We have all been there, the moment when you keep looking through your closet and finally say, “I have nothing to wear.” You go to the store to grab new items and put them in your closet, only to go through the same experience all over again.

The truth is, you do have something to wear. Sometimes it is not a matter of buying something new, but rather styling the clothes in your closet in a new way. With spring cleaning just around the corner, now is the perfect opportunity to go through your closet and breathe new life into what you already own.

Having a foundation of basic pieces in your closet is the best way to always have a chic and easy ensemble. Taking the capsule wardrobe approach, you no longer focus on creating one outfit at a time that you might never wear. Instead, you bring together different items from your closet that all coordinate with one another and create endless styling options.  Let’s start by going through your closet and picking out basic items you might already own.


Basic Tops wardrobe capsule | 40plusstyle.com


Basic Bottoms wardrobe capsule | 40plusstyle.com

Jackets and Dress

LBD trenchcoat blazer leather jacket | 40plusstyle.com


basic nude black accessories | 40plusstyle.com

Already you can see that once you take inventory of your closet and put together the basic pieces and a few key accessories in your closet, you have quite a few outfit options. The key here is to always invest in quality basics that will last multiple seasons and coordinate well with each other. By having a great stock of coordinating basics, you can create well tailored looks that are trendy by selecting accessories that will take your looks to the next level.

We selected 4 new pieces to add to this closet:


The beauty of this approach is that you can indulge in seasonal trends without purchasing an entire wardrobe you might not necessarily wear in a season or two.

Here are 9 outfits combining the items above

Basic Looks-5

As you can see, you can create fresh and well put together looks simply by coordinating items you already own and adding in one new item and a few accessories that give your looks that extra edge.

What will you add to your closet this season to give you many more options?

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