How to choose a summer coat or jacket + the best coats available online right now!

by Sylvia

How to choose a summer coat or jacket + the best coats to buy online |

Spring is in the air, but there will still be plenty of days when you want to wear a coat or jacket.

Today let’s have a look at some of the options available and what to look for in a spring or summer coat.

First of all, I think it’s important that you see your coat as an important piece of your wardrobe. It will usually get a lot of wear and it’s just as important to look and feel stylish when you are out and about in the streets than it is when you are indoors. If you like to wear a variety of styles in outfits you may like to have a few coat options as well.

The advantage of spring and summer is that your coats do not need to be as thick as winter coats and you can also use lighter jackets as your outerwear. Many jackets can do double duty as inner wear in the colder months.

Here are just a few options.

The Trench coat

Often listed as a must-have essential, the trench coat is always chic and a true classic. Both long and short versions look great with many outfits. This season there is a great variety of trench coats from classic cuts to more modern versions.

I especially like the lighter colored trench coat for its great versatility and the more colorful trench that creates a great dynamic between the classic and the hip.

Trench coats look very good over jeans and classic pants but can also easily be worn with a-line skirts. Shorter trench coats look younger and more sporty while longer trenches have a more classic look.

The coat I chose for the summer is a modern variation of the trench coat from Stella Carakasi.


Stella Carakasi has similar versions of these jackets for this season. I showcased a sport one here.


The biker or moto jacket

Biker jackets are super hip right now and a great option when you want to add a bit of an edge to your look. You can buy these in lighter or heavier materials and they can be worn as outerwear but also as part of an outfit.

They look great and very modern over straight or A-line skirts as they make these more classical skirts more hip (see some examples below in the leather jacket section). They can also be worn with skinnies or straight jeans (have a look at how I wore a linen moto jacket over white skinnies further below).

The blazer jacket

On warmer days, all you may need is a blazer jacket to serve as your coat. I especially like blazers with more casual jeans, as they can make a very casual outfit more chic.

An extra benefit of the blazer is that you can wear it as part of your indoor looks too.

The jacket on the left is an old smoking style blazer from Zara while the jacket on the right is from Stella Carakasi.

Summer jackets |

The leather jacket

Also very current is the leather jacket. Especially if you combine the other trend of moto jackets into the mix. You can opt for lined or unlined versions, with the latter ones being very suitable for summer.

I’m planning to wear my unlined leather jackets on its own as inner wear as well as outer jackets to protect against the chill when I’m in Europe and the US this summer.  The jacket below is from Cigno Nero which are available here at Getdressed2.

Wearing leather coats with skirts |

The denim jacket

Another option this summer is the denim jacket.

Denim jackets |

I especially like to see those styled with lighter bottoms like white pants or with a more classical straight (printed) skirt as seen above. I feel that combining more dressy items with denim creates a great contrast and an interesting casual chic outfit. It’s the perfect way for 40+ women to wear denim.

This summer you can also choose to wear denim on denim which is very trendy right now.

Another jacket to consider is a white denim jacket. I have had mine for years and it’s a favorite every year. You can see me wearing it in this article on how to wear a white jacket.

The bomber jacket

Part of the sporty luxe trend, the bomber jacket will appeal to those with a more sporty style. It’s fun to combine these with more formal pants and straight skirts for a nice contrast.

Of course they are great for an all-round casual vibe as well, but I usually feel they look better on 40+ women if you dress them up a bit.

The linen jacket

I love the linen jacket for summer. This moto jacket is from the brand Inizio.

Linen jackets are the perfect cover up for warmer summer days or slightly cooler evenings but these jackets are also great to wear on its own as I’m doing here. I also recently wore this an outer jacket with a draped dress.

Stay tuned for an image of that soon and a more in-depth article on linen jackets and how to wear linen this summer.

linen moto jacket |

The sleeveless jacket

If the chill on your arms does not bother you then a sleeveless coat is a great trendy option. I especially love the long sleeveless coat or vest for the long lean line it creates which is slimming and elongating.

