very casual in blue jeans and flats

by Sylvia

Blue jeans over 40

I’m not sure if I ever showed you a picture of me wearing jeans on this blog, which is basically because I hardly ever wear jeans in Singapore. I wear them quite a lot on holidays, so you may actually see them more often the coming months. However, some of my readers requested that I posted a jeans look, so here it is. 

The reason I don’t wear jeans very often is basically because I find them too hot in Singapore and I prefer a casual dress or light cotton pants. I also like to be a little more dressed up when I step out. Since I work from home I dress very casual (shorts and singlet, the less the better) in order to be comfortable in the heat, so when I go out, I like to make a bit more of an effort.

Another reason I don’t them so often is that I find jeans not to be my best look. I have a flat bum so it’s hard to find any jeans that makes it look great. It does not help of course that I do not spend the time to look for those perfect jeans. I find shopping for jeans extremely boring so I never really want to make the time for it. I should have added it in my ‘note to self’ article!

I stumbled on these jeans a few years ago. I liked the dark colour and the bootleg cut plus it had my other requirement which is stretchyness. They were also long enough to wear with mid high heels. Here I wear it with flats which is not ideal for these pants.

Of course you can argue that the fit of the jeans are not perfect. They are perhaps a bit too loose. But in the end I buy jeans for comfort. I tried a smaller size, which quite honestly looked really good. It fitted nice and tight and my bum certainly looked better. The downside (which is huge for me) was that it was not comfortable. I have learned that I will not wear clothes if they are not comfortable, no matter how good they look. So instead I went for the bigger option, with a more loose fit.

I am sure I would wear jeans much more frequently if I would still live in Europe. I find that they can be extremely stylish when combined with a nice blouse and jacket or just a funky top. The look I’m presenting here is very casual as it’s worn with just a t-shirt. But at least the t-shirt is fun and colourful and just a bit different from your ordinary t-shirt. That to me makes this outfit still interesting.

My future jeans?

As I already discussed in my article on how to wear jeans over 40, I feel that women over 40 look best in jeans that are dark. So for my next jeans I would want to have one that is completely dark blue, without any faded areas and also without any crumples. I would probably still go with the bootleg cut as I find this style is the most elegant and they are great to wear with a small heel, which further elongates the leg. I will just have to bump into one though as I’m not going to shop for it specifically. I find it much more fun to shop for new creative clothes with new ideas, colours and patterns!

Blue Jeans: H&M (old)
T-shirt: Alldressedup (old)
Shoes: somewhere in Italy

Linking up to Visible Monday.

So how do you feel about blue jeans? Is it a wardrobe staple for you or do you prefer dressier items?

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Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

You look wonderful in jeans, Sylvia! I know they are not always the best choice for comfort in the heat, but you look cool and stylish : >


Thanks Patti. I was very happy wearing a very light short dress today while walking all day in the zoo!


Love the leopard belt!


Thanks Kristin


I think you look great in those jeans, and I like the relaxed fit and the overall style of your outfit! You look young, casual and stylish! I love jeans and wear it almost all the time, but I also have fit issues so I’m constantly looking for the perfect jeans:) I’ve come close a couple of times but then when I go back the model is out of style so I have to start looking all over again….I haven’t given up just yet, though:)


Thanks Nanne! I’m sure that comfy blue jeans are an absolute staple in your climate!

The Style Crone

Interesting ‘back interest’ on your tee. The jeans look really great on you, Sylvia! I can relate to not wanting to shop for them. I wear jeans and love them, but trying them on takes such effort. I feel that way about pants in general. Perhaps that’s why I don’t have many options to wear in that category.


thanks Judith. Sounds like we are much the same in that area!


Well here is a critical note. I seem to be the only one on this blog but I am Dutch and we are famous for our directness (most people call it plain rude).
Yes, I think you could look nicer in jeans but yes, you have to really look for them. If you don’t want to spend the time, then don’t buy them. Because you will end up with another pair that don’t really fit you. The jeans you show us in these photos are alright but a bit too casual. Especially for you as you like to make an effort.
Jeans that are comfortable are: Not Your Daughters Jeans, which you can buy online as well (best check with Heather, as she knows all about them). Jeans that give you a perfect bum are: 7 for all Mankind.
The T-shirt is very nice but deserves a better combination than the jeans.


