Going casual in a dress

by Sylvia

blue guess dress

It occured to me the other day that you haven’t seen me in blue jeans yet on this site, whereas I actually really like the look of a well fitted pair of jeans with a nice top. Jeans are a great casual staple that you can make instantly chicer with the right jacket or top. It’s just that I don’t wear my jeans that often in Singapore as it’s basically too hot. When I want to go casual, the most comfortable casual looks here are actually slouchy dresses.

Casual blue dress

This particular one is very comfortable which has a jeans kind of feel. It’s no coincidence that it was bought at Guess. Although it is slouchy it still has a shape to it as well, due to some well placed pleats in the front and back. It’s even very trendy now as the back is longer than the front. I was ahead of the trend! (as this is an old dress that was bought 4 years ago).

The fabric has also faded a little bit which is why this is purely a casual dress for me. However, if you combine it with my very versatile necklace again, the dress become instanly chicer and a nicer outfit. It’s actually amazing how much difference a simple (cheap) necklace like that can make. The dress looks very blah without it and interesting with it.

slouchy guess dress

I’m sure you must be getting bored with this necklace by now as I’ve worn it with the last 3 outfits shown on the site here, but just consider it as a great example of remixing for the necklace!

The other thing you will notice today is that my hair is shorter again. Every time I go to the hairdresser it gets a little shorter. I’m still quite bored with my haircut, but know that I will miss the convenience of a pony tail, especially just before the holidays. So now its just short enough for a nice shoulder length, but long enough to put my hair in a pony tail. I have also gone back to a short fringe. Much more comfortable for me and I actually quite like the look.

blue dress from guess

What is your favorite go to casual attire?

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I wish I had something this great for a favorite go to casual look. I love the simplicity of this look, but it can really go anywhere! It has a chic feel to it. Great job…I think next time I go out to thrift I am going to keep my eyes open for a style like this!


Thanks Pam. Yes, it’s a very versatile garment. I like that it’s a little bit chic, but at the same time very casual as well. And oh so comfortable…..


Sylvie–I like your current haircut, especially the “fringe.” Was this dress originally black? If you hadn’t explained it was faded, I would have taken it for a charcoal grey and I can only imagine how comfortable it is in hot humid weather. The detail on the back of the dress is very nice.


Hi Terri. Sorry I explained it wrong. The dress itself is not faded. Just the edges look a bit rougher as you normally see on jeans. The dress was always a blue/grey colour and always had a bit of a casual look….

Rachel {Raw-kul}

I didn’t notice you wore that necklace before, how funny! When I wore the same shoes I wore a few outfits ago today, I kept thinking, “Will they notice I wore these shoes recently, they must be sick of them!” You look so comfy and relaxed in this post. That last photo is amazing!


I guess the neccklace looks different on each outfit… Maybe I should not have mentioned it and hope that noone would notice! It’s funny though that I have worn many outfits here on the site and it’s only these last couple of times that this necklace has come in favour. Funny how that goes….

Kim, USA

That dress is very comfortable and yes the necklace does look good with the dress. ^_^



Thanks Kim!


I love this look and your new haircut! Reading this post makes me realize that I could use a couple of casual dresses in my wardrobe. For now my typical casual outfit would be jeans/boyfriend jeans, ballerina flats and a nice, slouchy t-shirt. If it’s chilly I’ll put on a cardigan and perhaps a scarf.


Thanks Nanne. You may want to buy a casual dress that you can easily wear as a tunic as well or that you can combine with jackets and cardigans. It’s so much more challenging to dress for your climate, but it can be more fun too as you can be so creative with layering!

my thrifty closet

I love your slouchy dress, I think your body shape really suits these pieces – modern, contemporary, simple, asymmetrical. Looks great on you, the necklace makes a fabulous statement against the simple, subtly chic dress. Nice styling Sylvia!



Thanks Mongs. Great to read that you approve of this simple casual look!


What a great look for summer. Great hair – suits you more with a shorter look; more bouncy and youthful. The dress looks sooooo comfy and cool. I bet it would look great with red necklace/sandals, also a slight, classical nautical theme? More great photos too!


