It was COLD on my recent visit to The Netherlands. Certainly when you are used to tropical temperatures year long.

The remedy?

Plenty of layers, warm woollen fabrics and knee-high boots.

layersofgray (1 of 7)opt

I showed you my asymmetrical vest before, but here I have worn it yet a different way and tied it up with a fabric belt

I wore a singlet underneath as well as an old woollen turtleneck sweater. I wore my most comfortable and warm subtle cordoroy skinnies from Unqlo with my (now very old) custom made black boots.

Still not satisfied, I added a silk scarf (ages old from one of my first jobs!) and a hat. That would suffice for indoors!

layersofgray (3 of 7)opt

I added my grey coat from Zara on top when stepping outside. If the weather was not too bad, I just manage with the silk scarf.

layersofgray (5 of 7)opt

There were plenty of times when I took out the real stuff though. I absolutely loved my blanket scarf and just could not resist getting another one. Love the colors!

layersofgray (4 of 7)opt

As for the boots, Greetje keeps pushing me to buy new ones. But these were custom-made for me! They fit like a glove, are sumper comfortable and I think they can still see the light of day.

Are they perfect? Certainly not. But hey, I only need them once a year; they will do.


In the end I had a lot of fun with winter dressing and adding on the layers, thanks to the fabulous winter capsule wardrobe I built. Adding the winter pieces that I still had in The Netherlands made it even more fun!

Black Skinnies: Uniqlo (old)
Silk scarf: Daniel Hechter (old)
Grey coat: Zara
Grey sleeveless long vest: Stella Carakasi
Cream sweater: no idea (old)
Blanket scarf: Zara
Hat: somewhere in The Netherlands (old)
Boots: custom-made in Shanghai 9 years ago

What is your favorite way of layering?


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