How to wear asymmetric clothing – Asymmetric dresses and tops to fall in love with

by Sylvia

Asymmetric dresses and tops |

An update to my article on how to wear asymmetry with new and fabulous items available in stores now.

Asymmetry is still very trendy this season and one of my favorite looks.

Today’s let’s look at the benefits of asymmetric clothing and what it can do for your style. I will also highlight some of the best pieces available right now.

So why do I like asymmetry so much and think it would be great for you too?

Here are just 5 reasons:

  • Asymmetric dresses and tops will instantly add an arty vibe to your outfit.
  • They are more edgy and therefore add a young and hip element.
  • They create interesting vertical lines which have a slimming and elongating effect.
  • Asymmetric dresses and tops are excellent to wear over skinny jeans and leggings and can be a great way to camouflage a tummy.
  • They are the perfect layering piece as they will allow for some of the other layers to show.

How can you wear asymmetric clothes?

Asymmetry is now used in so many different types of clothes so there are lots of possibilities:

1. Wear as a dress

Asymmetric dresses have that little something extra!

2. An asymmetric short dress or tunic that can be worn over pants

Comfortable and hip, asymmetrical tunics and long sweaters are easy to wear over skinnies and leggings.

3. Asymmetric tops

An asymmetric top can turn a simple outfit into something special and is often very effective in hiding a belly!

4. Asymmetric coats

Asymmetrical coats are less common, and therefore extra special. An easy way to add a asymmetric coat is to for one of the many ponchos available in stores now.

5. Asymmetric skirts

Edgier and more fun than regular skirts!

6. Asymmetrical accessories

Want to take baby steps with asymmetry? You can always start with an asymmetrical jewelry piece or wear your scarves in an asymmetrical way!

Great shops for asymmetrical items include:

Do you like asymmetry in your clothing?


P.S. Did you know that asymmetrical tops are very effective in hiding your belly? You can find more tips on hiding the belly here.

1 Ann

Such a flattering style and timeless! Very beautiful choices indeed. We were married in an unconventional manner in 2000 and I wore a dramatic black asymmetrical dress in some ways like the first dress on this post.

blue hue wonderland

2 Sylvia

I agree it’s timeless. I’m drawn to it season after season, even though there seems to be a lot available right now. Wait until you say my winter capsule tomorrow. Lots of asymmetry in there….
When/if you get back to blogging you can show us that dress!

3 Pam

Love asymmetry. It a very flattering cut and looks different on each item of clothing.

4 Sylvia

As you can imagine, I could not agree more!

5 Suzanne

I honestly do not care for this look for myself, personally. I always feel off balance. Like one side of my body is shorter than the other.

However, some of these pieces you’ve shown here might just change my mind. I especially like that leather skirt and the 3 dresses at the beginning.


6 Sylvia

But you do like figure flattery and these pieces are often very good at that! (one day I’ll convert you Suzanne!)

7 Ann

Ah Suzanne I’m surprised this isn’t for you! I see it like the fit and flare, if it’s fitted in the waist so flattering and creative.

8 Elaine

I just purchased two pieces of asymetric clothing. A short, fitted, round collared black and white checked jacket to wear with wide black pants and camel pencil skirt. And a black and grey color block tunic to wear over leggings and skinny jeans. I’m an inverted triangle shape so both of these pieces are pleasingly slimming!

9 Greetje Kamminga

I like this style, but not as much as you do. Just now and then. Love that red tunic sweater from Nordstom. Having spent far too much already, I have to pass though.

10 Lala

I love these even though I’m not over 40 these styles are right up my alley 🙂

11 Sylvia

Yes, they are great for all ages really…

12 Greetjef

So many lovely pieces. I have been drooling over a lot. Also the sleeveless ones… alas.

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