My mission with 40+style is to make you feel confident both inside and out. Confidence is key to everything you do, which is why I’m so passionate about diving DEEP into this topic.

I’ve been thinking how I can best support you in this time of relative isolation. How can you use this time to do something meaningful that will help you grow?

That’s how my idea of the Style Me Confident Challenge came about.

Why don’t we all do something a little bit different this month and challenge ourselves in some way?

Due to the success of the first challenge, we are going to do another one!

Here is how the Style Me Confident Challenge works:

#1 Share a photo, quote or story every day inspired by the day’s prompt.

You can participate every day (encouraged) or just on the days that you’re inspired by the prompt.

You can interpret the prompt any way you like. Tap into your creativity and think about what you can do that takes your confidence forward.

Follow me on Instagram here and share your images daily with the tag #stylemeconfident

Prefer Facebook? You can join us in our private group here.

#2 Share this challenge with your friends, colleagues, mom or anyone else who just wants a boost of confidence or wants to have a bit of FUN

This is something we can all do together and it’s so much more fun when we’re doing this with out friends.

#3 Get your photo highlighted or shared

On Instagram i will highlight the most inspiring photos, stories or quotes that are tagged with #stylemeconfident on Instagram or Pinterest too so even more women will be inspired by you!

This is your chance to not only inspire yourself but countless others too.

Ready to get inspired and get more confident?

Start by sharing one of the images below in your favorite social media network and share your first photo!

Join the Style Me Confident Challenge -
Join the Style Me Confident Challenge -

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