuit

Before I look at the best one-piece swimsuits in stores, here are a few tips for choosing a one piece.

1. Think about what you want to enhance and downplay

Just as with any other outfits in your closet, you can choose a swimwear style to flatter your body type.

For example, you could choose a suit with tummy control, or you could opt for one with padding, or without, to either emphasize or downplay your chest. If you want to look as if you have longer legs, choose a higher cut swimsuit.

If you are a pear shape, you could choose a swimsuit with a darker color on the bottom and a lighter shade on the top to draw the attention upwards.

2. What is your suit for?

If you are snorkeling or doing some serious swimming, you are likely to want a totally different suit to if you are choosing one for a vacation at the beach.

3. What color do you want?

If you want a suit with longevity, you may want to choose a classic color like black, navy, red or white that will never date. But, you could opt for a print or the latest on-trend color for something different.

10 of the best one-piece swimsuits in stores now

Below are 10 of the best swimsuit options for this summer, from classic black one-pieces to those which will pull you in, in all the right places, retro styles and playful prints.

1. One piece for women – classic black one-piece swimsuit

If a one-piece swimsuit is the most elegant piece of swimwear you can own, then a black one piece swimsuit has to be the most sophisticated, and classic, option you can choose.

Like the little black dress, the black one-piece swimsuit will never date. So, as long as you make sure you rinse it out when you have been swimming in chlorine-treated pools (otherwise, your suit will develop a saggy bottom), your black one-piece should last you year after year.

That’s why a black swimsuit can be considered an investment piece, just like any other investment piece in your closet, so you can look at spending a little more to get something you really love.

This Miraclesuit piece has great reviews on Nordstrom.

Miraclesuit Rock Solid Revele swimsuit |

Miraclesuit Rock Solid Revele swimsuit

2. One piece swimwear – white one piece swimsuit

A white one-piece swimsuit can be tricky to wear, but it can also look beautiful if you find the right one.

I’m always worried when I wear white swimwear that it will be see-through, so it’s vital to choose a quality piece with thick enough material so you don’t end up showing off more than you intend to at the pool or the beach.

I like this one-piece swimsuit from ROVLET because it’s classic, but versatile.You could pair it with shorts or a maxi skirt when you are ready to head from the beach for a spot of lunch.

ROVLET v-neck flounce one-piece swimsuit |

ROVLET v-neck flounce one-piece swimsuit

3. Red one-piece swimsuit

Red can also be a very striking, classy color to wear by the pool or on the beach. You don’t have to choose an all-red piece if you don’t want a vibe which is too akin to Pamela Anderson in Baywatch.

I love the black stripe detailing of this Kefalonia swimsuit from Boden USA. It has a slimming lining and padded cups.

Boden Kefalonia swimsuit| 40plusstyle.comBoden Kefalonia swimsuit

4. One-piece swimsuit with skirt

If you prefer a little more coverage at the beach or pool than that offered by a traditional swimsuit, you could look for a swimsuit which has a built-in skirt.

It can be easier to find swimsuits with skirts for girls than for women. But you can try a lovely retro style which will look sophisticated and womanly rather than girly.

This vintage sailor pin-up style manages to be sexy and demure at the same time. It would look beautiful on an hourglass figure, or if you want more coverage for your bottom and hips.

Cocoship retro-style swimsuit with skirt |

Cocoship retro-style swimsuit with skirt

5. Sexy one-piece bathing suit

I don’t know about you, but I always feel sexier in a one-piece bathing suit than I do a bikini. I think it’s because I feel more sophisticated.

I guess everyone’s idea of what is sexy is different, but I don’t necessarily think you have to be showing off any more flesh to sexy. I think a scuba style with a zip can be very sexy.

Magicsuit Scuba Audra Swimsuit |

Magicsuit Scuba Audra Swimsuit

You may also want to check out our article on the most stylish fashion pieces women over 40 couldn’t resist.

6. Cut-out one piece swimsuit

Of course, if you are searching for a sexy swimsuit, then a cut-out swimsuit could be a great option.

While there are lots of cutout pieces which tend to be popular among those who love to flaunt their figure, there are also plenty of more subtle cut-out swimsuits if you perhaps want to show off only a part of your body while keeping the rest covered.

For instance, you might be happy to show off your bust, but want to cover up your tummy and your derriere. Or you may like to have a little subtle cutout under your bust, or choose to show off a little side or back.

Reviewers of this one-piece say you can adjust the neck to change how much or how little you show. There are also lots of colors and patterns so you’re sure to find a style you like.

B2prity cut-out monokini | 40plusstyle.comB2prity cut-out monokini

7. High-cut one-piece swimsuit

Do you prefer the leg line or your swimsuit to be cut low around your thighs, or do you prefer a higher cut. If you have great legs, you might want to chose them off with a higher cut around the legs. This style could also give the illusion of having longer legs.

If you are choosing a piece with higher cut legs, you may want to make sure it is more modest in the bust or back area.

This is a very classic one-piece inspired by the 80s and 90s.

Dixperfect classic black swimsuit |

Dixperfect classic black swimsuit

8. One-piece swimsuit with shorts

I’ve already looked at one-piece swimsuits with skirts but if you would like some extra coverage, you could also look at a one piece which has built-in shorts.

This style is Amazon’s choice. It looks sporty and would be great for a snorkeling trip. It would also be great for water-based exercise classes.

Beautyin boyleg swimsuit|

Beautyin boyleg swimsuit

9. Black and white one-piece swimsuit

Just as a solid color black, red or white swimsuit can give you a very classy look, a monochrome suit is also very elegant.

The white detailing on this Miraclesuit swimsuit gives a very flattering look, giving the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

Miraclesuit Stitch Mix Temptation swimsuit |

Miraclesuit Stitch Mix Temptation swimsuit

10. Halter one-piece swimsuit

Just as with any other piece of clothing, you can choose a swimsuit to suit your bodyshape. I always think a halterneck style is particularly flattering if you have an inverted triangle shape, although it can look beautiful on any shape.

The retro shaping of this style would also look lovely on hourglass and pear shapes. You could opt for a plain color or a pattern like polka dots or florals.

Angerella halter monokini | 40plusstyle.comAngerella halter monokini

Here are more tips on dressing the inverted triangle if your shoulders are wider than your hips.

Which of these is your favorite one piece swimsuit? Don’t forget to tell me what the best one piece bathing suit brands and styles are that you’ve worn in the comments below.

There’s more inspiration here in this article on the best bathing suits for women over 40.

Do you prefer to wear a one piece swimsuit or a bikini? what’s the best one piece you’ve ever found?

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10 of the best one piece bathing suits for women over 40 |

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