A capsule wardrobe for winter 2015 – Cynthia’s picks!

by Cynthia Bowman

A capsule wardrobe for winter 2015 - Cynthia's picks! | 40plusstyle.com

With winter here, I’ve decided it’s time to put a capsule wardrobe together.

The way I see a capsule wardrobe is as a collection of key, on-trend pieces that will make my fashion statement for the season. It’s a chance to add a color or design direction that’s hot, or premiered on the runway or that I really responded to for the season. For some inspiration, you can see Sylvia’s last years winter wardrobe capsule here.

This season I had a lot of thoughts on how I was going to dress for winter. I definitely wanted to try to mix more prints, patterns and textures.

  • I loved the coats on the runway and especially, the burgundy reds and deep blues the designers showed for Fall.
  • Long skirts are in, and I would definitely want to try the look.
  • It’s my favorite time of the year to wear animal print, so I wanted to make sure to add some animal print somehow that would work with all those ideas.
  • Lastly, I wanted to add something slightly fun and quirky to see if I can pull off effortlessly chic. I would try a warm, cashmere pom-pom hat with ear flaps as my nod to fun and effortless.

You probably have really good basics in your closet, like jeans, tights, t-shirts and tops. So do I. In fact, I even consider my giant jewelry and belt collection as part of my basics and will work them in to my new capsule wardrobe.

I decided that if I was going to invest money in a capsule wardrobe, I would select really good items I love for my capsule collection that could mostly mix and match. I would layer the items with my basics. For example, the Madewell camel color sweater dress could be worn alone, or with tights, or this summer’s leggings underneath. I have a great, chunky belt I rarely wear I could add to that dress.

The pieces I picked would be for outfits I could wear on errands or dress up a bit more to go out for lunch or the movies. I wanted to spend no more than $300 per item. In fact, far less than that if I could.

Here it is!

I added more color and patterns than I normally would, but I think that as part of the 40 Plus Style community, we’re all learning more about fashion together and taking more confident (and better) risks.




Romwe Colorblock Long Sleeve Cardigan Grey/Navy, $20.67

Madewell Sweater Dress, $79.99

Nordstrom V-Neck Sweater, $19.90

Oasis Animal Colourblock Sweater, $57.60

Novica Alpaca Grey and Red Pattern Cape, $129.99


Vila Waterfall Coat, $144


Isabel Marant Etoile Red Corduroy Trousers, $179

East Jersey Maxi Skirt in Indigo Blue, $89

Topshop Flannel Grey Trousers, $75


Monnier Freres Inverni Alpaca Beanie, $165

Nordstrom Feather Print Wool Scarf, $58

Rebecca Minkoff Blue Leather Stud-Trim Tote, $275


Dune Burgundy Chelsea Boots, $171

Pedder Red ‘Joey’ Contrast Multicolor Leopard Flats, $195

How are you planning your wardrobe for this winter? What will be in your winter wardrobe capsule?

cynthiabowmanCynthia Bowman is a former fashion stylist and current zen fashionista blogging about looking stylish while traveling with 2 kids, a dog and husband in tow. She currently lives in San Sebastian, Spain.

1 Greetje

Hi Cynthia,
I chuckled when I read you added a bit more colour than normal as for me (I have loads of colour in my wardrobe) only the red trousers and the red/grey cape would be the colour ones (being 2), the rest are neutrals for me. See how different people are? I do like the items but I can never see how they would look on a person. So I wouldn’t buy anything. And later when somebody puts it on I would probably go: “Oh nice!!!”.
Achieving effortlessly chic is my strive, so I reread that article. Not my nature, but perhaps with some nurture??? Who knows.

2 Sylvia

Yes it’s different for everyone 🙂 And much can be achieved with a little nurture 😉

3 beate

although i have a completely different style – i did chose the same colors for this winter!!! (after living the last one in purple, black and some jewel tones)

4 Sylvia

Great choice Beate!

5 Teri

I want to order the Romwe color block cardigan but am worried about the quality as I have never ordered from them before. Could you advise me on that? Thank you!

6 Sylvia

Hi Teri, Unfortunately I have no experience with this seller either. But it’s a fabulous cardigan at a very affordable price, so perhaps you could take the risk?

7 Lisa

I also would choose more color and texture.

Here’s my attempt at a capsule wardrobe for fall/winter. http://www.polyvore.com/fall_winter_2015-16_capsule_wardrobe/set?id=182693953

8 Sylvia

Fabulous capsule Lisa!

9 Christine Dodd

I do love a capsule wardrobe – mine is a bit too big at the moment and needs a good prune.

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