How to dress for Valentine’s day?

by Sylvia

What to wear for valentine's day? |

Valentine’s day is coming up on 14 February and it’s a perfect day to go on a romantic date with your boyfriend or husband.

But how to dress for this romantic evening?

Here are a few of my ideas on what to wear on an evening date with your beloved.

A dress

What to wear on valentine's day

I think that a dress should be your number one option to look at. Certainly when you don’t normally wear dresses. That makes it extra special!

Op for something sexy that shows off the parts that you wish to highlight about your body. Don’t be afraid to show off some of your curves and be proud of them! Men love a woman who is confident about her body.

I would encourage you to visit Anthropology. They have a great selection of dresses currently in store in all kinds of different silhouettes and many feature sleeves. I particularly like the dresses shown above which cover you in all the right places but are super sexy!

A skirt

outfit ideas for valentines day |

Also very romantic is to wear a skirt. I like the idea of wearing a flowery skirt but then roughen it up with a leather jacket.

Or keep it elegant and simple with gray and black and add some flashy shoes.

A printed straight skirt is also really nice. Keep it elegant and simple on top with a white shirt and add one of your statement necklaces.

Pants and a silky shirt

how to dress on valentine's day |

If you like to wear pants keep your outfit flowy and soft with a silk shirt. You may want to opt for softer colors like cream to keep it soft and romantic!

Although completely covered up, a well fitted silk shirt is super sexy. Tuck it into wider pants and combine it with subtle jewelry.

If you can still wear heels then wear your highest pumps and create the effect of super long legs.

Dress it up with a nice clutch and add some subtle silver or gold jewelry.

So these are my ideas. I would love to know yours! If you’re up for it create a collage in Polyvore and share the link in the comemnts.

Below are some more options that you can buy in stores right now.

Will you celebrate valentine’s day this year? What do you plan to wear?



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1 Suzanne

I think I might wear my teal fit and flare dress. We don’t actually celebrate Valentine’s Day but wait until the 16th to celebrate the day we met. It is better since we don’t end up going out on the same day as everyone else.

I do love that skirt and the one dress from Anthro, the first one you showed. Just fantastic!

I expect to see what you’ll be wearing : )



2 Patti

We’re usually at home with a movie and a bottle of wine – but I adore that floral full skirt, for any occasion! xo


3 Accidental Icon

I am definitely in the mood for a romantic evening out. I feel in the mood for some drama so perhaps a long romantic skirt with a edgy cropped seater (it’s still so cold), long earrings and some boots with a higher heel. There is a fabulous and intimate little music venue where we could hear some jazz and have a nice meal. I may need to treat because my partner/photographer has been working so hard taking photos of me for the blog that he deserves and extra special reward! So many wonderful suggestions as always Sylvia, thank you.

Accidental Icon


4 denton

From a man’s perspective, I think you are right on the money in the first paragraph where you suggest wearing a dress if you don’t usually. Conversely, if you are one of those finance/banking/law women who have to dress well every day, maybe some fitted jeans and some tall Loubies.

And yes you can never go wrong with silk or leather. A nice new piece of lingerie could be a great surprise. I prefer La Perla 🙂

The days I never go out are Valentine’s, Mother’s Day, and New Years. lol. But since I do the cooking I usually try and do something exceptional, which will normally involve lobsters and pink Champagne.


5 Greetje Kamminga

Well, well Denton… You are reveiling secrets LOL


6 Daenel T

The Hubs and I don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I am hoping to get in some fancy dinners now that we’re becoming empty nesters. Today I went shopping for stilettos, something I never wear.


7 Sherry L Sanchez

Could you please tell me where I could purchase the floral blouse you show with the white pants for Valentine Day?
Thank you,


8 Sylvia

Just go to my Polyvore account where you can see all my collages and details of items used.


9 Elaine Lascher

I love the black dresses you showed because they are different from the traditional solid LBD. This year I will be on a hiking/travel vacation in the American southwest on Valentine’s day so my best chance to dress up is a skirt/top combination with limited accessories. Like Suzanne we don’t observe Valentine’s Day on its own. It is usually combined with my birthday celebrations on the 12th.


10 NeverSayDie Beauty

I like the red leather motorcycle jacket! I usually wear something that’s either red or pink. Don’t know what’s on tap for this year as yet


11 Greetje Kamminga

We on’t celebrate Valentine’s Day and I am trying to get past this post as quickly as I can. Seeing too many great items. Thanks for the reminder of leather jacket with flowery skirt. I am going to try that out tomorrow.


12 altavistawomen

I recently discovered Anthropologie and I am very pleased to see you suggested their dresses. The Carissima Sheath is on my “lust list”.

Can you tell me where the grey sleeveless top in the “Skirt” section is from. I love this!

As for Valentines, I plan on staying home with my sweetie and wearing my birthday suit :-).


13 Sylvia

The collages can be found here which will have links to the products also. Great outfit choice for the day!


14 Sherry Edwards

I always and only wear a red dress. I also like to mix red and pink since this is the only day I can do this. Most important to how I dress is what will the weather be. We might have a blizzard, heat wave, or rain. Then I decide which boots I need to wear and then the coat. Rain coat, fur coat, or shawl. Then I work inwards and choose the dress and accessories. St. Valentine’s Day is the only day I allow myself to get away with lots of hearts and flowers and red, pink and brown. Kinda goofy I suppose but I like that kind of kiddish jewelry.


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