Why it’s good to get bored with your outfits!

by Sylvia

Why it's good to get quickly bored with your outfits!

Which are your favorite clothes in your closet to wear right now?

Could it just be your newest items?

I know in my case they almost always are!

No surprise as one of my ‘buying rules’ is that an item needs to be nicer than anything I already own. Otherwise why should I buy it? Of course there are a few exceptions for this like basics and things that need to be replaced. But generally I like to wear my nicest clothes while shopping and only buy something new when it’s nicer than what I already have on.

So no surprise that my newest clothes are my favorite clothes.

I’m super excited when I can wear the new outfit and I feel amazing and fabulous. I may even repeat that outfit a few times in the same week.

No matter how amazing that outfit is though, it’s rare that I will wear that exact same very often after that.


My ‘issue’ with clothing

One of the ‘issues’ I have with clothing is that I quickly get bored with an outfit. I don’t particularly like wearing the same outfit over and over again.

This is particularly true for prints, which is one reason I tend not to buy many.

I always thought that this was a huge problem and something I would need to fix. But I now realise it has its advantages too!

You see, me not wanting to wear the same outfit again FORCES me to mix and match. I have to look inside my closet and come up with new and creative ways to make the items exciting and new again. Many times I find other combinations that look just as good and often better!

Important buying rule

That is one reason that anything I buy needs to comply with another rule: I should be able to wear the item with at least 3 other items in my closet.

My friend Greetje was recently showing some new outfits on her blog. She mixed her new leather green jacket with both a long a-line skirt and a pencil skirt. This is already unusual for her as she used to buy complete outfits in shops and would stick to the same outfit most of the time. She still likes doing that, but more and more she is starting to mix and match her clothes and be more creative.


I loved that she had already worn this jacket 2 ways and I loved both combinations. Greetje herself was not super pleased with either outfit and said she would try other combinations. Great! Go into your closet and see what else you can come up with. This particular jacket should be easy to combine with many colors of pants and skirts and may even be worn over a dress.

Why it’s good to be quickly bored

So getting bored with your clothes can be a good thing.


  • It forces you to buy clothes that can be mixed and matched.
  • It forces you to be creative and try out new things.
  • It ensures you always look fresh and exciting.
  • You allow yourself to have FUN with fashion.

Of course, you do need to be mindful that being quickly bored with your outfits does not lead to shopping more! It will take some discipline to shop your own wardrobe instead.

But hopefully, being aware that you do get bored with your clothes easily, also gives you some incentive to buy smart and create the right balance of basics and show pieces in your closet.

Style course

These are the kind of things we will discuss in our style course! We will find out about our tendencies when it comes to dressing and how we can take the appropriate steps to create a wardrobe that fulfils us, gives us options and makes us happy.

I hope you join us!

You can enrol here.

Do you tire of your outfits quickly or are you happy wearing the same outfits over and over again?


Photos by Ron from No Fear of Fashion

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1 Anna Shirley

I moved country with just a few pieces of clothing, so I am already tired of them, but it pushes me to be creative. I like that. And I enjoy to explore the town and find new pieces for my wardrobe. So exciting.o)


2 Jill

Great ideas. I am not much for prints, however, recently I purchased a long sleeve blouse and a short sleeve blouse to take to the islands to step thing up a bit. I find myself gravitating to the Emmanuel Alt look, basic, blacks, grays, navy and no fru fru! Buying theses two print pieces, I stepped out of the box and it felt good!


3 Sylvia

Well done for trying something new!


4 Patti

Great post, Sylvia. I often use my shoes or scarves to keep away the boredom. We are programmed to seek variety, most of us, and that’s the allure of the new.


5 Sylvia

Yes accessories are a great way to change things up! Sometimes that is all you need…


6 Sabina @Oceanblue Style

I have already complimented your friend on that skirt. Great advice Sylvia! I dont get bored that much I suppose. New to think about it and will keep you posted 😉 Sabina @Oceanblue Style


7 Sylvia

Well that is a good thing too of course. Certainly if you still mix things up every now and then.


8 Elaine Lascher

Great ideas Sylvia! It’s a nice feeling to come up with a killer new look for an existing item. If I want to wear favorite piece in a different way and my closet isn’t coughing up a quick solution I go to Pinterest and type in a description of the item. “Black blazers for fall”, “Denim shirts”, “Orange scarfs”, or whatever, and immediately I’m looking a dozens of outfits that give me ideas or remind me of how to use what is readily available in my closet. Light bulbs go off everywhere! I “Like” or “Pin” them to a board where I can go back and reference them later. The pins also provide ideas about what to shop for.


9 Glenda Bibbero

Thanks for the idea Elaine. Got to give this a try!


10 Sylvia

Yes Pinterest is a great way to get inspiration and keep track of outfits you like. We will use it in the style challenge too!


11 Carol

Perfect article for me because YES, I do get bored! Love your rationale and it’s true, repurposing or reworking pieces in your closet is actually quite exciting!


