You may already know that I’m a fan of the short dress or tunic over pants look, since I have showcased it on the blog many times. I also think this look would suit many other women over 40, which is why I made it the subject of the next dressing challenge. However,  sometimes when I recommend that look to someone I get the retort: but noone in my area wears that…

That got me thinking. Is that valid or not?

Of course your environment determines how you dress as I already explained in my article on dressing in different countries. However, your environment usually only determines if dressing in your area is more casual or more chic.

It does not mean that you have to wear exactly the same as anyone else. If everyone in your area is wearing flipflops and cropped pants, does that mean you should wear it too? If everyone wears jeans and a t-shirt, do you need to wear exactly the same?

I would say No. Certainly if the look that ‘everyone’ wears isn’t a very nice one.

I think you need to be less concerned with ‘Everyone’ and more with ‘You’. Sure, your personality determines whether or not you are happier when you fit in or stand out and you should dress accordingly.

But even if your preference is to ‘fit in’, then I would still argue that it is better to choose a version that is still uniquely you. You can still stay within the vibe of dressing of your area, but give it your own unique style.

If we come back to the dress over pants example, you can wear this look in a casual way, a very chic way, or avantgarde way. So no matter what ‘everyone’ wears, you should still be able to find a version that suits you and that still fits within the dressing vibe of your area. Even if noone in your area wears that specific look. You never know…. you may just start a trend there.

Certainly this look has been popular on runways too as Spring 2013 and Fall 2013 shows have showed.

So by all means, blend in. But give it your own unique signature. Of course, the dress over pants look is just one example. The principle applies to all kinds of looks.

(The looks above are from the Spring 2013 collections. See my spring 2013 trends pinterest board for more details.)

What say you?


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