I’m sure you’re well aware of your shoe size. But do you know the width of your feet? If you need wider-fitting shoes, it can be tricky to find a stylish pair of women’s shoes for wide feet.

This article features tips on finding comfortable, wider fitting shoes, along with some of the most fashionable wide width shoes to find in stores this summer.

How to tell if you need special shoes for wide feet

As children, we’re all used to having the width of our feet measured as well as the length. But, as we get older, we’re encouraged to think about shoe sizes as more uniform.

However, not everyone is lucky enough to fit comfortably into most shoe brands straight off the shelf. So, how do you tell if you need wider fitting shoes?

Well, it’s probably pretty obvious to you if you find that most shoes you try on pinch your feet. Over time, wearing the wrong fitting shoes can cause blisters, bunions or corns.

Plus, just because you’ve already been a regular fit at some point, that doesn’t mean your feet will remain the same width for life. As we age, our feet can change shape and spread out, making them wider than they were previously.

It’s vital to choose the right fit when looking at shoes for wide feet so that you don’t suffer from foot or posture problems.

What widths do shoes for wide feet for women come in?

ballet shoes can be a great option for wide feet | 40plusstyle.com

While shoe sizes are usually given a numeric value, widths are measured in letters. A women’s shoe can come in a narrow fitting, which is generally classed as a C, a regular D fitting, an E which is a wide, or an EE, which is extra wide. You may find that the letter differs depending on the brand so it’s best to simply look out for the type of fitting.

Nordstrom is a good place to start as you can refine your shoe choices by width fitting.

However many brands only cater to a regular, or even narrow fitting, and plenty don’t actually specify a width fitting at all.

Oxana (above) wears a classic pair of ballet flats, which can be a great style if you do need a wider fitting. The rounded toe is easier to fit into than a pair of pointed flats.

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How to find the best fitting shoes for wide feet?

So, how do you find the best fit for you if you do need wider shoes? Below are a few tips to get you started…

Find your favorite brand

Fly London sandals for wide feet | 40plusstyle.com

Just like clothing stores, you are likely to find that certain brands of shoe fit your feet best. You may, however, have to kiss a few frogs (or try on a few shoes) until you find your prince.

While you may be lucky enough to find a regular brand that fits you well, you may find it’s best to opt for a brand which offers a special wide fit to ensure you get the size just right.

Dayle (above) wears a pair of Fly London wedge sandals which come in a regular or wide fit.

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Choose natural materials

Wearing natural shoe materials for wide feet | 40plusstyle.com

Manmade materials can be uncomfortable if you have wide fit. You may find that opting for leather or suede which has a little more give may be a better option.

Melinda (above) chooses a pair of suede ankle booties.

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Try your shoes on on the carpet

Try on your shoes for wide feet at home | 40plusstyle.com

When your shoes arrive, try them on at different times of the day and make sure you’re putting even pressure on both feet. Walk around in them and wiggle your toes. If they don’t fit, it’s best to exchange rather than assume they will stretch.

Elsie (above) opts for a pair of pointed flats. If you have wide feet, it’s important to ensure that pointed shoes aren’t pinching your toes.

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The most stylish shoes for wide feet

Birkenstocks can be a good choice for wide feet | 40plusstyle.com

As most of you will be (hopefully) enjoying some warmer weather, this article features mainly summer shoes, but there are also some stylish pairs for transitional and cooler weather.

Deborah (above) wears a pair of Birkenstock sandals which are a good choice if you do need a wider fit.

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Below are some of my favorite wide fitting options. Don’t forget to let me know in the comments at the bottom if you have your own favorite wide shoe brand.

Fly London sandals

Fly London shoes tend to come in a medium and wide fitting. Plus, they feature natural materials, which means they have some give so can mold to your feet.

Shoes for wide feet - Fly London 'Yemo' sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Fly London ‘Yemo’ sandal


Although Birkenstocks tend to come only in a medium width, they are renowned as a comfortable option for wider feet.

Some styles, such as the Gizeh tend to be narrower fitting, but others in the range are good if you’re looking for a wide fit.

Shoes for wide feet - Birkenstock 'Mayari Birko-Flor' sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Birkenstock ‘Mayari Birko-Flor’ sandal

Wide flats

Every closet needs a great pair of comfortable flats that you can wear with everything from jeans to cropped pants.

Naturalizer is a good brand to look out for, and the Samantha style tends to be in stock each season in different colors.

Shoes for wide feet - Naturalizer 'Samantha' half d'Orsay flat | 40plusstyle.com

Naturalizer ‘Samantha’ half d’Orsay flat

Wide sandals

If you’re looking for a pair of wide fitting sandals this summer, then Comfortiva has a great range in medium and wide fitting. If you opt for neutrals or a metallic pair, they should go with everything in your summer closet.

