Women arrive at my site through a lot of different questions. Of course many of these questions are already addressed and you can see some of the most popular ones on my category page on how to dress after 40.

But here are some more specific questions from (new)readers that I would like to respond to today.

Can you wear a body con dress after 40?

Of course you can! Body con dresses can look fabulous at any age. They are especially good for the hourglass body type and great for showing off your delicious curves.

However, I would personally only wear one if you have a great body to show off. I feel far too self-conscious in a body con dress as every body flaw I have is highlighted. I have a very flat bum that is rapidly going south, so a body con dress does not look all too flattering on me or others that have the same issue.

In the end though it’s up to your own figure flattering priorities. If you like to wear a body con dress even though your body may not be in tip-top shape, you can consider getting one with a print. Prints are very good at camouflaging and you can get away with a lot more. Another trick is to smooth out your body with shape wear.

How to wear shorts over leggings

I would say: don’t. I don’t find this a very good look at all. Here are some more tips on how I DO think you should wear leggings after 40.

How young can a 40+ woman dress

As young as you feel! I don’t think there are any clear-cut answers to this, but if the image in the mirror reflects how you feel and corresponds with the message you want to give the world, then just do whatever you want.

However, if you desperately like to hold on to something you are not, it will not look good. In general I feel that women over 40 look better (and younger) if they apply some of the following 10 tips.

How to wear a miniskirt with boots in your 40s

I would say, keep the look as chic and classy as possible. Choose good fabrics and make sure you wear high quality boots. This outfit will also look better if your boots are snugly fit around your calves. Consider the length of your miniskirt as well. I would say that longer is most often better.

How to wear cowboy boots in your 40s?

Keep it classy. I would not wear them with short skirts or shorts but rather pair them with jeans or longer skirts.

How to wear colored tights?

Keep the rest of the outfit in one color and then accentuate your fabulous legs in a different color. Of course this look would only be suitable if you like to highlight your legs. Do the opposite if you like to downplay your legs. You can also wear the same color tights as your skirt. I offer some more tips and lots of examples in my article: how to wear tights.

How to wear capris in the winter?

I would wear them with some fabulous booties! If you want to be extra playful you can combine those booties with some printed socks.

How to wear a long sweater at 40?

If the sweater is really long it will be great to wear with skinnies or leggings. In that case it would need to be longer than the hips though. It can also look fab over a straight skirt.

How to style women with no shape?

I believe every woman has a shape! But if you are referring to someone with a rectangle shape, I offer some tips here. Or check my general body shape guidelines.

How to make old ladies look hip?

I think ‘old ladies’ can dress exactly the same way as women in their 40s so all the guidelines on this site will apply. It’s a combinations of the right attitude, right clothes, the hippest shoes you can still manage to walk in, accessories and a focus on health. For the ultimate inspiration be sure to check out these ladies from Fabulous Fashionistas!

Do you agree with my answers to these questions or do you have some other ideas?


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