One fabric that automatically comes to mind when we think of summer style is linen.

Linen is derived from the flax plant and is heavily revered for the makeup of the fiber it produces. The lightweight material is perfect for high temperatures as it helps regulate cooler body temperature due to the breathable material. One disadvantage is that linen creases easily.

In today’s post, we show you how to wear linen, and appreciate the crease and wrinkle afflicted material. Let’s look at the many options available to you.

Linen shirts

stylish summer linen shirts pink white |

Linen dresses

linen dresses stylish summer |

Linen skirts

stylish summer linen skirt white brown |

Linen pants

summer stylish linen pants wide leg white |

Linen shorts

linen shorts summer style white pink |

Linen jumpsuits

linen summer jumpsuits style cool |

Linen outerwear

linen blazer summer style white |

Here are five chic and easy ways to style linen this summer

Commit to a neutral and minimalist look

Get much mileage of linen pieces by wearing it in a minimalist way.

Pair natural looking accessories (such as cork and pure leather) with straightforward linen items such as a maxi dress or jumpsuit. It’s an easy go-to look that is very clean and cool for summer.

white linen dress sliders leather sandals |


Play the layering game

Since linen material is so breathable, it is possible to use it as a layering piece for summer, without risking getting too hot if the temperature happens to skyrocket.

maxi dress summer linen shorts slip-on sneakers |

Add it as a pop of color to an otherwise neutral look

Tan and white shades are not your only go to for a linen based look. There are a number of shades available that you can add to a neutral look, in order to achieve a pop of color that adds a bit of warmth without making you too warm.

white jeans summer mules linen pink shirt blazer |

Pair it with denim for a clean look

denim shirt linen pants leather sandals |

The contrast of materials is an especially exciting option when styling linen. Try pairing classic or current denim pieces with very simple and classic linen pieces (like the boyfriend blazer and white top below) for a well put together look.

Take it to the office

Finally, linen does not have to be reserved simply for out of the office wear. There are a number of office appropriate style looks, which when layered (as we did below), will keep you warm in the frigid cold air of the office and cool once you step outside.

ethnic print jacket linen dress ankle strap heels |

Shop the pieces and looks featured above here below

Is linen in your wardrobe rotation this summer? What’s your favorite way to style it?



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