Dressing up and dressing down jeans

by Sylvia

Dressing up and dressing down jeans

Jeasns are a staple for many women and I’m sure I would wear them a lot more if I still lived in Europe. I usually find them too hot for Singapore, so they don’t get much wear at all. But here I am in Malden, The Netherlands, in my mom’s garden where they are very handy indeed.

Jeans are very practical when I go on holiday, and this year even 2 sets of jeans made it into my suitcase. I got a bit of criticism from some about my the poor fit of my jeans, when I showed you my very casual jeans outfit. But boy, are they comfortable! So they are perfect for holidays, strolls in the woods and beaches. I still like the comfortable look of those jeans, and I don’t have to worry that they get dirty. This is what these same jeans look like with these clothes and flats (not so nice, but very comfortable) walking shoes.

Still, I came across these super cheap jeans at the Mango sales, so I thought I would try them to see if they had a more perfect fit. They certainly fit tighter around the butt area and are a solid dark blue, which is really nice. But of course, they are less COMFORTABLE. So it remains to be seen if these jeans will be a success.

On this occasion, I wore them with a new top that I also bought in the sales at Alldressedup. It’s proving to be one of my most versatile and most worn tops this summer holiday. It looks good with everything: my white bell bottoms, my red pants and my jeans. I love to combine the dressy top with the more casual jeans. To keep me warm, I combined it with a simple red cardigan. Although the arms are kept long on this photo, I actually think it looks much nicer when they are scrunched up.

I also snapped up this Havanna hat in Amsterdam, which makes the whole look a bit more fun and trendy. Also from Amsterdam are these shoes from Hester van Eeghen. I love the bright patent leather and the comfortable mid high heel!

These jeans are quite long though and made for super high heels. Great to wear with my higher black heels for a super long leg effect. Still on my wish list are straight leg jeans, both in white and a very dark blue.

Of course this top also shines on its own. I love the frilly statement collar, although I can imagine that it’s not everyone’s cup-a-tea.

So tell me; Do you like statement collars?


1 Di

It all looks so good on you and I love the red heels with the jeans! Simply smashing looking!!

2 Sylvia

Thank you Di!

3 Greetje

As you might guess, I like the new jeans much more than the old ones. They will get more comfortable when you wear them more, I am sure.
The top is fabulous. I would love to have it myself, but I would not be able to take my cardigan off. So better not. I am a fan of the top, the collar. And the hat. And the shoes.
Very nice.

4 Sylvia

Thanks Greetje! I’m sure the items you mention will get a lot of wear..

5 Joni

Your travels and experiences are fascinating! I do love the more casual jeans for one style of dressing, like a trendy top or funky rolled up on the ends with boots, etc…but the more refined ones in the later photos are a wardrobe necessity too for more dressier outfits I think. So, they’re both great! Love your blouse here. I would wear it because I think it’s good for someone like me with narrow shoulders and a fairly flat chest. I like things to make me look larger up top and smaller on the bottom.

6 Sylvia

Thanks Joni. I would have like to post more and take more pictures from my holidays, but too busy having fun and seeing things! You are right that this is a good top if you are not bottom heavy. I never like to add too much ‘bulk’ at the top but this one is ok.

7 Chicatanyage

Love the hat.

8 Sylvia


9 Patti @ NotDeadYet Style

I like reading about all your adventures in fashion, Sylvia! That blouse is so pretty, it would easily be a favorite of mine too. And I love those red patent mid-heels. Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday.

10 Sylvia

Thanks Patti!

11 Rachel {Raw-kul}

Sylvia, you look so awesome in this outfit! I love that top, and yes, I actually do like statement collars especially with a cardigan or blazer. So in love with red shoes right now too! Thank you for sharing your travels with us, I would LOVE to go to Singapore someday, it has always been on my list. 🙂

12 Sylvia

Hope you do Rachel. Would be so great to welcome you in Singapore!

13 Aileen

I love the outfit on you and agree that jeans are great too.
When I went to an image consultant I wore jeans which were a bit too big for me because I’d lost some weight and she gave me a ticking off. She told me that jeans must be tight and fit well. She thought I looked heavier than I am because they were baggy.
I still enjoy wearing the baggy ones around the house and as you say, they are so comfortable. But I recently bought straight leg ones which fit well and they do look good.
You are looking wonderful as usual Sylvia!

14 Sylvia

Yes jeans need to fit well. I don’t like them too baggy and I think the fit of my ‘baggier’ jeans is just about ok. I’ve tried on several jeans and its actually pretty hard to find jeans that still have a good fit around the upper legs as well….

15 Greetje

Such a shame you have not tried “NYDJ” (Not Your Daughters Jeans). Like Heather I am a big big fan of this brand. Stretchy but not too much. Very very comfortable yet not baggy or tracking-like.

16 Sylvia

I promise that if I come across them I will try them on and give my opinion!

17 Aleya Bamdad

You look great. Love the hat.

18 Sylvia

Thanks Aleya!

19 Kim,USA

I like statement collars as long as it overwhelmed my neck since I am petite. ^_^ I like that blouse it looks great on you.


20 Sylvia

Thanks Kim. Yes this collar would not be good for everyone..

21 Heather Fonseca

They look great on you! Here’s for tight jeans.

22 Sylvia

I knew you would like them 🙂

23 Bella Q

I think you look great, but jeans to me, just don’t look like “you.” That blouse however is so wonderful and “Sylvia.” I love the poetical feel of the color and the classic color combo of black and white. I can see it being a versatile statement piece in your wardrobe. I think you’d rock stretchy skinny jeans. I adore your athletic build and figure and can see you rocking some skinny jeans and stilettos like nobody’s business. PS: hat = adorbs.

24 Sylvia

Thanks BellaQ. I think you would be surprised if you saw me IRL that I don’t have the athletic feature you describe. Quite of few sloppy areas, which these jeans perfectly hide of course! I have never really liked the look of skinny jeans on me…..

25 lissy

Chic as always! The jeans look great on you and I love them paired with the top.


26 Sylvia

Thanks Lissy

27 Doris

I truely love your outfit.

Your outfits are always an inspriation and you have given me courage to dress with style but also adding just a statement piece to make it different. I really look forward to seeing your next outfit. Thanks D

28 Rita

Ah, a fun revisited article! You look awesome in those jeans! Jeans are my “go-to” for cooler weather (I find them too hot for summer). They can look very casual, with a “T” and cute flats/walking shoes, or dressed up with a pretty top and sweater. I always wear boot-cut jeans…skinny jeans are not very compatible with my figure. 🙂

29 Sylvia

Hi Rita, Great you are still rediscovering old articles! I feel the same about skinny jeans; they are not for me. I actually think that a lot of women should be careful with them as I see them far too much worn in unflattering ways. Bootcut jeans look good on almost anyone…

30 Rita

Thanks for posting the links on Twitter, Sylvia…it’s fun to play “catch up”!
I’d also add that the rise of the jeans is important, too. I prefer mid-rise. I see way too many women, and young girls, wearing low rise jeans and as soon as they sit down, you get an eye-full. Or, they create a “muffin top” right above the jeans even on the skinniest gals. Not a good look even for the best figure.

31 Sylvia

Totally agree Rita!

32 Rita

🙂 Oh, I just realized you asked about statement collars. Yes! I really like them. Since I don’t wear much jewelry it’s a way of dressing up my top half a bit more.

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