As you know I’m into wearing leather at the moment and although I rarely buy duplicates I could not resist buying this leather jacket in two colors.

Here is why it ticked all my boxes:

  • I can wear them multiple ways.
  • It has asymmetric elements.
  • I so enjoyed wearing jackets in The Netherlands and I wanted more of that here.
  • I can wear them in Singapore (the jackets are largely unlined so I’m wearing them with nothing underneath here in Singapore.
  • I can wear them as regular jackets in The Netherlands.
  • The jackets give my looks a bit of an edge, which is something I’m looking for at the moment.
  • They fit perfectly and give me a waist.
  • Affordable.
  • I received a bad-ass blogger card (designed by Suzanne Carillo) and given to me by Anja over Christmas and I need to live up to that reputation!

leatherjacket (2 of 8)opt

leatherjacket (4 of 8)opt

The red jacket was a no-brainer. It’s not a duplicate of my other jacket, I recently showed you as that jacket is more for winter, has a darker color and is not suitable for Singapore weather.

Red generally looks good on me and it elevates my complexion. It’s a great choice when I’m in a bright and colorful mood or when I need to add more color to neutral clothes.

leatherjacket (5 of 8)opt

It looks great with white, camel or jeans but also with my beloved Preen skirt that you have already seen multiple times on this blog. You already know that I love to remix my clothes and am always looking for different ways to wear them.

The green jacket is similar to Greetje’s jacket but not the same. She wears a thicker lined version, while this one is the same as the red one and made of thin (partially) unlined leather.

leatherjacket (6 of 8)opt

I love wearing my green jacket when I want to look a bit more badass or edgier or want to feel powerful and strong. It’s a color I have not worn for a long time and it’s fun to add a new color to my wardrobe. I showed you another (dandy) outfit version of this jacket recently on Instagram.

leatherjacket (8 of 8)opt

It will look great with many of my white basics and it ALSO looks perfect with my colorful Preen skirt. I may even prefer this look as it combines the flirty and flowery with the rougher and edgy.

As you know I cannot tolerate too many flowers or romance in my looks and it needs to counterbalanced with something tougher.

leatherjacket (7 of 8)opt

I have already worn both jackets multiple times as they are great for Singapore’s cold airconditioned indoor shopping centers and theaters. So I’m pleased that I was smart enough to buy both!

Leather jackets: Cigno Nero
Skirt: Preen (you can buy old Preen collection items cheaply at Yoox where they also have a dress version of this print; I just ordered another printed skirt myself!)
Shoes: Hoegl

Which color do you prefer? Red or green?


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