In my last article in the closet editing series I spoke about creating a versatile wardrobe and how you can create a wardrobe that is consistent and fits together perfectly.

Today I will get even more practical and show you how to create wardrobe capsules that work.

Identifying the gaps

If you have done your editing correctly, you will have ended up with a wardrobe that is organised and full of items you love to wear. Now it’s time to identify the gaps. Have a look at some of your major capsules like your ‘free time capsule’ or ‘work capsule’. Did you identify items that needed to be replaced during your edit? Which items would really enhance your capsules? Do you need more bottoms or tops? Are you happy with the amount of colour or pattern in your wardrobe?

Wardrobe capsules colours

If I take myself as an example I have identified that I need more colour. You could argue that I need more pattern also, but I prefer to add that with accesories. Essentially I like combining solids and then enhancing them with statement jewellery and nice belts. But having sorted all my clothes by colour, it is clear that neutrals and softer colours dominate, whereas I feel that I look better with more striking colours now.

My main wardrobe capsule is ‘smart casual  wear’.  This is what I like for most occasions whenever I go out so this is the wardrobe capsule that I will be concentrating on.

Here are some of the points that I will be paying attention to:

  • I like to use white as a base for both my colours and neutrals and I identified that I have a need for some new white pants.
  • Black is another great basis, but I have plenty of bottoms already.
  • One of my favorite colours of the moment is green and I don’t yet own any tops in this colour. All the other colours are covered.
  • I like adding accessories to my outfits but do not yet own a really great black and white textured belt that would go well with many of my outfits and the planned colours. This would be a good investment.
  • I like to add a leather element to my wardrobe, since this a trend I like and will continue for next summer as well.
  • I prefer to add pattern with black and white. This will go with anything and I will not tire of this so easily. The black and white trend remains huge for some time to come as well.

So my main casual smart wardrobe capsule would include the following:

  • Patterns in black and white. This could be in tops (already in my closet) and dresses. Patterned trousers remain very fashionable and that is a good option too to add more patterns. Another great option for adding pattern is accessories like scarves, belts and bags.
  • Tops in the colours above. I like high quality tops which have an interesting design element.
  • Bottoms in black, white and red.
  • Belts in several colours of the colour palette but at least 1 striking one with a black and white pattern
  • Bags in these colours (which I can actually do with my new versatile bag which lets me create bags with all 3 colour elements).

I already have most things needed for this wardrobe capsule, although I like to replace my white pants, add a garment with a leather element or even a full leather skirt.

Have a look at your main wardrobe capsule and identify what you would like it to be. What is missing from it to make it current for this season? Or what essential is still needed to give you even more outfit options?

ps. This article is part of my wardrobe editing series. Earlier we discussed a minimal wardrobe,  how to edit your clothes,  how to find out if a garment should stay in your closet), how to store your clothes and accessories and how to create a wardrobe that will always give you something to wear.

If you like to find or refine your style and create a wardrobe you will love, I recommend my style course.

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