12 Sylvia

Have fun doing it Carol!


13 Greetje Kamminga

I have found two other ways to wear the leather jacket: with jeans and a pearly blue/black necklace. Simple, yet sophisticated. And with a cream pencil skirt (which needs some finishing as I cannot decide on the boots.
The cream coloured jeans are still in my puzzle zone. I remember thinking they would be the answer to so many styling problems.. Now that I have them, I cannot remember the “problems” LOL
Have been thrying some new skirt outfits with Anja as my stylist and she came up with some nice combinations. (She is here for so much longer than you were. I didn’t want to spend our time on this as it is not my favourite way of spending time.) Great big mess in the bedroom of course. Getting better. Didn’t solve it by buying more…


14 Sylvia

Very good Greetje! Have you tried your cream jeans with other clothes and this jacket? I would imagine that would look good too!


15 Greetje Kamminga

Did that today. Ron took pictures. We both had private lessons from a photographer for two Saturday mornings and finally things start to dawn on me. Ron is quicker and “gets it” but he was too lazy to get to know my camera. He only engaged with his camera. Which is a pain as he has to take my blog pictures with mine. So he knows what to do but cannot find the buttons. I am a lot less accomplished but know where the buttons are. Cooperation is necessary here. In our case that means WAR. Fortunately we always solve it, but some harsh words were spoken haha. The jacket with the cream skinny is good. On my blog at the end of February. With Ron’s help I now have a couple of posts scheduled (me happy).


16 Sylvia

You are doing well Greetje! I’m sure you collaboration gets getter with each photo shoot and you are very lucky that he is keen and gets it and you get sessions done. Good to read that the combi with the cream pants works well. I have already really enjoyed wearing both my jackets!


17 Elaine Lascher

Your story sounds familiar! Of the two of us my husband is the better photographer and always reminds me about it. I’ve made lots of progress with my pictures with my SLR but taking shots of myself….not so much. I’m learning from watching bloggers and hope to post to “What I wore” sometime. Until then the relationship waters will be choppy when I need a photo of myself. My sense of humor keeps me afloat (smiley face).


18 Greetje Kamminga

we make up with lots of compliments to one another hahaha


19 denton

Elaine, I do much of Sylvia’s NYC photography and a while ago I wrote an article for her. Maybe you’ll find it helpful, just in time for Valentine’s Day too!



20 Elaine Lascher

Thank you Denton. Big storm coming your way. Stay safe.


21 denton

I personally don’t understand this. But I have to say, this must be why there is so much beautiful stuff in consignment shops. The previous owner got bored. I am glad of this though. There’s nothing like buying beautiful hardly used clothes at 10% of retail. When I see a truly beautiful piece on my wife, I am very happy. I never get bored seeing it. Yes it is nice to see it matched with different jewelry, shoes, bags, etc.


22 Sylvia

I can imagine the consignment shops in New York are really good!


23 lorna mai

That jacket is absolutely stunning, such an unusual shade! I always get bored with my clothes even though I tend to mix and match all my items. Unfortunately it just makes me go out and buy even more clothes!
Lorna Mai


24 Sylvia

haha, I thought so too and bought a similar one in the same shade. On the site soon!


25 Pauline

Like Both Combinations But Pencil Skirt Is My Favourite.


26 Natalie

Both styles look terrific on Greetje but the first just looks so comfy, with no constraints or embellishment. I love the asymmetrical zip and the neckline when it’s zipped up. I would love to see the olive jacket with cream pants and and unexpected color tee or scarf.
I get bored with my clothes and also rely heavily on layering, scarves and jewels to create distinction in my outfits. Funny how sometimes you can hit the mark and other times it’s a dud.


27 kay kerns

I do get bored but I have lots of accessories to spice it up. I need to shop in my own closet more too. I like your rule about not buying something unless it’s nicer than what you already own. Since I do most of my shopping in thrift stores such as Goodwill I have a similar rule…any new purchase must be more current, in better condition, and not something I already have too many of like black pants. I have to really like the item a lot and have an idea of how I would wear it…which is like your rule that an item must go with at least 3 other things.


28 Lisa M

Every week or ten days (when I do all my laundry) I make up new outfits. I try and use combinations that I haven’t tried before and add accessories like scarves and jewelry to my hangers right then. It keeps me out of ruts and I think it leads to combinations that are a little more daring. (An added bonus is that in the morning I am shopping for an already put together outfit — a huge time saver.) If I find there is an item I’m not wearing often, I then intentionally pick some ways to wear it. If I still don’t choose to wear it, I know what to get rid of! But I have to say this has also recently saved a dress and a jacket from the donate box. I thought I didn’t like either of them and hadn’t worn them for awhile, but when I forced myself to make an outfit out of each, I realized that both really looked good on me and I got a lot of compliments. It pays to shop your wardrobe!


29 Anja van der Vorst

I’m not easily bored AND I find it fun and easy to mix and match. That way I have ‘different’ looks as often as I would like.


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