Point taken Greetje. Perhaps that’s why I should not have shown them after all. I’m not really a jeans person and hardly ever wear them…. These ones were bought a few years ago and as mentioned if I bought new ones today, I would buy different jeans. But I do actually quite like the t-shirt with it…


P.S. I am not the only critical person on this blog. You (and Anja) are quite honest as well on your Forum. And I appreciate that very much.


Hi Sylvia, my first time to see you wore something very casual and it looks like it’s very comfy. ^_^



it sure is 🙂


This is a cute look….I love the blouse! I think I would wear jeans more if I did not work…I love a great denim look with a jacket! I love jeans with a fitted jacket and boots or ballet flats. But, you know if you don’t like them and don’t feel great in them…you don’t have to wear them! That’s what is so much fun about fashion…we decide what we want to communicate about ourselves and then there are thousands of ways we can send out those communications!! If you never wear jeans, that is OK!


Thanks Pam. I’m sure I would wear jeans more in a colder climate. Here I mainly stick to loser clothes…

Heather Fonseca

Since you read my blog you know Im currently obsessed with jeans! There are so many great ones out there these days. Sigh.
Try to buy them tight, they stretch a lot, especially around the waist. I find j brand is a comfortable, but super tight fit, because somehow they’re cut so they’re not tight I. The crotch. (I will not wear pants that are tight in that spot, but I don’t mind tight in the leg!) good luck searching.


thanks Heather. I’m not sure if I would wear jeans bought very tightly often enough for them to stretch!


What a cute top! Love the interesting back.
I actually love your jeans! Looks comfy and fits well (not too tight & not too loose). I think a white linen shirt would have looked wonderful with your jeans as well.


Thanks Jeannie!


Sylvia, I think the look is tres chic. I see tooooo many people of all ages wearing jeans that, by any definition, cannot be comfortable- too many people wear jeans that are way too tight! It takes a strong woman with a comfortable spirit to wear jeans a little loose. Yours are a little loose, which is why I think the look totally works. The shirt is perfect- just a little bit of sass to go with those jeans. Don’t let anyone dissuade you- the jeans really flatter you. If you want to look slim, just loose jeans look much more flattering than super tight jeans! I hate tight jeans myself and love the loose “boyfriend” look. You go for it girl.


Thanks for your feedback! The views seem to be mixed on my jeans look but I agree that I quite like the relaxed loose look. In fact my other pair of jeans is superwide!


I think you look fabulous in these jeans – relaxed, ready to kick back. The jeans reflect exactly the environment and the mood you’re in. They’re perfect!! Clearly, tight jeans in a hot climate are not anyone’s best friend! And I’m glad you showed us how you mix it up with your at-home wear, although even at home you look gorgeous. Again, your top has the most interesting back on it! All your outfits seems to have great back details.


Thanks Melanie. I always try to look for something different in my clothes. Any interesting detail will do!


Ah, superwide and boyfriend jeans … Love those. Totally different but very comfortable.


Jeans are definitely a wardrobe staple for me. I love them and love how they can be dressed up and or down.
Love your tee shirt. It is very unique. I’d love to have one like it. I adore smocking details.


Thanks Debbi!

Bella Q

Like you I’m not a fan of long pants/jeans but I love this outfit. I agree dark rinse is de riguer for women of a certain age- they look classier than light rinse and more flattering. But the top- such a charming take on a classic T is what wins me over. This is a great casual outfit!


Thank you Bella!


I like this look on you Sylvia! The jeans manage to look both hip and age appropriate – and I do like them with the flat sandals this year.

I was out walking last week, and saw a 60+ woman with boot cut jeans (somewhat faded), white blouse and heels, but her whole outfit together didn’t look right to me. I think if she had been wearing flat sandals ( and a darker wash jean ) she could have carried it off well, but with the heels, it just seemed somewhat passé and overdone.

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