How to wear flats and still look hip!

by Sylvia

How to wear flats in style! |

I feature quite a lot of outfits with heels on this site.

The fashion bloggers I feature like to wear heels a lot, and the women attending fashion week photographed by Denton will also wear them to make a fashion statement.

I have also started to wear more heels as I get older, because I like how they can make an outfit more special. I can wear heels as I never have to wear them for very long. When I work at home I’m always barefoot.

So some of you were wondering if you can also look stylish and hip wearing flats. The answer is a resounding YES of course you can!

I also wear flats on a regular basis.

My absolute favorite flats this year have been these flat white slingbacks. I wore them before here and here.

They are super comfortable while being modern and hip at the same time because of their pointy toe. White is a color I wear often so these are easy to combine with many of my outfits featuring pants or skirts. Even though I have wide feet, I sized up to fit into these pointy flats and they have been really comfortable.


Here are a few more outfits where I wore flats:


A few more tips for wearing flats in a hip and stylish way

  • Pay attention to your golden ratio silhouette. You may need to increase the height of your tops in order to achieve the perfect 1/3 – 2/3 silhoutte or wear a tunic top. A lot of more info on golden ratio and silhouette can be found in my style course.
  • You may like to add some extra funky jewelry.
  • Try to get the hippest flats that you can find while still making sure they are comfortable. Right now, pointy toes are very current.
  • If your shoes are mainly practical and comfortable, try to wear something a bit more special within your outfit. The asymmetrical top in this outfit will already draw a lot of attention, so statement shoes are not necessary.

What I’m wearing today

Asymmetrical black top: c/o Stella Carakasi
Capri pants: In Good Company
Shoes: Hoegl

Some great shops for flats online are Nordstrom and Zappos. For those that need more supportive shoes, I have a great list of arch support shoes.

For further reading also see an earlier article: how to wear flat shoes.

How do you like to wear your flats?


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1 Pam@over50feeling40

I love flats and wear them every day in some form or fashion. I think there are many many ways to wear them and look hip and you gave some great ideas. Don’t be afraid to have fun with any type of flat.


2 Sylvia

I agree. I actually need a few more. Most of mine are getting old and I need some new funky ones!


3 Debra@DailyStyleNotes

I love flats. And I do mix various heel heights throughout the week. I’ve had to learn what I look good in wearing when I’m in flats because of my height and body shape. Your outfit is adorable but when I wear capris I need higher heel. I think that flats do allow me to have a little more fun with shoes, I have some that have rosettes on them and bows. Very girly. 🙂


4 Sylvia

Yes capris usually look better with heels. I feel it works here because of the unusual top which lengthens.


5 Patti

Me too, loving flats. I really enjoy those silver flat booties!


6 Sylvia

Yes they were a great find!


7 Sabina @Oceanblue Style

Feel I got more flats than heels! And some like yours I totally love, very trendy Sylvia! I wear sneakers, flat slingbacks or recently found some amazing patent leather Oxford’s I cannot get enough of. Have a nice weekend. Sabina | Oceanblue Style

PS: Will save your post and next time I am posting about flats will include link back to yours.


8 Sylvia

Thanks Sabina


9 Annette

I wear more heels than flats as I always associated flats with comfort and practical reasons: in winter on icy paths, in summer when it is hot or when I am travelling. But meanwhile there are so many stylish flat shoes and currently I am looking for a pair of grey NIKE trainers for the in between-season.

Annette | Lady of Style


10 Sylvia

I tend to have equal amounts of flats and heels at the moment. I actually need to add a few more flats ….


11 lisa

I’m not a huge lover or wearer of flats, but this past year, I’ve bought a whopping three pairs: silver brogues, pointed toe flats in black, and some black pointy brogues with silver chains. I’m thoroughly enjoying them all! I may need some white sling backs like yours for summer….


12 Sylvia

I think that if I lived in colder temperatures, I would wear them a lot more, especially brogues…


13 Lisa M

I’ve always been more of a flat shoe person — it’s really only the last few years that I’ve had “fun” buying some kind of quirky, not very practical heels. Since I never know when my day is going to go from sitting quietly at my desk to running all over, I prefer to wear flats most of the time. I’m glad they are in this coming season. Time to stock up! 🙂


14 Sylvia

I agree that it’s great just to have a few heels just to have a bit of fun with fashion and feel fabulous!


15 lorna mai

This is such a good idea for a post. I find it really difficult to wear an outfit without heels and still look stylish. I like your tips, very useful!


16 Sylvia

Try it Lorna. Have fun finding and wearing some great flats!


17 Greetje Kamminga

You are right, this is a great outfit, yet ever so comfortable. Love your top and the jewellery with it. You do that so well.


18 Sylvia

Yes, super comfortable. A true mom on the go outfit with lots of style!


19 sharon stanley

the older i get, the more i love comfort, which for me equals comfy shoes. that said, i DO still like to be stylish which is difficult so this is a great post. one thing i do wonder about however is why there are not more stylish in-between height shoes? why do they have do be either flat as a flounder or 3+”? 1.5″ would be great, even 2″ because often times ballet flats are worse to wear than heels!


20 Sylvia

Yes I agree. I hope there will be some good options for this season. I will soon have a look and will keep you posted!


21 Joey

I find that I prefer flats with a bit of a heel (1.5 – 2 cm). I find them more comfortable, and slightly more dressy. I have upon occasion had a shoemaker add 1 cm to the heels of flats to get what I wanted – it worked quite well.


22 Sherry Edwards

Yes, I do wear flats alot. Probably more than I should. Since I’ve changed my clothing style to “athleisure” flats seem to be the most appropriate looking.


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