A closer look at In Good Company – one of my favorite labels in Singapore!

by Sylvia

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Long-time readers will know that I was a huge fan of Alldressedup, a unique and very successful label from Singapore. I featured many outfits featuring this label’s clothing and accessories on the site.

I was therefore shocked that the label suddenly closed down a few years ago. Mystery still surrounds the closure but it certainly did not help that the label’s two main designers, Sven and Kane Tan, left the company to start their own label: In Good Company.

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (8 of 11)opt

That got my hopes up!

Unfortunately, they focussed quite a bit on children’s clothing in the beginning and since it was a starting label, they had not yet found their design groove or found (or could afford) the high quality fabrics that I long for.

Still, the label got better with each of their capsule collections and now I can’t wait to see their new pieces each season. As you may know, I already have a small collection of In Good Company clothing myself!

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (6 of 11)opt

The label noticed my outfits featuring In Good Company and when they staged a fashion show recently during Digital Fashion Week I was treated to a front row seat!

What I love about the label is that they mix day-to-day wearability with sharp tailoring (Sven Tan’s forte) and fluid draping (Kane Tan’s specialty). Their looks are also very interchangeable so you can easily mix and match each of the pieces. That is one reason they prefer to present their new collections as capsules.

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (7 of 11)opt

Above all, their designs are unique and have a very architectural feel. There is always a special design element (like the ruching in the back of this top here) in each of the pieces, which is something I really love.

One of their signature fabrics is bonded cotton jersey, a fabric developed by In Good Company to mimic a lighter version of neoprene or wool felt. See my grey skirt or cream and black top to see examples.) It gives the collection its light structure while stretch cotton and bonded cotton provides IGC’s interpretation of shirts and shirt-dresses with crisp and clean textures. New use of cotton silk organdie lends a sense of airiness to the construction while stiffer Japanese raw denim and gabardine explore tensions in fabric combinations.

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (3 of 11)opt


InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (5 of 11)opt

The label is also starting to use more color, something which I very much welcome! Amidst a palette of neutral tones of sand, greys and monochromatic black/white, strong accents of day-glow pink, periwinkle blue, moss green and lemon yellow stand out as graphic exclamations. Prints are designed by oft-collaborator, Kuanth, who has reduced large stroke dashes and lines into a bold but minimal graphic pattern.

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (9 of 11)opt

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (4 of 11)opt

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (2 of 11)opt

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (11 of 11)opt

Here is a picture of the front row opposite me with smiles on their faces.

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (1 of 2)opt

That was due to some of these cuties strutting the runway!

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (2 of 2)opt

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (1 of 11)opt

A week after the show I also got invited to take a closer look at the collection. This red and white rack is full of goodies!

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (2 of 2)-2opt

I’m also a huge fan of their jewerly and as you know I bought (and broke) one of these…..

InGoodCompanyFashionShowSingapore (1 of 2)-2opt

The In Good Company capsule 5 is in available in stores now (Tang’s, Keepers, Kapok) or you can order online.

What do you think of the collection? See anything you like?


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This looks like it was made for you. I’m sure you could happily wear all of it.



I most happily could!


I love this collection! I do not love that a size large is a size 8!!! I had a feeling that would be the case. 🙁


Yes Singaporean sizes tend to be a lot smaller… It’s a US size 8 though (not European)


Oh Sylvia you have found your match! Such a great collection.


Yes, I need to stay away from this store as much as possible!


I could see you in everything! This collection was definitely made for you, lucky girl.
For me, I would wear some of the tops with straighter pants to give me a more structured look that I favor. The jewelry is perfect for their collection.


Yes, I’m so happy that they are very much growing their business and getting better all the time!


Love the first outfit, especially the vest.


I agree. It’s very nice!

Greetje Kamminga

I agree with everybody… this label is totally you. Their collection looks modern, new, different, wearable en fun. Which is an aweful lot. Especially the green jacket ith that blue and pink top underneath it has my love. Although it is not really my style, I know I would buy there if they were in my hometown. They have too many good pieces to pass up. And their jewellery is so nice with the clothes. What a shame you dropped that necklace. I say you should get another one. (Usually my answer to such mishaps LOL).


I probably will. I’m already eyeing another one….

Sheela Goh

Thanks to you, Sylvia, In Good Company has found itself a new label aficionado 🙂 I very happily placed an order for the Gabrielle and Eden tops a scant few seconds ago.


Hope you enjoy them Sheela!

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