Shoes for wide feet - Comfortiva 'Rabea' wedge sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Comfortiva ‘Rabea’ wedge sandal

Wide sneakers

While sneakers are seen as a comfortable option, they can still rub your feet in all the wrong places if you don’t get the fit just right.

Munro sneakers are a good choice no matter what the width of your feet are as they come in a range from narrow to extra wide.

Shoes for wide feet - Munro 'Sandi' sneaker | 40plusstyle.com

Munro ‘Sandi’ sneaker

Wide booties

A pair of classic black booties will go with everything from workwear to jeans to a dress. These toe cap boots (below) are from David Tate which has a range of widths to choose from.

Shoes for wide feet - David Tate 'Ultra' bootie | 40plusstyle.com

David Tate ‘Ultra’ bootie

Ballet flats

If you have wider feet, a rounded toe is often a more comfortable option to go for. A metallic ballet flat will look great with your jeans.

Shoes for wide feet - Sam Edelman 'Felicia' flat | 40plusstyle.com

Sam Edelman ‘Felicia’ flat


If you prefer to cover your toes for summer, how about a pair of espadrille slingbacks like these ones from the Vionic brand (below)?

Shoes for wide feet - Vionic 'Coralina' Orthaheel® espadrille wedge slingback sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Vionic ‘Coralina’ Orthaheel® espadrille wedge slingback sandal

Block heel pump

No matter what width your feet, a block heel can be a more comfortable choice than a stiletto. These Munro pumps (below) come in super slim to extra wide fitting, so you should find the right fit for your feet.

Munro 'Cindi' block heel pump | 40plusstyle.com

Munro ‘Cindi’ block heel pump

Gladiator sandals

A pair of gladiator sandals is a style staple for summer. Looking for a pair with adjustable straps can be a good idea to ensure you can get a good fit for your feet and your ankles.

Sam Edelman 'Eavan' studded sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Sam Edelman ‘Eavan’ studded sandal

Toe cap shoes

A pair of toe cap ballet flats will never go out of style, and is a great choice for you if you love a classic or a preppy style.

David Tate 'Nicole' cap toe flat | 40plusstyle.com

David Tate ‘Nicole’ cap toe flat

Tall sandals

To add a little edginess to your summer style, you could opt for a caged style which is a hybrid or a shoe and a boot. Rockport’s lace-up sandals (below) would look great worn with a summer dress.

Rockport Cobb Hill 'Gabby' lace-up sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Rockport Cobb Hill ‘Gabby’ lace-up sandal

Banks pump

For extra comfort, you could opt for a low, yet still on-trend heel.

Naturalizer 'Banks' pump | 40plusstyle.com

Naturalizer ‘Banks’ pump

Classic pumps

A pair of black pumps are a fantastic investment as they will never date. You can wear to elevate a simple pair of jeans, or for more formal occasions.

J.Reneé 'Bonita' pump | 40plusstyle.com

J.Reneé ‘Bonita’ pump

Open toe sandals

A great option for transitional dressing is a pair of open-toe booties. Plus, the elasticated sides will help to give these Munro sandals (below) a more comfortable fit.

Munro 'Sable' sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Munro ‘Sable’ sandal

Evening sandals

A block heel sandal will be a hard-working pair of shoes for your closet. You can wear for everything from dinner to a wedding.

Naturalizer 'Vera' ankle strap sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Naturalizer ‘Vera’ ankle strap sandal

Black sandals

Wider strap sandals are band on trend this summer. These Munro sandals (below) come in either a classic black style or a two-tone option.

Munro 'Cleo' sandal | 40plusstyle.com

Munro ‘Cleo’ sandal

Coral suede

Coral is always a beautiful color for summer. You could wear with black or white, or with other soft pastel shades in your closet.

27 Edit 'Meera' slingback pump | 40plusstyle.com

27 Edit ‘Meera’ slingback pump

White sneakers

A pair of white sneakers will go with everything from a classic jeans and t-shirt combination to a summer dress.

Comfortiva 'Trista' sneaker | 40plusstyle.com

Comfortiva ‘Trista’ sneaker

Waterproof booties

While a pair of black booties are a classic, opting for a softer shade can ensure that your booties look summer appropriate.

Blondo 'Valli 2.0' waterproof bootie | 40plusstyle.com

Blondo ‘Valli 2.0’ waterproof bootie

Brands to look out for when choosing wide shoes

Below are some of my favorite wide-fit shoe brands. How about you. What are the most comfortable wide-fit brands you’ve found?

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