Zadig & Voltaire new collections

by Sylvia

Zadig & Voltaire Singapore - fall 2011 collection and preview spring 2012 collection

I was recently invited to visit the Zadig & Voltaire store to preview their 2012 spring collection and to  have a look at their current fall 2011 collections. As I was not that familiar with this brand I was keen to discover more about it. It is not really a brand that has 40 Plus women as their target group, but I often like to shop in shops that cater for younger women. I will then pick and choose and select the pieces that are right for me.

About Zadig & Voltaire

Zadig & Voltaire was established in France and likes to present a bit of a rock vibe. They like to use uniform or army style in their clothing and a frequent symbol you find in the clothes is the skull. However, they combine that rock image with top quality fabrics like cashmere, wool and even fur and classic items like cardigans and jumpers.

Here are a few pieces that I feel would look great on the hip 40+ woman

Zadig et Voltaire fall 2011 collection as displayed in Singapore

2012 Spring collection preview

Here are a few pieces I really like from their 2012 spring collection.

Zadig & Voltaire 2012 spring collection preview

I was invited to try on a few pieces myself and of course I went for this weirdly shaped and asymmetric cardigan. As you may know I like unusual shapes and I was also attracted to the amazing colors of this cardigan. I’m usually not that keen on very tight pants, but wide pants were not of offer so I paired it with these tight dark jeans. I actually think it looks pretty good!

Cardigan knit oversized model

I also like their knitted dresses. I think they would look nice with good quality leggings, but since those were out of stock, it was paired with the same jeans as well.  I like to wear dresses over pants, so this is a look that suits me as well. I love the combination of this wine color with grey.

Grey knitted dress

The last outfit I tried was this wine cardigan with cream color trousers that was also featured at the top of this post. It has a very solid collar that you can wear up or down. I think this color looks lovely with the off-white trousers, although I would have liked a different model (I’m more of a wide leg trouser girl).

Red cardigan

My final take

Zadig and Voltaire shop at Marina Bay Sands Singapore

Although Zadig & Voltaire’s collection is aimed at a younger audience, there are still plenty of pieces that would look great in the cupboard of the over 40 woman. I love the good quality knits on offer and the wonderful wine colors. The prices are quite steep though, so you will have to choose wisely and opt for good quality pieces that will last you more than 1 year.

Location in Singapore

Zadig & Voltaire is located at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands,
2 Bayfront Avenue,
#B2-71/72, Singapore 018972

What do you think of these clothes? Have you worn anything of this brand before? 

1 tracey

Love that grey tunic with the black skinny jean. I am also a wide leg girl (and dresses over pants too), but those jeans looked great with the tunic and sandals.

2 Sylvia

Yes, that’s how I usually wear skinny’s and leggings with tunics over them… I would probably own more of those if I lived in a cold climate country.

3 Suzanne

I have never heard of the Zadig & Voltaire brand but I love these clothes. Their aesthetic reminds of early Alexander McQueen – rocker chic with the skulls and asymmetric zippers. Very cool.
Sylvia you look fantastic in skinny jeans! I like a full top over a slim line (like the colorful wrap over the jeans and white top) but in the gray knit dress and scarf you seem 6 feet tall and model thin. I like the wine cardigan with the white jeans too. It works because it is cropped and makes your legs seem a million miles long. You look great in these outfits – I think my favorites so far. 🙂

4 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne! I think these outfits would look even better with the right shoes with a little heel. Then my legs would really look tall. Just had my comfy shoes on that day….

5 Suzanne

Did you get your hair cut?

6 Sylvia

No, already a few weeks ago. Check out some of the photos of the past few weeks. The fringe was cut way too short and my hair doesn’t look so good in all of them 🙁 Yesterday’s picture was shot before my haircut, which is probably why you see such a big difference between those 2 images..

7 Nanne

I love the outfit with the cream skinnies and the wine cardigan, and you look fabulous in skinny jeans! I don’t think that we should feel obliged to shop in particular shops just because we have turned 40 – I’ll shop where I find the clothes that I like, regardless of what their said target group might be! Now I’ll have to check out if Zadig & Voltaire has an online store….

8 Sylvia

I think that outfit works so well because that wine color looks good on me and I love the combination with the cream. As for shopping in all stores, I agree, that’s what I always do.

9 Paula

Looks like a place I’d like to shop! Love the different shapes and love the fact they would use quality materials! I love natural fabrics so this would be agood fit! My fave is that asymetrical jacket in the tweed!

10 Sylvia

Something to look forward to as that jacket will come in shops next year. I love asymmetry too and this brand applies it a lot. Definitely a brand to watch!

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