Thanks Petra. Yes, I’m sure I could make it look much nicer with a great red statement necklace and shoes. I wasn’t really trying too hard on this particular day and I just ‘threw’ on this dress, grabbed some accessories and comfy flats and went out. The definition of being truly casual about the way you look! Happy you like the hair!

Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I am with you on this, Sylvia — in Florida, jeans are too hot for anything except perhaps the movie theatre! I love the ease and chic-ness of your simple dress. You look cool and very stylish.


Thanks Patti! Let’s see if the jeans make it this year into my travel capsule….


Love the comfy & slouchy look of this dress! The back of the dress is quite pretty, too.
I can definitely see myself in this number!
My favorite attire would have to be jeans…although, maxi dress/skirt is chasing close behind, especially this summer.
Where are you traveling to this summer?


Thanks Jeannie! I’m heading for Europe. First Netherlands, then travelling around south of France and north of Spain, followed by the Olympics in London. It’s going to be a very eventful July!

Red Tag Chic Los Angeles

Would love to wear this dress for summer….check out my blog too!



Thanks Rebecca!

Mistress Bliss

I don’t think it is possible to get bored with that necklace! Wear it as often as you would like…we will still enjoy it!


thanks! But I think I’m up for a change now!

Kathleen Lisson

I have a few “Saturday dresses” that I pair with flip flops and a simple sunhat.


I don’t have so many good ones. They are quickly become too casual and shapeless and then I get bored with them….

Kathleen Lisson

That’s too bad. Mine is blue and white striped and hat a rope belt at the waist. I bet its the hats that keep me from getting bored with my outfits!


Yes I agree that accessories are very important. It made all the difference with this dress. I’m determined to get more good hats. I love how they look and I also love how they can cover up bad hair days!

Kathleen Lisson

That’s great! I can’t wait to see which hats you choose!


This outfit looks so breezy and cool in its simplicity. You are stunning in this. The airflow must be perfect for the hot weather there. I love that there are pockets and the back of the dress is an unexpected surprise too. When I get bored with my hair it often creeps shorter too.


Thanks Melanie! The pockets are great. I love that in a dress. I’m seriously considering something more drastic for the hair, but I know that it’s probably not sensible. I’m very low maintenance when it comes to hair… Will consider again after the holidays.


Everything is nice about it, but the first photo gave me the idea it was a teeny bit too short. When I took a closer look, I decided it was more the way you stood.
Hair style suits you, but so did the style before that.
Can you show us a photo with jeans? Taken in a room with airco?


Yes will publish something with me in jeans soon. I actually suspect that it may make it into my travel capsule. If not then I will need to post something with it before that.

Megan Mae

It’s a fabulous dress and look perfect for hot climates. I’d much rather be in a loose comfy dress than stiff jeans. I don’t know the weather where you are, but if it’s like the US’s humid Southern summers, dresses are where it’s at.

I love your beautiful necklace and I’m glad I got the chance to see it!


It’s tropically hot here year round so it’s perfect for this climate. The less clothes the better really….


I love this outfit on you. It does look comfortable yet has great detail. Love the necklace.


Thanks Debbi!


what a wonderful go to outfit! I need a comfy dress like that 🙂


Thanks Laura!

Heather Fonseca

Los Angeles is jean central – they really work here. Normally I wear jeans most days, though recently I’ve been lounging around my studio (I work for home) In a pair of cut offs! So far I haven’t been courageous enough to wear them on my blog!


I do the same! Just really short comfy shorts, but I always change when going anywhere…

Charity Moonga

Dear Sylvia,
I have spent days/weeks going through and have learnt a lot especially on the dressing for those over 40. Iam 40 plus and trully i have been having problems with my wardrobe but I think i know what I want now. I am in Zambia, Africa how possible is to buy some clothes on line.

Would appreciate your quick response.



Hi Charity. Great to hear that 40+style has helped you with your wardrobe! Any products I feature on the site either in articles or through my shop section are sourced through different shops from around the world. When you click on a link and go to these shops and want to buy something, you will need to check their delivery terms to check if they deliver to your country. Good luck at finding some wonderful new additions to your wardrobe!

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