I am often very inspired by women bloggers over 50 and beyond. One of them is Darryle Pollack whose blog “I never signed up for this” I’ve been following for a while.  She wrote this wonderful blog post: “Manifesto for the invisible woman: numbers too big to ignore” and recently she was awarded with the Blog Her Voice of the year award. The award winners each presented their winning blog post on stage, and Darryle presented hers with poise and determination.

50 is about when women disappear” she says.

Though our numbers are growing faster than we can count—we don’t count.   In the eyes of image makers and marketers—and more importantly, in their minds—when we reach a certain age, we’re toast—burnt toast“.

But Darryle has a plan and a message to all marketing people out there and the women themselves on how we can take action.

As the first generation of women in history to come to maturity with independent spirits, re-shaping the image of “age” is just a continuation of what we started.”

I am woman hear me roar in numbers too big to ignore”

Go watch Darryle speak below and be inspired!

And if you’re working in marketing or advertising, please realise that we are growing as a group and becoming ever more powerful and vocal. Feature us in your fashion shoots every now and then, and speak to us….

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