Me and my hair are in constant battle. My hair frizzes like crazy here in hot and humid Singapore and at numerous times during the week I feel like cutting it all off. But how wonderful do I feel when it’s been professionally blow dried and it looks like it is supposed to do!

These images were taken just a few days before last week’s images and what a difference a blow-dry makes!

Middle long hairstyle over 40 |

I’m wearing my white sailor pants for the gazillionth time on this blog. They continue to be favorites even though closures have come lose and the pants are gradually falling apart. But hey, we got belts to cover that up right? You have seen the fuchsia tunic blouse before as well. The necklace is new and was acquired at the Zsiska sale in Amsterdam.

wearing bellbuttoned white pants with fuchsia top |

I have told you numerous times how versatile white pants can be. They make for a clean look and you can combine them with almost any top in your wardrobe. I absolutely believe that you can (and should) wear white throughout the year, even though you may opt for a more wintery white. For more ideas you can check my article on how to wear white pants. The fuchsia top would be great for winter too. Why do we all feel that we have to wear drab and somber colors in winter? We need those brighter colors more than ever at that time!

fuchsia and white look great together! |

I combined my pants with my comfy Tom’s sandals. Altogether this is a super comfortable, yet chic look that you can wear almost anywhere. I was pleased to see quite a few sailor pants on the catwalks for coming spring, so I expect to see more of them in shops. A good thing as I will finally be able to replace these golden oldies!

What is your favorite or oldest piece of clothing that you still regularly wear?


Blouse: Shop in Haarlem, The Netherlands
Pants: very old (similar on sale)
Shoes: Tom’s
Necklace: Zsiska

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