If you love to wear sleeveless jackets or a vest, I have some tips on how to wear them and a great list of options available online here.

I have listed some of the best summer coats and jackets available online below.

What kind of coat are you looking to add to your wardrobe this summer?


1 Patti

Wonderful picks, Sylvia. In Florida we don’t need one, but I’d love a sleeveless jacket like you’ve shown here. xo

2 Lisa

Not sure about that. We visit every summer and some air conditioned restaurants in Florida have had me longing for my scarf and mittens! LOL

3 Lisa

I am definitely in the market for a light jacket, but about the time I get around to realizing I need one, the weather has tipped into summer and I don’t need it again.

I have one that I have been holding onto for years that is a beautifully colored turquoise trench coat, but with some very dated styling. I know it’s out of style and never wear it, I know I should get rid of it — my modus operandi is tossing stuff that I no longer wear — but for some reason, it’s still in the front hall closet. (Maybe if I keep it a few more years, I can call it vintage and wear it again?)

4 Jodie filogomo

What a great compilation of coats!! I think some people often overlook that fact, that a great jacket can make/break the outfit—even though you put it on over your “outfit”….it’s still the first impression!! jodie

5 beate

i love the IDEA of a trenchcoat – but in my daily life i don´t need one actually. in the car it is to much, on the bike to long, to light and not rainproof enough, on our colder summer days not warm enough and on warmer days i don´t really need a coat…..
so mostly i wear cardigans or a anorak.
luckily my dream trenchcoat did cost me only 14 euros – for a vintage burberry´s – so even if i only wear it once a season it´s o.k. 🙂

6 Greetje Kamminga

None…. I have enough. The Trouvé white moto jacket is very nice, but I have no idea whether it will suit me. So to order it from the USA and having it sent to Holland…no not really. Too much risk.

7 Elaine

Great recommendations Sylvia! I like them even better because I have most items readily available in my closet. An advantage of living in a cooler climate I guess. While I won’t be shopping for anything new I will be wearing my white blazer, like the one you are wearing with Jeans, a mint vegan moto (see my 21 Steps Style Course page), 2 denim jackets (one cropped and one with woven design), a short lightweight unlined single breasted kelly green Burberry trench coat, and a suede coat dress. Will try to restyle them for this season.

8 Cathy crandall

Hello Sylvia- loved your collection of coats & jackets and such a wide selection of styles! I totally agree with you that it’s a great way to add some color & I’m finding the older I get the more I need some of that! Currently I have about 6 new spring coats in a variety of colors waiting for my Michigan winter to end so I can start wearing them. It’s amazing how many compliments you get when you go colorful with a coat! Great post!!!

9 Ann

Wonderful selection of coats. Gosh I adore the printed one. Fun to see your hair at the different lengths. I see the sleeveless jackets or vest in the stores and think of you. I purchased a couple of bomber style things. If short enough, they feel fresh and something new to try.

10 Sylvia

Haha yes I’m displaying quite a few hairstyles here. What do you like best?

11 Liamoliver

Hello ladies,
I was looking for some denim jackets for my wife who have recently gained lot of weight. I plan to get her a bespoke jacket from Manning Company Bespoke Tailors ( so that she can have the designs she loos for but i am not very sure if a denim jacket is the right pick or not. Can you please suggest me which material is the perfect call considering her weight issues?

12 Sylvia

Basically any fabric that is not clingy would be good, so denim is a good option so long as you get a tailored jacket.(not too boxy)

13 Beck

I love the Stella Carakasi coat at the top of the page. Double breasted button trench. It is not on the website. Is it not a current style? I love the collar.
Please let me know where I can find it. Thank you

14 Sylvia

Unfortunately this particular style is not available any more but they still have similar styles in their store.

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