How to find lots of new outfit ideas through re-arranging your closet

by guest writer

 How to find lots of new outfit ideas through re-arranging your closet |

How many times have you looked at your closet and thought “I don’t have a thing to wear” or “I’m wearing the same outfits all the time”?

The irony is that we usually have a lot of clothes, but we’re just not wearing them. I read that on average we only wear about 20% of what we have!

The other day I was looking for something to wear to a casual dinner at a friend’s house and realized that I was bored with my usual outfits but I didn’t have time to scramble and try on something different.  

This got me thinking about how I organize my closet, what clothes are in my line of sight and what clothes I miss. I have always considered myself to be organized, but obviously something is missing if I’m only wearing 20% of my clothes! So, my goal became to re-arrange my closet to create more outfits.

You may already use one of these methods of organization:

 re-arranging your closet |

  • Organize your clothes by season. Spring, summer, fall then winter.
  • Organize by type. Separate your blouses, pants, skirts, dresses and jackets.
  • Organize by activity. Hang all your business clothes together, then casual, then dressy.
  •  Organize your clothes by how often you wear them. Favourite pieces are always accessible.
  •  Organize by colour.

All good methods, but maybe it was time to think out of the box, or out of the closet as it were.

I have always arranged my closet by activity and colour and now that I’m in my 60’s and my lifestyle has changed, I need more casual and dressy casual clothes and less business.

I still have specific outfits for the few business meetings I attend, but why can’t I wear those for other purposes?  And why am I keeping good clothes for only special occasions? And what about clothes that I had designated for summer wear only when some of those tee’s and tank tops can be worn under cardigans or jackets in cooler weather.

I decided that I would re-arrange everything in my closet by outfit combinations.

I removed everything from my closet and selected 1 item I wanted to create an outfit around. I chose a velvet blazer that I wear with crepe pants for an evening out. But that jacket can also be worn in the daytime.  

I hung everything together that I could possibly wear with that jacket and ended up with a pencil skirt, plaid pants, indigo jeans, black jeans, crepe pants, 4 blouses and 2 tops for a minimum of 10 outfit combinations.  I then added a duster length cardigan which could be worn with everything in that grouping, giving me another 10 outfits!

Then I added scarves and necklaces. By the time I finished, most of my closet was organized this way and it felt brand new. It also exposed which pieces aren’t versatile or are stand-alones.


How to find lots of new outfit in your closet |

Here are some other ideas to try:

  • Change the order in which you hang your clothes. Take what’s in the back of the closet and move it to the front. Forgotten clothes will now be visible.
  • If you have a walk-in closet that has shelves and hanging bars, switch it up so that everything is now hanging or folded in a different place.
  • If you arrange by activity now, change that and arrange by season or colour.
  • Stop arranging by type. Arrange by outfit combinations which is what I did.

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All these ideas will give you a fresh look at what’s in your closet. Give it a try, you will be surprised at how many new outfit combinations you can create.

How do you like to arrange your closet? Let us know in a comment below.

Author bio: Yvonne Grzebien’s passion for fashion started at a young age through modelling and then progressed to working in the fashion and cosmetics business for many years. She also has training as a Colours Consultant. Yvonne lives in Canada and when the weather permits you will find her on the golf course.

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How to find lots of new outfit in your closet |

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samantha sheinson

Love all these great tips!


Susan Street

Excellent post! So many great ideas and tips. Thank you for sharing your wisdom Yvonne and thank you, Sylvia, for sharing her post with us.



Oh how I wish I could take your advice, but it doesn’t work with me. As soon as I hang a particular item in a different place, I can never find it anymore. Taking everything out of my closet and rearrange it by outfit would take me weeks. Literally. And just laying items together on the bed (or on Polyvore) doesn’t work either. I have to put them on together. A pretty time consuming task.
Fortunately I have a pretty darned good memory of what clothes I own.



What I enjoy most about this blog is that it features ideas from a variety of people. Single person blogs become predictable and boring fairly quickly. For me your guest writers are a big part of your strength…….just wondering why Yvonne’s full name was not given?

Great article. I gave it a try and am inspired by all the new outfits I came up with….finally finding ways of bringing underused items into my regular rotation. and making me aware of “missing links” that are preventing me from completing certain outfits, and realizing that I should eliminate others (yay, more space). Actually trying all the outfits on to see if they really worked gave me very different result than just doing it in my head — a very worthwhile exercise. It took me half a day, but left me feeling as if I have an entirely new wardrobe!



Thanks C.L. Great to know you enjoy the multiple perspectives. Not having her full name was an oversight on our part. Just added it.



I like this idea. It’s a good way to incorporate new purchases! In order to wear all my clothes, I move whatever is not seasonal, right out of my closet. Then when I wear something, it goes to the back of the closet, so I don’t see it. I take clothes from the middle and make outfits with whatever is there. And then afterward it is put in the back. Gradually, everything rotates toward the middle again. This way I wear everything and if I don’t wear something, it is donated.


Lisa M

I still organize by color in groups (cardigans/blazers, tops, pants, and skirts). Scarves and jewelry are also arranged by color.

I feel like it helps me create new combinations that way, and it always feels like I have a new outfit.


Karen Amantea

Fantastic tips! I’m definitely going to try outfit grouping in my closet of traditionally organized pieces. This is brilliant. Thank you, Yvonne.

~ Karen



Makes sense. I am going to try it. My challenge is that I retire almost two years ago and have trouble weeding out my wardrobe. I love some of the pieces that I know that I will never wear again. I used to go to a lot of evening, dressy events. No longer. I also used to wear a lot of dresses for business. No longer. Now, I seem to live in slacks. I’m working on it, sending clothes to Goodwill, but its a slow process. I may look into a plus size consignment shop.


Lady j

What I do is I take my purple velvet jacket I got sumlarbto onebin picture I have matching pants. I can wear beautiful light pink blouse in spring. In winter I with black shirt underneath black boots and accessories. In fall I wear with purple assorities. I don’t wearbin summer because it is velvet. I can wear purple velvet blazet with black pants black cami to work. What I do is I take old cell phone no longer working I take picture outfit with accessories. I make my own look book. A look book is what companies do once a year so customer can see different ways wear clothes. I take picture whole outfit front in back. That way I can see many outfits I can come up with including shoes, purses, scaft and other accessories. Because it is in old cell phone. I can see what looks good or what I can change. I got full length mirror from Walmart for $5.00 . it does come with tape or hanging device. But it gets job done. I just need be able see total outfit. I got my clouset broken down costs , gowns, dresses, church suits dresses. I have walk in closet think Carrie Closet from sex in city.


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