Celebrating 40 years of the iconic wrap dress!

by Sylvia

wrap dresses for women over 40 | 40plusstyle.com

Diane von Furstenberg’s famous wrap dress turned 40 this year! That is a good reason to celebrate as this dress is just so perfect for many women over 40.

It’s hard to imagine actually that a dress that is so common and successful today is actually ONLY 40 years old.

It was a good reason for the brand to create a special exhibition for the dress.

Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses exhibition | 40plusstyle.com

Have a look at this quick video about the creation of the exhibition which features many of the printed wrap dresses.

Here is Diane herself talking about the dress and what is means to her and other women: freedom, empowerment and confidence.

Diane von Furstenberg’s name is always associated with the dress, something the designer has not always liked: “The wrap dress is the one thing that I owe everything to,” the fashion designer said at a press preview for the exhibit.

DVF faux wrap dress | 40plusstyle.comDVF faux wrap dress

“She paid for all my bills and as a matter of fact, in French, we call the wrap dress ‘portefeuille,’ which means wallet … but sometimes I resented the wrap dress because whenever my name is there, it’s always ‘Diane von Furstenberg, the wrap dress’ and I always say ‘but I do other things too.'”

That has not kept her from celebrating the iconic dress though and she still creates many new versions every season.

Katherine, Duchess of Cambridge, is also often seen in (variations of) a wrap dress.

katherine duchess of cambridge wearing a wrap dress | 40plusstyle.com

Why is the wrap dress such a flattering dress to wear?

  • As the wrap dress hugs around the body and accents your waist, it works for all body types.
  • The layers of the wraps camouflage the tummy, even more so when you choose a printed version of the dress.

Body hugging wrap dress | 40plusstyle.com

Body hugging wrap dress


  • The V-cut neck adds to a flattering and womanly silhouette and is especially great for women with a larger bust.
  • It’s always a great fit. This kind of dress does not mind a few extra inches on the waist line.

Classic DVF wrap dress | 40plusstyle.com

Classic DVF wrap dress

  • A wrap dress is both great for the office and for the evening. Just add some fancier shoes and a clutch!
  • A wrap dress looks great with both flats and heels.
  • It’s easy to find and wear this dress with long sleeves which help keep you warm and give coverage for the arms that so many women like.

Maxi wrap dress fro evening | 40plusstyle.com

Maxi wrap dress for evening

Do you like to wear a wrap dress? Why do you like it so much?


1 Pauline

Love The Wrap Dress But So Over The Use Of The Word Iconic.

2 Sylvia

oops, sorry I used it…

3 Lana

Everyone looks good in a wrap dress. It’s so comfortable and hides many flaws!

4 teaweed

“* The V-cut neck adds to a flattering and womanly silhouette and is especially great for women with a larger bust.”

I have found this to be untrue in actual practice. Wrap v-necklines tend to be very high when wrapped over the bust (emphasizing the volume of the chest in a frumpy way) or very low when wrapped under the bust (showing the center gore of one’s bra, often even if one is wearing a plunge bra).

5 Sylvia

Thanks for the feedback. There is still a lot of difference in cuts so that may make all the difference. For some women the faux wrap dress works better.

6 Greetje Kamminga

I like that kind of dress but only own one. And that one needs a lot of adjusting before it sits right. I was not very lucky so far but I do like them. I think I am going to buy a DvF for winter as indeed it is a flattering silhouette.

7 Sylvia

Not every wrap dress is created equally. You still have to look for a good cut and especially good fabric. Good luck on finding a great one Greetje!

8 Mel

Love my wrap dresses as they are perfect for pulling out of the wardrobe on those days you are not too inspired and still want to look good for work. But I agree with the previous posters but them not sitting right around the bust and am always struggling with safety pins. Also as a new member, thank you for the great blog and interesting content.

9 Sylvia

That is why some women prefer the faux wrap dress as they stay put! Lovely to have you here Mel and thanks for your kind words and feedback.

10 Petra

It’s been a long time since I’ve worn a wrap dress (or wrap top) but being bigger in the bust, I have always needed to put a little pin, or even a few stitches at the lower part of the V to keep the front together 🙂 It’s great that it’s back in fashion or perhaps it never really went “out” of fashion!

11 Sylvia

Yes, I think it’s a classic dress.

12 Lorraine

I know wrap dresses should be good on me but I have yet to find one I love. I have a couple but they are not perfect.

13 Sherry Edwards

What I like the most about the wrap dress is that the most I’ve seen generally have sleeves. What I don’t like is that most of the wrap dresses have a low v-neck. Also, not an easy dress to drive in and not very good in the wind.

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