How to cope with bad-hair days?

by Sylvia

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I received quite a lot of feedback that my hair looked so nice in the pictures of my capsule wardrobe series. I absolutely agree but the truth is that good-hair days are still very few and on many days, I just tie it back.

graphicalblackandwhite (2 of 6)-2opt

I find my longer hair more difficult to manage and if you regularly do sports, it’s tough to style it and the easiest thing to do is just to pull it back. I also prefer to have the hair away from my face.

Gray (frizzy) roots are becoming visible too as I near the end of the month so as you can see it’s altogether a totally different look.

I try to compensate bad-hair days with an interesting outfit and sometimes I will wear a hat.

You have seen the graphic t-shirt before but the skirt is new as is the necklace. I was drawn to the graphical lines the skirt creates.

graphicalblackandwhite (3 of 6)-2opt


I accept that I can’t look picture-perfect every day. I just don’t have the patience to spend a lot of time on grooming and styling hair and I prefer a hairstyle that is easy to manage.

Is it better to have a hairstyle that looks amazing a a few days a month but looks lacklustre the rest or is it better to have a hairstyle that is not super flash but will look ok on most days? These are questions that I’m pondering as I decide what to do with my hair.

graphicalblackandwhite (6 of 6)-2opt

I love the juxtaposition of the straight graphical lines and the roundness of the necklace. Sadly, this will be the last time you will see it as I dropped it on a stone floor and the balls shattered into a thousands pieces….

Outfit details:
Skirt and necklace: In Good Company
Top: Abyzz (old)
Shoes and bracelet: Cos (old)
Watch: Bruno Nimaber

How do you cope with bad hair days? Do you use better clothing to compensate?


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1 Aileen

You suit it like that Sylvia, and it’s great to have your hair long enough to tie it back. How do you style it at the back; in a pony tail or a knot or something else?

2 Sylvia

Thanks Aileen. Usually just a pony tail.

3 Stephanie

After many years of having a style that required lots of maintenance and styling and yet still suffering a few bad hair days, I embraced my inner wave (and my inner mess). I now have a layered cut that when “styled” looks messy in an edgy way. And, since people are used to seeing me “messy” when I don’t really style it, its not as *drastic* of a change. My hair has never been easier (and people tell me it makes me look 10 year younger than “straight” hair).

4 Sylvia

Sounds great Stephanie! Now I would like to see it of course 🙂

5 Sylvia

Stephanie has been so kind to send me some pictures and you can view them right here. She looks fabulous!

6 Patti

Yes, I want to see Stephanie’s “messy” look too as I think it might work for me! Sorry about your necklace, it’s a beauty. xo

7 Sylvia

They are on my Facebook page right now Patti!

8 Suzanne

Ahh…that is a bummer about the necklace!

I do love that skirt paired with the shirt. They really look like they could be one piece.

There are so few people I know that truly love their hair. Seems no matter what type of hair you have, curly, straight, fine, thick there are always challenges. I think finding a hairstyle that works with your type of hair is key. It took me 40 years to figure out I needed just a blunt cut with bangs. Before that I was always trying to make my hair be something it wasn’t. Since I made the change I find it is much easier to work with. I love having hair that I can put up and play with a bit.

I think your hair here works well with the outfit. Very sleek.


9 Sylvia

Thanks Suzanne. Great that at least like the look of my hair pulled back! I will continue the search for that ultimate manageable hairstyle and hopefully I’ll find it soon!

10 No Fear of Fashion

I think hair and face is so important, you should really want to spend some time to get that right. Why bother buying new clothes when you could still improve on your face/hair? It is just my opinion. So I would opt for longer hair, loose but that will not be a surprise to you.
As for your outfit, this time it is not my taste. The combination is a clever find but I think it makes you look more heavy in the waist. And we all know that this is absolutely not true. You can hate me now. No.. please don’t. We all have different tastes, that is all.

11 Sylvia

When it comes to hair and makeup, I’m a low maintenance kind of girl. I don’t think that will ever change. My hair is a huge frustration, because even after spending considerable time it still looks a mess. I have invested quite a bit of time and money into my hair, but sofar I’m not winning. You can can consult me in a week’s time Greetje!
As for the outfit, no worries Greetje. I can’t please you all the time 🙂

12 Rebecca

I totally sympathize with anyone suffering from “bad hair days”. My hair is very thin (you can spot the scalp in some areas) and in the winter, without the humidity to plump up its curls, I do use a cute wig to cover it. People think it is my hair and I always feel more attractive in it although pinning it to your own hair makes it a little uncomfortable at the end of the day.

13 Sylvia

Great that you have found a way to look good Rebecca despite your hair issues!

14 Accidental Icon

One of the blessings of super short hair, never have to cope with a bad hair day!

Accidental Icon

15 Sylvia

Well, I’m finding the thought of really short hair ever more tempting. But then it would have to be REALLY short. It would still be tough to style a side bang like yours…

16 beate

The poor necklace! It was so pretty!
I like the black/white/gray combi you are wearing here, and that diagonal color blocking.
As to hair – I have no hairstyle, just long hair. Naturally silver – no fuss about roots. Happy about that. Like you I need my hair out of the face, so mostly I do a high bun, just twisted and fixed with a clasp. It’s not picture perfect. but in winter this does not fit under a hat. Mst updos don´t fit under a normal hat. I need more time to ponder how I do my hair this days – very unpleasant. As long i wear a hat/beanie/beret its ok to leave the hair open. but then indoors – fuzzy hathair! aarrrgh. In the past i did braids. but I think they look silly now on me……..
Anyone any help?

17 Sylvia

Hi Beate, I do think it’s important that you have a specific hairstyle. Even if you have long hair, it should have a bit of shape or model. Perhaps you should consider a shorter cut? Either a middle long cut that you you could put in in tun or tail whenever you wanted to or a shorter haircut that’s out of your face? Shorter haircust especially look very nice with hats!

18 Petra

Oh I’m so sorry about that gorgeous necklace of yours. I could imagine it going with all sorts of your outfits 🙁 With regards hair – mine is fine but lots of it, and straight, so I keep it in a straight bob to around my jawline pretty much all the time. Sometimes with a fringe, sometimes all one length. I have a straightener to curl the ends under. I’ve had this style since my 20’s and it is a classic that always works. Can’t say enough for the straightener!!! However, you do look nice with your hair pulled back – have you thought of just working with this style and keeping your hair to a length where it makes this always possible? I know of a couple of ladies whose “signature” look is their hair pulled back in a low chignon or low ponytail – looks marvellous 🙂

19 Sylvia

Thanks Petra. Yes I ‘m considering all options and being able to pull the hair back is certainly nice!

20 Lady j

Sylvia is this old article? Because in this article your hair is long. It is January 2018. Your hair is short. I think you look good either way. One thing I suggest to women wether old, young, rich, poor no matter color or weight. Get a wig. Get a way to change your look. If you wear hair straight get curly wig. When you have curly hair. get a straight wig. Wigs have come a long way. Great when you are growing your hair out, or want to change up your look or want to try a new color, length, or texture. Especially yours and Paula young are great wig catalog companies.

21 Sylvia

Hi Lady J. Never considered a wig but it’s a good idea. Yes, I currently have short hair!

22 Lady j

Sylvia gave wig try. Address plays good wifecin TV show Julianne Marguiles wear $10,000 wig on show. Jackie Kennedy wore Wigs or hairpieces. Many models wear Wigs. Think of it as hair assorities. Once you start wearing wig you want want take off.

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