Warm casual chic outfits for winter

by Sylvia

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It’s tougher to look chic in winter. Certainly when you run cold very quickly as I do.

No surprise then that I covered myself in layers (as I showed you recently) and turned to knee-high boots for warmth and comfort.

This was one of my favorite outfits. 

The blue poncho was so soft and comfortable to wear and I could put up to 3 layers underneath!

I also embraced wearing scarves again. The touch of silk and these fun patterns and color delighted me daily.

blueponcho (2 of 3)opt

I had some fun trying out new winter clothes in the shops too. Here I’m trying two fabulous coats. I actually bought a similar leather jacket to the one I’m wearing which is very light weight and can be worn on its own. I will show you pictures of that soon!


Here is another coat I absolutely fell in love with. Did not buy it though since I only need a coat once a year for a few weeks. But how gorgeous it is!


Here I’m not wearing one but two (!) woollen jumpers. With my warm winter coat from Zara, I was ready to go outside.


My friends Anja and Greetje looked fabulous too.


I have not yet shown you the burgundy jacket that I wore a lot of the time too. Coming up soon!

blueponcho (3 of 3)opt

White asymmetrical shirt: Stella Carakasi (on sale)
Black Skinnies: Cos (old)
Gray asymmetrical sweater: Stella Carakasi (on sale)
Cashmere blue poncho: Black.co.uk
Shoes: old custom-made boots from Shanghai
Scarf: Daniel Hechter (old)
Coat: Zara (old)

How are you keeping warm for winter?


1 Laina Turner

Great looking outfits. I’m always cold and these looks good to keep warm.

2 Patti

Wonderful cold-weather looks, Sylvia. You have great discipline to leave that coat behind – it’s simply beautiful. xo

3 Ann

Great outfits ladies! The poncho with boots is a fun look Sylvia. Many good coats!

4 Suzanne

You look very artsy in this Sylvia! I like it.

Greetje and Anja are also looking lovely. I guess you were out for coffee or lunch. I wish I’d have been there!

I was just in NYC and it was COLD. As cold as here, one difference being that I don’t normally walk outside when it is cold out. When you are in NY it is hard to avoid walking outside. I managed with a long faux fur lined coat, with additional sweater or jacket underneath, cashmere sweaters, fleece lined tights, tall lined boots, hat and large faux fur scarf and gloves. Still though, after about 30 minutes of being outside I was frozen. Good excuse to stop somewhere and get a martini though : )


5 denton

haha Suzzanne on the martini. Had I know you were coming we could have taken some nice photos. Me, I just wear the biggest down parka I can find!

6 Sylvia

I still need to learn to create the martini that you always drink. I do like it! Hopefully this year in New York!

7 denton

Sylvia, that outfit is just wonderful! I love silk scarves, I bought my wife maybe a dozen Pucci’s on ebay over the course of a year. As thin as they are silk is a good insulator and really keeps the neck warm on cold days.

8 Ashley

I lover this look! The navy and black look great together. That awesome scarf just ties the whole look together. Lovely!

9 Sabina @Oceanblue Style

Love your blue poncho. A great style as we have come to know you! Lovely. For me? Its the Shearling jacket winter alternative for moto jacket in summer….Sabina @Oceanblue Style

10 Greetje Kamminga

Great pictures. Where did you find that patterned coat which you think would look so good on me too? Perhaps it is in the sale now.
And if I had realized you were going to publish my photo with the lime jacket I would have straightened my jacket and combed my hair (of course I knew, just never really got through to my foggy brain).

11 Sylvia

It was already on sale when I was there. I forgot the name of the shop. It was all dutch design though and I think it was in the Hartenstraat. I’m sure you know the shop… She told me they have been there for years.

12 Greetje Kamminga

I figured it out (I think)..: ML Collections.

13 Sylvia

Yes correct.

14 Lady Byron

Sorry to be the fly in the ointment, but that outfit with the blue cape and check hat DOES NOT SUIT YOU…. REALLY! Lose that hat and scarf and the rest may look (maybe) ok….Just saying…

15 Sylvia

Let’s agree to disagree! I’ve learned long ago that I can never please everyone with my outfits so I aim to please myself. I felt good on the day and I still think it looks good now. That’s all that matters.

16 Anja van der Vorst

Nice look with your poncho, Sylvia!

How funny that Greetje and I struck almost identical poses!

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